Best Gaming Room – Easy Tips for Creating an Amazing Gamer Room

May 9, 2020 |

Are you thinking of creating a gaming room? Popular and fashionable game rooms can cost you over $50,000 for a simple but classic setup. Ready to spend that much or experiment with simpler gaming room ideas for an ultimate gamer room?

Spend $70,000 for a Ninja Setup or $7,000 for the Lachlan Fortnite gaming setup. Depending on the amount at hand, build or create any space to suit gaming needs. Can you imagine how space will appear?

Ninja – an American streamer, YouTuber, professional gamerThe phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice. 

There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
Ninja (AKA Richard Tyler Blevins)

What do you need?

The first step is to identify what the gamer room needs. The aim is to create an ambiance suitable for game purposes. As a gamer, you already have different ideas on what is crucial for space.

After identifying the area, try and think of the best gaming room setup. Remember, this is a permanent fixture that can cost more if you desire to change it. Go to the living chamber, basement, or study and come up with the best gaming setup. Convert any space in the house with the following items.

The setup of a game room can come in two different forms:

  • The first is a PC gaming room, where the “battle station” has a PC, desk, keyboard and mouse.
  • The second is console gaming, which uses a TV screen rather than a computer.

PC Gaming

Ergonomic Chair

Black gaming chair with red sides

A comfortable but luxurious chair is essential. For all PC gaming setups, an Ergonomic chair is a must-have. Select one with adjustable armrests in addition to a fantastic head movement position.

Don’t forget that the ultimate gaming room requires an extra number of features. These may include:

  • A massage function after an intense video game.
  • Bluetooth connectivity limiting movement for personal convenience.
  • Built-in gaming speakers for sound enhancement.

Consider the chair material, the ergonomics and its size. The material should be easy to clean, comfortable and durable. For instance, leather or vinyl materials are classy, easy to wash, but very uncomfortable. A cotton material seat can be temporal, present cleaning difficulties, but very comfortable and chic.

Don’t forget to select something that fits and accommodate personal weight. Also, ensure it adheres to the needs in terms of space. On the ergonomics, choose to provide the body has adequate support. Get a chair with proper lumbar support, which minimizes back pain, especially is using the living room gaming PC.

Gaming Desk

Computer is on the white table
A proper desk is fundamental for placing the computer, monitors, and keyboards. Add shelves or cabinets to the office to store other items such as game controllers, monitors when not in use, and other gaming accessories.

For PC games, the table should go high to fit the legs beneath. To increase the surface area of the ultimate gamer room, go for the corner with a rectangular desk. For more surface area, an l-shaped desk is a better choice.

The right hardware

Deciding the right equipment to use for the gamer room is a challenge. A whole computer with all essential hardware or a simple monitor and a keyboard for input. Select either and go all the way and design the perfect space for playing.


A young guy is playing on the two-screen computer

Get a display device, either projector or a television monitor. Select a stand-alone monitor with a mount, especially in a small gaming room. The mount works well for individuals who prefer to be far from the screen and not face to face.

Have all of the accessories for the game room screen ready to use. These include:

  • Different chargers.
  • Headsets for other gamers.
  • Ample computer storage space.

Take precautions and put your considerations into selecting the right display. Ensure the monitor game setup has no mistakes to prevent crashing during a game.

A gaming PC and a phone are on the table in the dark room

Keep the monitor at the same level as the eyes.

Do not tilt the chin-up or down to meet the screen. Elevate or mount the monitor to eye level to prevent eye and neck strain. The mount can be height adjustable, full-motion or articulating mount.

The monitor position also matters when designing the ultimate game room. If it’s next to the chair, it’s too close for comfort. If more than 150 feet, then the distance is too long and risk eye strain. Place the monitor on the desk in an arm’s length, which isn’t too far or too near.

Sound System

Sound system and a white sofa are in the living room

A quality sound system determines the quality of the gaming experience.

Making space a sensory powerhouse depends on the loudspeakers. Pick PS4 headsets or go for other enhanced sound systems with 7 or more channels.

A surround sound speaker with 9.1 and minimal 5.1 sound is a necessity. Denote the explosions, the yelps or the laughs in the select games. Using equalization settings, achieve the sound settings desirable by colleagues and family alike.

A person is holding a portable speaker

The latest speakers come equipped with Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Speakers with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities make streaming the game easily from anywhere in the gamer room. Match a speaker system 2.1 with other devices as they are more accessible, vary in range and are of quality.

An advantage of select sound systems is wireless connectivity, either Bluetooth or WIFI, it becomes simple to control the sound remotely. Also, it limits the mess that comes with different wires to and from various devices all over.

Console Gaming


A big TV is on the stand and stuff around

For console gaming, the best way of setting things up is with an entertainment centre and a TV stand or mount.

It will help to position the screen at eye level with the gamer.

The entertainment centre, stand or mount may also come with extra storage space. This can be used to store controllers, consoles, headsets, chargers, and other accessories.


Console gaming puts the gamer in a different position compared with PC gaming, so a different chair type is needed. Console gamers are usually at a lowered position against an elevated TV. It makes gameplay more relaxed and comfortable.

There are two types of console gaming chairs that are the most common. These are rocker chairs and floor chairs.

A wooden rocket chair and a small table

Rocker chairs are l-shaped, and they can be moved forwards and backwards in a rocking motion. They offer more stability and support.

A grey floor chair, laptop, cup of coffee are on the floor

Floor chairs usually come in the form of cushions that are large and soft, or beam bags. They are softer and more comfortable than rocker chairs.

When choosing a console gaming chair, it is a good idea to consider the size, height, angle, material and softness of your preference.


Two consoles - black and white

One of the most important decisions in the design of a console gaming room will be the choice of console. The most popular consoles that are currently available on the market are:

  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • PlayStation 4
  • PS4 Pro
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Lite

In addition to these, the Nintendo Wii is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a more physical experience. These are especially popular with families.

The PS4 Slim and Nintendo Switch are still using HD, while the other consoles use the latest 4K technology.

To a certain extent, the choice of the console will come down to personal preference. Xbox has many first-party titles in the racing and shooting genres. Sony consoles are better for action-adventure and role-playing games (RPGs). They also usually have a wider selection of games. But to make the decision slightly easier, many new games are now multi-platform.

Nintendo consoles are more of a mix and feature the signature Pokémon and Mario titles.

Nintendo is a better choice for families and younger gamers. They are also great for playing in the same room with friends.

Another consideration is the price, with the Xbox X and the PS4 Pro coming at a noticeably higher price for the extra features and newer upgrades.


PS controller in close-up

There are many different controllers to choose from for console gaming. A controller usually comes with the console, but these do not have the same quality as premium controllers. These controllers have more features, such as adjustable triggers, rear inputs and swappable buttons and controls.

Controllers can be either wired or wireless.

Though wireless controllers offer more convenience in handling, wired controllers also have their benefits. There is less latency with wired controllers, and there is no need to worry about battery life.

Wireless controllers can have internal batteries that need to be charged with a lead, a charging dock or a charge-and-play kit. Otherwise, they use replaceable batteries, which can be a hassle when they need to be changed during a game.

Every controller has a different style and look, with different colours and designs. Much of this choice will come down to personal preference. In terms of the functions or features, particular controllers can be better suited to different gaming styles.

Sound System

A big TV and a big sound system near

As with PC gaming, surround sound systems can hugely enhance the gaming experience. With the TV screen, this may be part of a home theatre setup covering all of your home entertainment needs.

A home theatre is a collection of electronic devices designed to recreate the experience of a movie theatre. It can also be applied to gaming, delivering a more realistic and exciting level of gaming. The best home theatres feature Dolby HD speakers and different sound modes for different types of games.

Sound bar near the TV

Another option to go for is a soundbar. These are one-piece speakers that provide multidirectional projecting, and sometimes they also have a subwoofer. In some cases, the subwoofer is wireless, so that any inconvenient wiring can be avoided.

Many soundbars can offer an excellent range of sounds, vocals and special effects.

They can also regulate the sound range, so there is no need to adjust the volume. An additional advantage is that soundbars often come at an affordable price.


A white sofa and small table with the coloured light

Few optional accessories can be the icing on the cake of the console gaming experience. These include LED light strips and smart light strips, which bring an array of colours to any gaming environment.

Controller grips or thumbstick grips offer more control for games that require a lot of movement. Gamers should try out grips first to check that they are effective.

PS Controller on the charging dock

As previously mentioned, controllers with internal batteries need to be charged. Charging docks or stations can easily charge the controller when a user simply places it there.

Apartment Accessories

Purchase a keyboard and a mouse. Accompany these with pads for traction. Have the game speakers mounted either on a desk or the floor? The setup will reduce clutter while maximizing the gaming space.

Monitor and other computer cables, including cable wires, require a management solution.

Use cable management that names and helps organize the wires accordingly. It keeps you safe from electrocution and fraying wires from improper use.

Mini fridge

Food and drink are essentials for the sporting space. Playing for more extended periods or sessions can result in malnutrition and dehydration. Get a mini-fridge and decorate is to match the gamer room décor. Put nutritional items in it and cover any session regardless of its length.


A video game display of a high resolution is essential. Speakers, on the other hand, can be too loud without soundproofing. You don’t want neighbours banging on the door during the day when gaming. Get the latest soundproof technology.

Soundproofing panels cost a bunch. Finding an alternative is paramount to containing gaming noise. The best possible option is to insulate the house. Add drapes to the boards. Cover with thick carpets and rugs. Employ acoustic panels mounted on the wall.


Don’t think of alcoholic drinks. Think about:

  • water
  • coffee
  • tea
  • carbonated beverages (coca-cola, fanta, pepsi etc.)
  • energy drinks.

When you get the game room stuff, get a small table for a bar area, also, to the mini-fridge. Add water to your drink collection. It cools and refreshes in a short while.

Air conditioning

A person is turning on an air conditioning

Heat is not conducive to gaming; neither is too cold temperatures. The right temperature is that which you are comfortable at any time. The equipment might need a fan or two to reduce the heat. If too cold, you need a heat source to warm up. The most effective is the air conditioning unit.

Look for something that doesn’t cut too deep into the pocket.

Chair bag

A girl is sitting on the chair and playing PS

The chair bag is comfortable, convenient, and adds to the occasion’s décor. If the space is too small, purchase a chair bag instead of gaming room furniture. However, if the area is large enough to accommodate both, then get both!

Decorating the room

Done with the ultimate apartment essentials, take time to make it personal. Shop for different video game art designs. Check the simple video game room ideas for small lodgings on the market offer adequate inspiration. Home gaming rooms can take any type of décor.

They range from space ship themes, recreation with murals employing projectors, futuristic ideas with robotic functions, and many more. For familiar gaming space, go for both classic and futuristic decoration to cover all the family members.

Here are some potential décor options you should get!

Favourite game or movie

Games room art is fun! What is interesting is having a favourite game or video as a part of your gaming area style. Get wall plasters, wall pictures, or have the wall painted with favourite icons or game characters.

Small room décor designs

Create a classic theme or a home or family theme for the small space. Get a business based game room décor as it occupies minimal space. A desk and a chair are all you need for such an ambiance. Add cabinets or shelves to the chair to hold all of the game room accessories.

A lamp and a computer on the white table

Go for bold colours and boost your spirits whenever crossing the space. Soften the brave with minimalist colours for the right tone combination or scheme.

Utilize neon lights and luminous paints

Highlight the art with neon lights. Depict the play area with fantastic neon light setups. Let the light illuminate the play area with a touch of fondness.

Use luminous paint to create the right gaming mood. The ambiance should reflect the innermost gaming desires. Add any gaming details to the walls with radiant colour.

A huge monitor on the table and a black and white gaming chair

Employ the use of LED lighting strips to light the corner or basement.

Strategically place the strips along with the ceiling, shelves and under the table.

Let light reflect in them, and depending on the production technology, use the remote control to perfect the outcome. Increase the brightness of the strip, add or change strip colours illuminating the space in all rainbow colours. Finally, take advantage of the strobe effect.

Technological and futuristic designs

Get a feel of a spaceship while sitting at home playing a video game. Use robotic expressions of the future to develop your gamer room design. If too bright, add a touch of blackout curtains to remove any glare.

A gaming room with a lot of monitors, gaming chairs and other stuff

Add some gray on the furniture and walls for out of space theme. The blackout curtains may work well to cover the ceiling in darkness. Create such an illusion of being deep in space.

Heroes’ art on walls

Personalize the space with heroes. Plaster the walls with graphics or posters representing the gaming inspirations. Add personal heroes or game heroes who are an inspiration.

Add Pickup Street art even to the small game room.

Make it unique with toss pillows for the gaming chairs. Let the energy from the art flow.

Inexpensive Designs

A homely design can be economical. Some of the items present in the gaming room setup can be inexpensive. Source a comfortable chair from the living room. Use simple decorations that are easy to make from home.

Start by identifying what is needed to purchase and work from that angle. Shop on different budget lines and access as many stores as possible. Some items are reusable, and finding a vintage shop might save on some bucks.

Top 5 Gamers Setup and Their Cost

Creating the perfect area or space for all of sports activities or games can be costly; nothing about the best and ultimate game room is cheap. It is advisable to create a budget to bind the expenditure.

Here are some of the expenses for game rooms from people in different parts of the world.

The Lachlan Gaming Setup

As the cheapest on this list, the Lachlan setup is worth $7,000. You probably think that this is not cheap, I agree. But I am sure you change your mind after know what it consists of. The PC gaming setup comes with a core from Intel the i9 10. A QLED Samsung monitor, a deluxe Asus Prime Motherboard x299.

14-year-old Sceptic Setup

Thinking a fourteen-year-old cannot make a difference in the gaming world? You are mistaken.

The septic setup is taking the second sport with the worth of over $15,000. Developed and set up by a 14-year-old, the setup boasts of a mini-fridge.

Sceptic Imagine doing more shortly with:

  • a luxurious chair
  • two different monitors with a webcam
  • a sound mixer
  • a personal computer.

The Tfue Setup

The Fortnite setup is worth $20,000. Using a similar structure as Sceptic, his structure is only superior due to the following reasons.

  • The amazing Sennheiser headset the HD 660
  • A Shure Microphone SM7B
  • An ASUS 3 monitor with 240 Hz
  • A webcam from Logitech Brio
  • Add a cooling system accompanying the gaming PC
  • DigitalStorm streaming custom-designed PC

The value of the elaborate setting amounts to $25,000.

Imperator Works Setup

It is the most attractive setup from Unbox Therapy, costing around $35 000. The highlights include:

  • Ergonomic chair
  • Motorized desk with push-button control for movement
  • Mobile play station with rotational capability
  • LG monitors 42 inches to 100 inches
  • 128 GB in RAM
  • 1080ti Asus GTX
  • 4.6GHz of the CPU

Ninja Stream Setup

The design comes with Redbull sponsorship is worth over $100,000. Technological equipment present in this ultimate gamer room is high tech and top-notch. With the 2 different gaming setups, stream and game as you please.

Enjoy using equipment with renowned brands including Samsung TVs, VEGA 2080ti customized NXRT personal computers, cameras by Ursa Mini, among others.

Console Game Rooms


This setup is simple, but it has many different parts. It is in the style of home cinema gaming. It includes the following components:

  • Intel i7-6700K CPU 350q
  • EVGA GTX 980Ti GPU 1000
  • Samsung 850 EVO-Series SSD 80
  • Corsair H100i CPU Cooler 100q
  • Samsung JS9000 SUHD 4k TV 500q
  • BenQ 1080p 3D Home Theater Projector 400q
  • Crazy Eames Lounge Chair 500q
  • Audioengine A5+ Speakers 400q
  • Schiit Magni 2U AMP 100q
  • Schiit Modi 2U DAC 400q

The overall cost is around $7,500.


Space for games is a fundamental part of the house. Setting up the room can be a challenge but also very satisfying. It’s crucial to identify what it is needed for proper planning.

Understand the effects of each item, pick the hardware carefully, and install them to match the décor. Find easy and cheaper ways to enhance the space. Follow the tips provided and create the ultimate gamer room for friends and family.

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