Best Blackjack Strategy to Play

Using Blackjack Strategy can be one of the easiest things to do, and in the long run, it is worth it. That's why you need constant practise to make the tactics used in the game effective. For this purpose, we have studied and collected for you all the best online casinos where you can try out the well-known strategies in Blackjack. You can familiarize yourself with these platforms below on this page.

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Does Any Blackjack Strategy Work?

All games and gambling activities have some rules and nuances of mechanics, but it is not enough to know about them. You cannot be confident in your wins only after learning how to use the game’s interface, right? It is essential to understand that any basic blackjack strategy is not just a set of tips on how to improve your chances. In the right hands, such knowledge will surely bring noticeable results.

How To Read Blackjack Strategy Chart

The most efficient tool for players that choose this card game is a blackjack strategy chart, which might seem like a colourful table with numbers and letters without meaning at first glance. However, this page has you covered; the following segment explains the tips on how to understand the charts quickly.

Single Deck

Regardless of the type of chart, it always displays the sum of points that the player has in the column called “Your hand” and the potential card of the dealer in the row “Dealer’s card.” The basic idea behind the hack is that these tables provide an in-depth look at the best possible measures you can take depending on the situation. There are multiple ways to decode the chart, as you can rely on colours or letters that both represent specific actions. Briefly speaking, there are 5 actions in general, which include hitting, standing, splitting, doubling and surrendering.

The good news is that the indication of them in the table is quite intuitive; for example, “S” represents “Stand,” and “P” means “Split.” However, as always, there are some tricky nuances to that; you can also meet two letters in one cell. The more prominent letter is the preferred action, and the smaller one is viable only if it is possible to take the corresponding action.

Reading these charts is also very logical. You consider the number of points you have and the dealer’s card and find the cell where the values connect. It is the standard scheme for any chart, so you will quickly figure it out.

Let’s take it further and decode strategies for specific situations. For example, it is easier to count the values if the dealer only uses one deck and hits soft 17. You need to memorize the table or have it near you, which is especially important for online gambling.

4 To 8 Decks

It might seem that there is a need for an advanced blackjack strategy here due to the increased number of decks. However, the basic idea behind the operations you can make and the chart’s meaning are the same overall.
Understanding the mathematical base for the strategy makes it so much easier to apply practically. All of the outcomes of the card games as “Twenty-One” are entirely predictable, which makes the process of creating the successful ultimate tactics possible.

Decoding Table Values

As you might have already noticed, the key element to using any blackjack betting strategy is understanding the chart’s values. You do not need to learn them by heart because you can always look them up during the game is difficult to underestimate. Online gambling indeed has a lot of benefits!

The top line of the table contains the number of possible card values the dealer can draw from the deck. Numbers go from 2 to 10 with an addition of the “A” letter, which stands for Ace. The column on the left contains the values representing the points you, as a player, can have.

As for the content of the table, the article has already briefly touched on this topic. However, the fact that the strategy is made for the players that might be new to the game explains its simplicity.

Must-Know Blackjack Basic Strategy

Dedicating such a big part of the information to a single way to play the game is not excessive because it is the most consistent out of all blackjack strategies you can find. After figuring out how online blackjack works, you want to understand the main features of every action you can take while playing the game.

When To Surrender

Giving up is not featured at every Blackjack game. However, its availability is quite handy. The main reason for that is that you can save half of your initial bet while using the option at the right timing. It is recommended to only opt for it if it is evident that the next move will be negative. For example, if the dealer has 10 and the number of your points is 16. Remember, there are some terms to surrendering, even if it is possible you cannot use it at any given point of the game.

When To Split

Splitting means creating two new piles of cards from the initial one that you have in the beginning. It happens pretty rarely because you need to obtain two cards of the value as your first option. This action might increase your chances of getting a successful outcome of the game if used properly. It is recommended to split only those piles that have a high probability of going over the line with the next move. For example, two cards of 8 give you a total of 16 points, which means that every card above 5 will make you fail. On the other hand, you have to understand where you should not ever split your deck. The worst decision is to use the move while you have two cards of 10 in your hands because the likelihood of getting a better combination in newly created piles is very low.

When To Double

Doubling means increasing the value you have by two. As well as splitting, it is only possible after the player receives their first two cards. Best blackjack strategy guides suggest that there are only three cases where this move can be beneficial for the gambler:

  • First one is when the value of the pile is 9, and the dealer’s card has a value higher than 2;
  • Secondly, when the player’s points are 10 or 11 and the value of the card of the dealer is lower than that;
  • Finally, you can apply the move when the player has an Ace with a card of 2-6 and the card of the host is also within 2 to 6 range;

When To Hit And When To Stand

Taking or refusing to take the card is the most common move the player can make. If you have already considered all of the options described above and realized that they would not work in the current situation, you hit or stand. How do you decide what to do? Here we return to the basic charts we talked about initially and figure out which move is the most efficient.

Advanced Blackjack Betting Strategy Guide

In our opinion, the simple blackjack strategy is all that is required for most scenarios. However, if you want to go further and take your skillset to a new level, where it can even be viable at the tournaments and shows, you might need to learn about some trickier nuances.

The thing is that the mathematical core of the basic strategy makes it both precise and slightly non-versatile, as it does not consider particular outcomes. As a result, the actions that the chart suggests are not always the most appropriate due to the exceptions. For example, it does not cover the situations when the total number of player’s points consists of more than 2 cards, which may affect the steps to take.
Tips for the players that strive to become better:

  • Use the option of insuring your bet only when you are 100% sure it is worth it. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid using this move at all to avoid the high risk;
  • Always consider the context of your score in addition to its value. The actions to take for the situation where you have 16 points of two cards and 16 points of three cards are entirely different;
  • Learn about the rules of the live gambling platform of your choice. For example, sometimes players get an opportunity to bet on the other players at the same table. The system of “buying” players’ hands is somewhat complicated and needs separate review;
  • Counting cards helps to predict the possible outcomes of the game. Try to remember all the cards that the dealer has already handed, and you can cross them out of the deck that is left;
  • Consider the rules of the table you choose. The best sites to play blackjack online usually offer multiple options depending on the minimum and maximum deposit. Remember that even if the deposit barrier is low, you have to be able to play longer than one round to get enough of an experience;
  • Practice! Reading articles is a good activity for expanding your bank of theoretical knowledge, but it will be pretty useless if you cannot apply it. The reason for that is that some of the points might seem easy before you try to find a practical application for them.

Other Blackjack Strategies To Consider

The competitive nature of the gamblers makes them keen to obtain new knowledge and skills. The list of online blackjack strategies, fortunately, offers some options for exploration. Even though they base on the standard one, they expand the understanding of how to play successfully.

Play Little By Little

It does not matter how powerful the strategy is if you do not use it while playing. Do not rush your games, and try to get as much experience from them as possible. No article will teach you things you can find out yourself. If everything goes right, you should be able to build your system for successful gambling.

The Martingale Strategy

It allows you to reduce the chances of losing money. Its core idea is to increase your bet after losses to cover all of the previous failures if you win. The good thing is that mathematically it really works. However, the “but” of it is that you virtually can continue increasing the bets up to a certain point and if by that time he fails, the outcome will be negative.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting System

Yet another way to make sure you will leave the table with an increased account. The beauty of this strategy is that it is elementary to follow but has some mathematical explanation to it. Moreover, it can be applied to any money investments or gambling activities.

The first thing to do here is to identify your initial bet, representing the one “unit” of the system. If you win it, your next bet will be 3 units (3 times as big as the first bet), the third bet is 2 units, and the fourth one is 6 units. If you have managed to go through all the stages, you return to betting one unit. The benefit of the strategy is that you only potentially can lose money on the first and second bet. With the third bet, you are still in surplus, and the fourth-best in the worst-case scenario makes you break even.

How To Use Blackjack Strategies

Let’s learn about tips on how to apply the reviewed strategies practically. As soon as you start to implement them in your tactics, your gambling quality will go through the roof.