Casino Guide 2021 — An Ultimate Guide to Online Gambling

Web-based wagering on casino cards, tabletop and live games is getting more and more widespread. It is convenient, always at your fingertips, secure, and does not require direct communication with other players or dealers. But why to play online casinos? Are land-based places not better and more secure? How to determine the best legal online casino in Canada? What should it offer to its clients? Is it possible to play casino games and win real money? We will provide all the answers in our relevant casino guide. Wasting no time, let’s get started!

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Reasons To Gamble

Though gambling is legal in most countries around the globe and proven to help those with stress, social awkwardness and hypochondria, some people still consider it to be unsafe, unenjoyable, unprofitable, a waste of time, and so on. The most common thought is that onsite/web-based venues are not fair. Is it so? Can online casinos cheat? We are here to over-persuade you it is not like that. Betting is just a hobby with its advantages and disadvantages. Further, we are going to discuss a few significant reasons to gamble. Keep reading to find out more!

It’s Fun

Gambling is not about pure logic and calculations (well, it involves logical thinking but not all the time). However, it may quickly improve your mood, reduce stress, release anger, and help you not overthink your job, routine issues, etc. Casino games are fun, exciting, thrilling, and can make players forget about “pet peeve.” A small piece of advice: do not exceed your budget, and do not get disappointed if you can not win on the first try. It is excellent to lose 2-3 sessions. But if you feel you will gamble away all your bankroll, take a pause, relax, and continue playing when you are calmed down and focused.

Adrenaline Rush

Casino games are not only entertaining, but they also give you the ultimate experience and intense sensations. There are options for both risky and cautious players. It depends on you what option to choose and which game style to follow. Either way, you will enjoy your time, release stress and worries, and that is the best part of gambling. But do not get carried away by emotions and feelings! They may affect your game experience by obnubilating the mind. Enjoy your time but always stay focused.

Casino guide: this is chips

Opportunity To Win Big Money

Huge jackpots and cash prizes are a good motivating factor for almost all the bettors. They are busy wondering which casino is the easiest to win, how to beat venues and get significant payouts, which stimulates them to continue playing until they are in a position to do so. The truth is even with small wagers and limited game sessions, people can still get profit and have an advantage over a venue. But you need to regulate your budget, limit your daily/monthly bankroll, notice all your wins and losses and know when enough is enough. Only that way, you will be able to earn “big money.”

It’s Easy

Without waxing too poetic, every adult can play casino games, having read the rules at least once. Whatever kind of entertainment you choose, dollars to donuts do not require any comprehensive math, statistics, or psychology knowledge whatsoever. Casino games are meant to be easy to understand and relaxing. Just enjoy your time.

Online Casino Guide For Different Games

Every casino guide online includes critical information about the most playable games in betting venues. Our guideline is no different. So now, as you know how to revel in gambling, it is time to get acquainted with other casino games. All of them are simple, understandable, relatively quick, and quite thrilling. So choose the game of your taste and learn about it more down below!


Blackjack is one of the most frequently played betting entertainment around the globe. It is simple, relatively quick, and does not demand special knowledge or experience. Anyone can play and enjoy it. Blackjack is meant for 1 or more players and a dealer taking a stand against each other. Note that gamblers never compete with one another; their primary opponent is the dealer (Bank or casino). The game’s primary goal is to collect 21 points or the number that is as approximate as possible. Going over 21 is a loss as a matter of course. If you want to win blackjack, try to select the game variation with the lowest house edge. It may vary from 0.17% to 2%. A 1% house edge is the most common option.


Roulette is one of the most well-known games that need just a bit of luck. Players place their bets, a dealer starts spinning the wheel and drops a marble, a ball specially designed for the game. The enumerated section of the marble hits determines which wagers win. If zero or 00 appears, no one receives a payoff. Roulette has some variations with different house edges and types of bets. You may try them all to find out which suits you better. But personally, we recommend the European single-zero wheel. It has just one green section and an assured loss percentage of 2.65% only. It simply affords you more chances to win.

Video Poker

This game has borrowed 5-card deal rules from real-life poker but has been adapted to your device screen. There are many different variants of the game, and all of them send goosebumps down your spine. Learn their specifics and house edges, and you will stand an excellent chance to win.


Also known as the game of dice, this entertainment is genuinely unpredictable and fun. A dealer throws dice, and players bet on the outcome. Note: the more straightforward your wager is, the higher odds of winning are. If you are not into complex (combined) bets, you are very likely to beat the game.


Slots are perhaps the most well-liked game category at any casino venue, whether onsite or web-based. What is great about this kind of casino entertainment is that bettors do not necessarily possess gameplay knowledge. All you are supposed to do is to click the button to make 3+ reels with symbols spinning. Your payout is up to the symbols (signs, pictures) that range in a payline. If you want to win real money playing online slots, learn about variance. Variance is the amount “one-armed bandits” pay and the frequency of payouts. Pokies with low volatility are pre-planned to land wins quite often, but the winnings are insignificant. Vice versa, slots with high variance propose big jackpots but once in a blue moon. Choose games that suit your needs and game style.


Other familiar casino games are baccarat, bingo, sic bo, lotteries, monopoly live and many more. All of them are categorized as tabletop games, have different principles and a host of variations. Let’s go into details of the most playable entertainment – baccarat, shall we? Baccarat is meant for big-spending gamblers mainly. It is pretty similar to blackjack as it involves card denomination and hand values. But there is a significant difference: in baccarat, the hand with an immense amount of points wins. You are not supposed to collect a certain number whatsoever.

Casino Selection Guide

If you are wondering which online casinos are legitimate, how they are supposed to operate, what they should offer their players, just look through our casino guide. We will explain to you every little detail you have to pay attention to. Without further ado, let’s get started with our selection guideline for online betting platforms!

Illustration to our guide to online casino gambling

Variety Of Games

All players probably have their favourite game they are looking for in the first instance. Still, the more variety, the better. Some websites offer a limited amount of games, and others renew their collection every single month. As a rule, the best online casinos propose thousands of games from various software providers, and renew the list every 1-2 months. So, our suggestion is to find a casino venue with a large game collection to diversify your gameplay experience and keep interested in wagering.


A well-developed system of bonuses, free spins and promotional offers is a must-have for any gambling platform. It helps to keep players motivated and makes the time customers spend in the casino less costly. To claim bonuses and promotions, players should comply with certain terms and conditions. Avoid venues that do not provide this information or implement severe limitations on the bonus usage.

 Customer Service

The next point in our casino guide is customer service. The best gambling sites propose around-the-clock client support via at least 3 mediums: email, phone number and live chat. If the support team does not work effectively, ignores gamblers’ messages, or is basically impolite, we would not recommend trusting the website with such customer service.

 Feedback Of Other Players

Choosing the best online casinos in Canada, you should start by reading reviews. Before placing a wager, search for other players’ comments. The casino rating should be over 4.5 out of 5 (or 8 out of 10) on average. Pay attention to the following “warning signs” in the reviews:

●  A venue avoids paying out the full sum of winning.

●  A player is supposed to win a certain amount of times before he/she can withdraw money.

●  There are severe withdrawing limitations.

●  A casino advertises games that are not profitable for players or do not offer all the advertised bonuses and promotions.

●  A gambling platform does not provide terms and conditions for bonus and promotional offers.

●  A casino charges additional fees for money transactions.

If you find any of these red flags, avoid the gambling venue.

 Other Criteria

Other criteria of our gambling guide include reliability, website interface/navigation, and the variety of banking methods. Data safety and credibility are of a great importance in the wagering industry. The general rule is trustworthy gambling platforms are licensed, approved by the government, and have a positive reputation. An authoritative betting platform is supposed to obtain a gambler-friendly, simple yet attractive website. All the key tabs, the section with frequently asked questions, and settings should be visible. Websites with dingy-looking tasteless designs often appear to be a fraud. Avoid them. Payout options are also important. How does an online casino pay you? If you don’t know, your first step is to check if the venue offers instant deposits and withdrawals via credit cards, e-purses, digital money, bank transfers and/or prepaid cards. At least 2 of the mentioned options should be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Casino Guide?

Everyone can play casino games, but just a few people are lucky to win without a strategy. Therefore, you need a gambling guide. It will explain to you game basics, tips and tricks to manage your bankroll, and strategies to beat the venue effortlessly.

How To Use Gambling Guide For Different Games?

A gambling guide for online casino games basically explains the common rules of the most well-liked betting entertainment. Checking the guide, bettors are able to understand what games they are likely to win, enjoy, etc.

How To Choose a Casino With A Casino Selection Guide?

Such a guide provides all the needed details on how to choose the best online casino for Canadians. Following all the tips, players can assure the selected casino would protect their data, provide 24/7 help, and allow withdrawing winnings instantly.

Is A Casino Guide Really Helpful For Me?

While some people find online casino guides impracticable, other players rely on them a lot. As a rule, gambling guidelines include useful tips that will make your betting time more profitable. Therefore, we suggest you look through our guide carefully.