Best Gaming Room – Easy Tips for Creating an Amazing Gamer Room

May 9, 2020 by

Are you thinking of creating a gaming room? Popular and fashionable game rooms can cost you over $50,000 for a simple but classic setup. Ready to spend that much or experiment with simpler gaming room ideas for an ultimate gamer room?

Spend $70,000 for a Ninja Setup or $7,000 for the Lachlan Fortnite gaming setup. Depending on the amount at hand, build or create any space to suit gaming needs. Can you imagine how space will appear?

Ninja – an American streamer, YouTuber, professional gamerThe phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice. 

There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
Ninja (AKA Richard Tyler Blevins)

What do you need?

The first step is to identify what the gamer room needs. The aim is to create an ambiance suitable for game purposes. As a gamer, you already have different ideas on what is crucial for space.

After identifying the area, try and think of the best gaming room setup. Remember, this is a permanent fixture that can cost more if you desire to change it. Go to the living chamber, basement, or study and come up with the best gaming setup. Convert any space in the house with the following items.

The setup of a game room can come in two different forms:

  • The first is a PC gaming room, where the “battle station” has a PC, desk, keyboard and mouse.
  • The second is console gaming, which uses a TV screen rather than a computer.

PC Gaming

Ergonomic Chair

Black gaming chair with red sides

A comfortable but luxurious chair is essential. For all PC gaming setups, an Ergonomic chair is a must-have. Select one with adjustable armrests in addition to a fantastic head movement position.

Don’t forget that the ultimate gaming room requires an extra number of features. These may include:

  • A massage function after an intense video game.
  • Bluetooth connectivity limiting movement for personal convenience.
  • Built-in gaming speakers for sound enhancement.

Consider the chair material, the ergonomics and its size. The material should be easy to clean, comfortable and durable. For instance, leather or vinyl materials are classy, easy to wash, but very uncomfortable. A cotton material seat can be temporal, present cleaning difficulties, but very comfortable and chic.

Don’t forget to select something that fits and accommodate personal weight. Also, ensure it adheres to the needs in terms of space. On the ergonomics, choose to provide the body has adequate support. Get a chair with proper lumbar support, which minimizes back pain, especially is using the living room gaming PC.

Gaming Desk

Computer is on the white table
A proper desk is fundamental for placing the computer, monitors, and keyboards. Add shelves or cabinets to the office to store other items such as game controllers, monitors when not in use, and other gaming accessories.

For PC games, the table should go high to fit the legs beneath. To increase the surface area of the ultimate gamer room, go for the corner with a rectangular desk. For more surface area, an l-shaped desk is a better choice.

The right hardware

Deciding the right equipment to use for the gamer room is a challenge. A whole computer with all essential hardware or a simple monitor and a keyboard for input. Select either and go all the way and design the perfect space for playing.


A young guy is playing on the two-screen computer

Get a display device, either projector or a television monitor. Select a stand-alone monitor with a mount, especially in a small gaming room. The mount works well for individuals who prefer to be far from the screen and not face to face.

Have all of the accessories for the game room screen ready to use. These include:

  • Different chargers.
  • Headsets for other gamers.
  • Ample computer storage space.

Take precautions and put your considerations into selecting the right display. Ensure the monitor game setup has no mistakes to prevent crashing during a game.

A gaming PC and a phone are on the table in the dark room

Keep the monitor at the same level as the eyes.

Do not tilt the chin-up or down to meet the screen. Elevate or mount the monitor to eye level to prevent eye and neck strain. The mount can be height adjustable, full-motion or articulating mount.

The monitor position also matters when designing the ultimate game room. If it’s next to the chair, it’s too close for comfort. If more than 150 feet, then the distance is too long and risk eye strain. Place the monitor on the desk in an arm’s length, which isn’t too far or too near.

Sound System

Sound system and a white sofa are in the living room

A quality sound system determines the quality of the gaming experience.

Making space a sensory powerhouse depends on the loudspeakers. Pick PS4 headsets or go for other enhanced sound systems with 7 or more channels.

A surround sound speaker with 9.1 and minimal 5.1 sound is a necessity. Denote the explosions, the yelps or the laughs in the select games. Using equalization settings, achieve the sound settings desirable by colleagues and family alike.

A person is holding a portable speaker

The latest speakers come equipped with Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Speakers with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities make streaming the game easily from anywhere in the gamer room. Match a speaker system 2.1 with other devices as they are more accessible, vary in range and are of quality.

An advantage of select sound systems is wireless connectivity, either Bluetooth or WIFI, it becomes simple to control the sound remotely. Also, it limits the mess that comes with different wires to and from various devices all over.

Console Gaming


A big TV is on the stand and stuff around

For console gaming, the best way of setting things up is with an entertainment centre and a TV stand or mount.

It will help to position the screen at eye level with the gamer.

The entertainment centre, stand or mount may also come with extra storage space. This can be used to store controllers, cons