Jeffrey Gynn

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Jeffrey Gynn is an author and writer with more than 15 years of experience. He specializes in sports betting in gambling and major sports in North America. He has extensive experience in the sports gambling industry and has a passion for sports journalism using interesting and verified sources. Jeffrey also maintains themed blogs. He has written hundreds of reviews about bookmakers, and his main focus is sports betting, which he has been doing for over 30 years.
Jeffrey is a huge sports fan, spending his free time watching hockey, National Football League soccer and baseball.
His goal is to help players of all stripes get the most out of their sports betting adventures.

Jeffrey Gynn has extensive experience with SEO, building, maintaining and promoting websites.
He currently lives in the Philippines and is retired.
Jeffrey specializes in handicapping popular North American sports and finding the best betting opportunities. He is permanently invested in a bookmaker that offers better odds than the bonuses, promotions and other gimmicks that many bookmakers love to use.
His opinion is honest and unbiased, and he is not a salaried employee of any online betting site he covers.

His reviews, tutorials and other insights have been published on dozens of well-known websites worldwide. He is pleased to share his unbiased opinions on all gambling-related topics with his readers.