Casino Valley Carbon Neutral Since 2019

A way to take positive climate actions today!

Casino Valley has been dedicated to carbon neutrality since 2019 and our server is located in Equinix Green Data Center. That concept allowed us to reduce and compensate for remaining emissions to become carbon neutral.

The Importance of Carbon Neutrality

The entire humanity is making huge efforts to conduct positive climate actions and protect our planet. Our company accepted the carbon neutrality approach to make an immediate statement about the importance of acting responsibly toward the global climate.

The idea behind carbon-neutral companies is to reduce internal emissions. The experts focused on the Fortune Global 500 business and discovered the importance of revealing the desire to achieve carbon neutrality publicly.

Those businesses who publicly revealed they plan to achieve carbon neutrality expressed more interest in setting a science-based goal for reducing emissions.

The experts describe the following decade as critical for taking climate actions. That’s why a carbon neutrality plan places your company among those aiming to reduce global emissions. The companies use carbon neutrality strategies to finance a worldwide economic shift that puts planet regeneration as the top priority.

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What Role Does the Paris Agreement Play in Global Warming Issues?

The Paris Agreement was implemented in 2015, and 195 countries throughout the world accepted it. Its main idea is to unite the world on global warming problems. The countries agreed to implement efforts to restrict global warming to under 2C, and even 1.5C if possible. The Paris Agreement pinpointed carbon neutrality’s crucial role in climate actions. A large number of countries agreed to work on reducing emissions. The goal is to achieve an equal ratio of removals and emissions – that’s what defines a carbon-neutral concept, and this agreement recognized its importance.

What Do We Do to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

The pollutants are compromising the air and causing climate change. That’s why we set environmental and social objectives we plan to achieve with various initiatives. Here is an overview of our strategies:

A person is holding a sapling

Every employee will plant a decorative tree two times per year – in autumn and spring. We’ll work with organizations like TreeCanada and Forests Ontario toward achieving this goal.

A car that runs on green energy

Each employee that wants to buy an electric vehicle will receive a 30% subsidy from the company.

Solar panels

We used solar panels to cover the roof in the main office. Casino Valley installed a silent wind generator. These two are now responsible for approximately 55% of our energy consumption.

Disposable tableware

Our team doesn’t use disposable tableware made of plastic. We only eat food from laminated containers. The company solely uses paper cups to drink tea and coffee.

Green-energy house

Our energy efficiency reports for 2020 show a significant improvement. That implies we utilize less energy to keep the optimal temperatures in buildings.

Green-energy heater

We installed four artificial fireplaces in recreation areas. Casino Valley also removed natural fireplaces in those locations.

Separate waste collection

Our team is closely dedicated to separate waste collection.

The climate changes warn us that it’s urgent to take action. The consequences of this health crisis could be disastrous. It’s why we all have to work now, and our company already took steps toward applying innovation and positive climate actions.

CasinoValley Climate Neutrality Goals

Casino Valley understands the importance of helping our planet to regenerate. Our company is ready to strengthen the deal with society and apply sustainability actions in all ways possible.

We plan on investing $100K or more to achieve the goal of reducing our carbon emissions by 33% by 2030. Casino Valley also aims to reduce the supply chain’s emissions by 15% by 2035.

Our team is proud that this is the biggest gambling industry’s investment in climate actions. Casino Valley plans on achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.