Blacklisted Casinos 2021

It is essential to find a reliable gambling site, so we have compiled a list of blacklisted online casinos to protect you from fraud. It is constantly updated, and we regularly check if new online gambling establishments have licenses. So take a look and feel safe in the knowledge that you're playing at a more than trustworthy site.

Blacklisted Casinos That You Should Avoid

Gamblers, especially beginners, must understand one simple fact – not all casinos are legit. Some websites pose as online casinos only to rob you of money. They may appeal to potential victims by offering giant bonuses, great deals, high payouts, and top games. In reality, though, they only wait for your deposit. Study the following list of blacklisted casinos to avoid scams and shady sites.
Website URL
21 Dukes
Deposit and withdrawal problems
Aztec Casino
Unfair games
Bella Vegas
Lots of spam
Casino Tropez
Deposit and withdrawal problems
CoolCat Casino
Deposit and withdrawal problems
Prestige Casino
Misleading advertising
VIP Golden Club
Unfair games

Canadian Online Casinos You Can Trust

To cut a long story short, you can only trust licensed casinos with an impeccable reputation and well-known partners. So it’s a sure-fire way to avoid all sorts of scams. Besides, they usually have large catalogues of games and plenty of payment methods to choose from.

To save you from weeks of research and analyses, we’ve compiled the list of the most popular and reliable websites. Explore these casinos to pick the one that meets your needs and expectations. We’ve decided that adding only blacklisted casinos online was not enough. It’s more reasonable to offer an alternative as well. So, check out the best casinos you can trust and get ready for a new adventure in the thrilling gambling world.

A Reasonable Alternative to Blacklisted Casinos

If you want a positive gaming experience and are looking for proven and honest sites, here is an alternative list with reliable online casinos. The ones listed here have been reviewed by our experts and fully licensed to operate in the respective jurisdictions by reliable gaming authorities. Therefore, you will find the fairest games and conditions in them.

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What Is A Blacklisted Online Casino

A blacklisted (or rogue) casino is a website that uses different kinds of schemes to deprive its users of their money. For instance, the site adds rigged software which makes winning impossible. So no matter how players bet, they’ll keep losing. Another possible scenario is when a customer adds funds to the account, wins money, but a casino refuses a withdrawal.

How Do We Review Casinos

To help you spot such schemes before risking any money, we thoroughly review each site. In addition, we take a close look at various aspects, including payment methods, licensing, software selection, bonuses & promo deals, security, etc.

We also study the casino’s choice of partners, software providers, and other connections that either help establishes a reputation or ruin it. In case one or more of those aspects show signs of being a scam, we red-flag the company by blacklisting it and sharing this information with others. Using such tips, you may easily avoid scammers and shady casinos.

Which Gambling Sites Make It To Our Casino Blacklist

Only sites with rigged software, absence of licensing, and withdrawal denials get on the list of blacklisted casinos. As soon as something seems out of the ordinary or suspicious “problems” suddenly occur on the website, it’s a vivid sign that the casino could be a scam. So before we add any company in the blacklisted section, we review it in detail.

Lack Of Fair Gaming

Using software that prevents players from ever winning is a definite sign of a rogue casino. It’s called rigged software. Whenever a website adds games from developers accused of giving unfair RTP rates or too high house edge, a casino makes it onto the blacklist.

Sometimes, on the other hand, the casino owners alter the software themselves to scam clients. Or they may bribe dealers to cheat during the games.

Casino Bonus Fraud

Another widespread scam is to allure new customers with huge bonuses and gives them nothing. But then, it “suddenly” turns out there are additional terms to receive the bonus or the promotion has expired. Very often, such websites collect the users’ data and sell it to other companies.

They also appeal to players to deposit as much as possible by offering a bigger bonus for deposits that start from a particular sum. The same thing concerns jackpot offers and deals. Gamblers who aim to hit it lose more than they can afford and all of it is for nothing.

Refusing To Pay Out The Winnings

Players who registered with blacklisted online casinos face difficulties withdrawing their winnings. Payment issues could include various incidents like impossibly high minimum withdrawal sum, tons of hidden fees that cut a significant share from the winnings, website maintenance errors, or the system stops responding.

Confusing withdrawal procedures or limited withdrawal methods can also impact the decision. For example, it always seems suspicious when a casino allows players to deposit via 40-50 methods but only withdraw with 2-5 methods.

Violating Privacy

Inadequate security standards or the lack of Privacy Policy document in free access is a sign that the casino is not being honest with you. When players sign up with blacklisted casinos, they may lose personal information.

It could result in spam messages and other annoying ads, especially if you gamble from the mobile app or site version. However, it could get more serious. Players might have to deal with identity theft.

Poor Customer Support

Honest online casinos show their dedication to customers by providing email, phone, and live chat support. They always offer assistance whenever the clients may need it. Moreover, they remain transparent regarding all areas of the business.

Rogue casinos, on the other hand, fail to meet such standards. So, whenever you are interested in joining an online casino, make sure to test customer support, too. If it’s hard to reach, run from this site immediately.

Using Pirated Software

Do you wonder what it means? That’s when the casino owner hacks into the software provided by different developers and begins to control it. In this case, the hacker does not only stop paying the developers but prevents players from winning by altering the rules, pay tables, etc.

Only experts can detect that the casinos use pirated programs for games. So, check out our reviews to avoid such shady sites.

No License

All legitimate casinos get licensed before going online. They can be registered in various regions or countries, but the lack of license is a suspicious sign. When you explore the casino blacklist above, you are sure to notice that some sites were added due to the lack of license.

They are dangerous because they don’t follow security guidelines and other regulations. Some of them even have the nerve to add the logo of the licensing institution without being licensed.

Not Paying Business Partners

While regular players can’t find out about it, expert reviews always study each aspect, including this one. Site owners who get greedy and wish to keep all the wagers to themselves stop paying to the software developers and other business partners. You should not have anything to do with such sites either.

How To Report A Rogue Casino

To report a rogue casino, one must fill out the form stating the casino’s name, website address, and the type of suspicious activity. We’ll investigate the case and add the site to the blacklisted online casinos in case of fraud. If you ever encounter problems with an online casino, you may file a complaint. Be sure to mention what issue you had, namely:
  • Deposits;
  • Withdrawals;
  • Payouts;
  • Bonuses, etc.

However, before you do that, you may try to get to the bottom of things yourself. Make sure to try the following steps:

  1. Contact customer support and let them explain the problem or resolve it. Sometimes a glitch is just a glitch, and managers can efficiently help you out;
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions document you agreed to when you joined the site. It could contain the answer to your problem and explain why the company responded the way it did. Perhaps, you broke some rules.
  3. Complain to the watchdogs that act quick and are capable of stopping such schemes;
  4. Contact the regulatory body and report the incident to the government agency that deals with such scams.

These are just a few ways out you may try to use dealing with the scam. Nevertheless, it’s better to avoid the problem in the first place by choosing only reputable casinos.

The Risks Of Playing At Blacklisted Online Casinos

Creating an account and playing games with the site you see on the casino blacklist involves numerous risks. Gamblers risk everything from money to personal & banking information. Study the main threats you may face to avoid unreasonable danger.

You Can Lose Real Money

Players risk real cash and not only in terms of betting on a certain game. Some casinos block users as soon as they make the first deposit. Others will let them play but won’t ever allow them to withdraw the winnings. So the odds will never be in your favour. There could be different scenarios and situations, but the outcome is the same – a player loses everything. So even though gambling always involves risks, losing money to such sites is different, and you may avoid it.

Privacy May Be Compromised

Aside from losing money, players may lose personal and banking details. For once, such casinos do not bother encrypting the data, leaving the door wide open for other scammers and hackers. Besides, some sites intentionally sell the information you share when creating an account. It could be your name, address, email, phone number, banking details, etc. So don’t be surprised if you begin to receive tons of spam or discover identity theft.

Overall Poor Online Gambling Experience

One of the most widespread stereotypes about gambling is that it’s a scam. And such websites make the problem even bigger. Players who encounter such scams end up with total disappointment and financial losses. Indeed, they’ll start telling others that online gambling is a scam even without admitting they fell for a shady site. Moreover, such encounters lead to colossal stress and possibly depression (depending on the losses and other factors). So is it worth risking your mental health? We don’t think so.

Can A Site Move Off The Casino Blacklist

A site may disappear from the list once it stops operating. As a rule, it’s the only situation when changes happen. It could be due to a legit casino that was undermined by it. Such companies can resolve the situation and deal with the issue quite effectively. Besides, the watchdogs we’ve briefly mentioned above may also deal with the site and shut it down. When there is no site, it can’t be on the blacklist.

The cases when rogue casinos turned into legit ones don’t exist. They weren’t created for this purpose in the first place. So, when talking about moving sites from blacklist to safelist, one should not keep the hopes up. Don’t take your chances here, and be very attentive when choosing a casino.

How To Avoid Casino Scams

The best way to avoid casino scams is to pick a reliable, reputable casino and gamble only there. However, if you want to do it properly, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • Never agree to Terms & Conditions until you read the document (or at least look through it);

This file contains all essentials you must know about before signing up. For instance, how the company manages customers’ personal information, the terms of using the services, and why a casino may ban the account (together with its funds).

  • Remember the rule: if a deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably shady;

Shady websites attract new victims by advertising fake deals. So, when you see a colossal promotion that stands out from the rest (compared to other casinos), the chances are high that it’s a scam. Find the fine print and discover all terms lest you get disappointed, too.

  • Examine the selection of withdrawal options;

Most new players take a quick look at how they can add money without paying any attention to the withdrawal methods. However, it’s a crucial factor one can’t ignore. First of all, the lists should be about the same size because most casinos only withdraw the funds by using the same method for a deposit. Secondly, legit casinos offer a comprehensive list of options because they have many partners.

  • Trust only expert reviews. Others can be fake or ordered by the rivals;

Reading the feedbacks on the Internet, one has to know how to distinguish real reviews from fake ones. Sometimes a person who lost money (honestly) tries to get revenge and starts writing nasty feedback. In other cases, players who tried cheating and were caught do the same thing. Very often, rival casinos who don’t play fair buy poor reviews to be posted about their nemesis. There could be plenty of different things. Only reputable sites and reliable experts can analyze the casino and its services to create an unbiased review.

  • Account for the red flags mentioned above.

When writing our casino reviews, we look for all possible red flags like the lack of licensing, too complicated & limited withdrawal options, etc. Of course, safety must be your top priority as well. You may also check the website for such signs before creating an account there. Just be attentive, and you are sure to select a top-quality casino site.

You should pay attention to little details to make a wise choice and play with leading casinos. In case you don’t have time for all this work, there is a more direct shortcut.

Online Games You Can Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Blacklisted Casino?

A blacklisted casino is a website that poses as an online casino but pursues other goals: stealing users’ money and sensitive information.

How Does An Online Casino Become Blacklisted?

When a website shows signs of being a scam, it gets blacklisted. The main signs are the absence of a license, denial in payout, rigged software, etc.

How Can I Be More Careful About Blacklisted Casinos?

The only way to be careful about such casinos is to avoid them at all costs. Look through the list of blacklisted sites to never visit them.

Why Is It Important To Avoid Blacklisted Casinos?

When using blacklisted websites, a player risks losing personal information, banking details, money, etc. Therefore, you should avoid such casinos to remain safe on the Internet.