Johan Syrén

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Personal Info

Aged 37, born in Gothenburg, Sweden, zodiac sign: Cancer

Johan is an iGaming expert and analyst. He is interested in such sports as soccer and hockey, loves seaside and beer accompanied by a nice chat. Johan is good at and keen on communicating with people and enjoys spending his time with his friends.


Graduated from Chalmers University of Technology, specialized in business development.

Gambling experience

Johan loves to play casino every now and then, both slots, table games and live casinos. His favorite casino game is Blackjack or Roulette.

He won a few thousands of euros a couple of times. Not any super huge wins, but still. He is working on it. Johan values quick and easy registration, quick withdrawals and easy deposits.

Writing experience

Has written dozens of articles for various trusted and reliable gambling portals. And Casino Valley Canada is happy to get Johan as an exclusive writer and expert who is ready to share his valuable gambling knowledge and experience with the readers.

Expert’s Quotes

“The world of gaming is fun, crazy, and entertaining in many ways. I love that everything is possible in this world, but it can also be a harsh reality with losses of money. I think most important is to see it as an entertainment and not as a step to a better life”.

“I see crypto becoming more and more important for players: they start checking if casinos offer this payment options as this becoming a safe and easy way to play”.