TOP 5 Zombie-Themed Slots [Real Money] Everyone Should Try

October 28, 2020 by

Whether it’s the Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones or Dawn of the Dead, Zombie-themed TV shows and movies have always been popular. If you’re a real money slots player and you’ve been craving that taste, we’ve got good news for you. Casino game developers have made many zombie-themed slots over time, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

We had a look through the entire catalogue, and we’ve come up with our five favourites. If you’re looking to play on the reels with the undead creatures, here are our Top 5 zombie-themed real money slots.

1. Necromancer Slot from Evoplay Entertainment

Necromancer is the one of the latest cutting-edge real money slots from Evoplay Entertainment. The game does not look like a traditional slot as they’ve spent a lot of time to create an immersive, high-quality 3D game. When you fire up the game, you’ll see what looks like a mysterious courtyard where the Necromancer is practicing dark magic over a cauldron. Each time you “spin,” the creatures disappear into the earth and respawn. They’re lined up in rows and columns, so while it doesn’t look like the traditional reels, it still plays like a slot.

You can bet anywhere from 0.1 to 500 coins with each click, and as you move through the mummies, zombies, and ghouls. As a result, you can win as many as 15,000 tokens.

Respins and Free Spins

Every time you spin, the Necromancer looks like he’s casting a spell. As the daunting organ music plays, what you’re looking to hit is three or more Scatter symbols: the golden spiky or monster chest. When you see three or more, the Necromancer will fly up and flash his spellbook to you to indicate that you’ve earned five Free Spins.

A spellbook of the win in Necromancer slotWhen you do get the five Free Spins, the Necromancer shows you his spellbook, indicating how many free spins you have left. Before each spin, a symbol will be selected randomly, which the Necromancer casts into his cauldron. That clones the symbol to appear on the reels, so there are more of them in play. After the Free Spins, the Necromancer flies back up into the screen to show you how much you’ve won.

However, one thing to keep in mind with these real money slots is that these scatters only appear on the second, third, or fourth reels only. They also don’t appear during Respin or Free Spins, so you can’t reactivate or extend the Free Spin round while you’re in it.

Necromancer Slot Symbols

Evoplay Entertainment has done a fantastic job with design as the characters are fully 3D.

They sway back and forth, jump up and down from time to time and react if you click on them. The animations for each spin are really cool too, as the characters are sent underground and then summoned back up with each spin. This is light years ahead of the basic three-reel real money slots.

What you’re looking to hit is the same characters in neighboring columns to win with this game. In total, there are 40 different paylines, so they have to line up for you. You can find more details inside the game by clicking on the “Paytable.”

In terms of the actual characters, this who you’ll encounter:

  • Skeleton in red with a sword
  • Skeleton with a blue shoulder and a Mace
  • Skeleton with purple clothes and an Axe
  • Skeleton with a green helmet and a Crossbow
  • Skeleton with an orange Shield
  • Skeleton with glowing blue eyes
  • Monster with a red eye, bandaged up
  • Short purple ghost with pink eyes
  • Green ghost with red and yellow eyes

There are also two special symbols:

  • the Scatter – the golden chest
  • the Wild symbol, a carved pumpkin.

2 . Zombie Rush Slot from Leander Games

Zombies and heroes of the slot game Zombie Rush

While Necromancer is a fantastic 3D zombie-themed slot, Zombie Rush might be your flavor if you’re looking for real money slots of the 2D variety. Produced by Leander, this is one of our favorites. It’s a little more recognizable to those looking for a game that looks more like a traditional slot. And in terms of the theme, this has more of a comedy-romance feel than outright scary.

Zombie Rush has five reels and three rows.

As you spin through the game, you’ll encounter free spins, resins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and more. Best of all, it has an RTP of 94.89%, which is generous.

Play For Zombie Rush Slot

When you fire up Zombie Rush, you’ll see you’re playing as Max, a teen who is fending off zombies with his baseball bat. You’re also trying to save Claire, and if you do, that’s when you’ll hit it big.

This is a five-reel slot with 20 paylines, and connecting on a win is quite easy.

All you have to do is hit on three or more symbols in a row on the win lines from left to right. Of course, the more there are in a row, the more you’ll win. Ideally, you hit five in a row.

The symbols all fit the theme as there are a couple of different zombies, a guns/bricks/bats symbol, which are the weapons Max uses to fight off the zombies, and then there are brains, a hazardous plant, and Max’s friend Claire.

From the symbols mentioned above, Max leads to the biggest payout if you see him in a row of five consecutive symbols. In that scenario, you’ll win a whopping 500-times your bet. Meanwhile, Claire will pay 400-times, so keep an eye out for her too.

There is a wild and scatter symbol in this game, which helps you cash in. The wild symbol is the radioactive liquid, which can help morph into any other symbol to help you win except for the bonus symbol. What’s fun is if the radioactive liquid lands above one of the zombies on the reels, it will dribble down and make the zombie radioactive too. That makes the zombie wild as well, which usually leads to some wins.

The biggest payout with Zombie Rush comes when you hit five wild symbols consecutively. When you do, you’ll be taking home a jackpot payday of 1500-times your money. That’s pretty generous for real money slots.

One other note: if you’re looking to customize some gameplay, you can do that through the “settings” button. There you’ll be able to tweak the image quality, speed of the spins, and more.

Zombie Rush Slot Features

While some zombie themes might scare people off, Leander has done a great job with this one to make it a little more fun and friendly. This is one of those real money slots that have an amusing undertone, so it’s enjoyable to play.

Gameplay of Zombie Rush Slot

The real fun begins when you start to get into the bonus features: the “free spinz” and “Find Claire” round. To get into the “free spinz” round, you’ll want to see the “free spinz” symbol and the “bonus” symbol three times in a row. The “free spinz” appears in reels one, three, and five, and the “bonus” symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Once you get into the ``free spinz`` round, you'll get 10 free spins to rack up the wins.

The main difference here in this round is that the zombies become stacked, helping you with the radioactive wild symbol. With more zombies in play, you can multiply the wins if the wild symbol pops up in the bonus round.

There’s also a “Find Clare” bonus round, activated when you hit three or more bonus symbols across the reels. When that happens, you’ll go down a corridor that gives you the option to choose from four different rooms.

When you select a room, you’ll either see a cash prize, a key, or a zombie. If you get the cash prize, you win, and you get to choose another room. If you get a key, you’ll move onto a new level where there are four new rooms, and the bonus round continues as you try to find Claire. Lastly, if you get the zombie, your brain is eaten, and the bonus round ends. It’s a really unique and fun gameplay in the realm of real money slots.

3. Fear the Zombies from Fugaso

Heroes of the slot game Fear the Zombies

Fear The Zombies has an entirely different mood than the other real money slots on this list. This has a darker feel. This clearly seems more sinister with a backdrop of dead zombies lying around, ravens flying, and deep piano playing.

This creation comes to us from Fugaso, and it’s a fun one. It is a five-reel spinner with 20 paylines, so there are plenty of ways to win. With Wild symbols, Scatters free spins, and more, you’ll love spending time with this game.

Slot Options

The way this game plays is slightly different than the common slot. There are five reels with all sorts of symbols like knives, medicine, rocket launchers, and more. Each time you spin, the symbols kind of fall down rather than spin. When you hit a win on one of the pay lines, the symbols explode, and then new ones fall in their place, kind of like Candy Crush-style.

As you pick up a win, your multiplier goes up.

If you win twice in a row, you get x2. If you win three in a row, you get x3, and if you win four in a row, you x5. After that, it resets back to x1.

In terms of the big paydays that come randomly in this game, that’s how most of the real money slots in the Fugaso Jackpot Series work, so the more you play, the more chance you will be winning.

4. Attack of the Zombies from Genesis Gaming

A heroine of the slot game Attack of the Zombies

Attack of the Zombies is a Genesis Gaming creation that you’ll love to play. This game has a cartoony feel to it and is very straightforward to play. The backdrop is that there’s a zombie apocalypse, and you’re trying to save a few humans. The game features five reels and a whopping 50 paylines, so there are plenty of ways to win.

With Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, free spins, and more, there’s a lot to like about this game. And if you want to take it for a test drive, you’re able to play it free at NeonSlots.

Prize Options in the Attack of the Zombies Slot