How to Play Bingo Online

To know how to play Bingo online, you need to learn the rules. Even though Bingo is exciting and simple at the same time, some strategies are still used here as well. You'll learn all about the game, its types and features, and useful tips for beginners on this page. In addition, our experts have prepared for you a compilation of the most respectable online casinos offering Bingo. You can read the reviews of Canadian brands below.

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How Does Bingo Work

Bingo is simple because you only buy tickets and cross out the numbers announced by the host. Once you cross out a pattern on your ticket (or all numbers, depending on the chosen version), you say “Bingo” and become a winner. Seems very straightforward and simple. What about online bingo? How does online bingo really work? To answer your question on how to play bingo, let’s discuss all the relevant details.

The Object Of The Game

As the numbers are revealed, you must mark them to create a line. Depending on the chosen edition, it can be a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Sometimes, bingo rules state that the whole field must be checked off.

Bingo Rules For Beginners

In case you plan to try this type of entertainment for the first time ever, and you feel like learning everything beforehand, the following review of bingo game rules is sure to come in handy. Study the main things to know beforehand and common terms you are sure to come across to find out how to win online bingo games.

The Basics Of The Game

First and foremost, remember that the game has three main versions and numerous other kinds. According to the bingo rules and regulations, one can play bingo with 75, 80, or 90 balls. Regardless of the chosen edition, remember that it’s a quick game. So, try to cross out the numbers on time lest you fall behind with the sequence.

Bingo Cards

You’ll discover that 75 ball bingo has a 5×5 grid card with 24 numbers and a blank space when you read about how to play bingo. 80 ball bingo has a 4×4 grid card that contains 16 randomly chosen numbers from 1 to 80. The 90 ball edition has a 9×3 grid card with 15 numbers and 12 blank spaces.

Number Of Players

Ayers who join the online edition can face various limits depending on whether they use RNG software or live casino games. There should be at least three players according to the bingo rules. Depending on the chosen version, the maximum number varies. For example, the American version allows up to 15 players. Online editions usually have no limit since everything happens on the Internet.

Bingo Calls And Card Patterns

Gamblers must learn about the winning combinations before they join the fun. For example, a standard edition allows a gambler to become a winner by crossing out one line, two lines, or all numbers. When you study how to play bingo of the chosen edition, waste no more time and try to dab the numbers as fast as possible.

Bingo balls: an illustration to bingo guide

Game Dictionary

Before you join any online casino, you should learn the basic terms, namely:

  • After games, describe games that happen after the main session is over.
  • Any way implies that a gambler may win with any line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).
  • Blackout means a player must cross out all spaces to win.
  • Cash ball is a progressive jackpot.
  • CH is an abbreviation for Chat Host – a person who moderates the chat during the online game.
  • Coverall is a term that means a gambler must cross out all the numbers on the ticket to win.
  • Free space is an area without a dedicated number that a gambler may automatically check out as a part of the winning combo.
  • House means The Bingo Hall.
  • A lucky jar is a prize pool that goes to a gambler who screams bingo or the lucky number (the 1st number called once the game begins).
  • Quickie is a game where the host calls out numbers as fast as possible.
  • Special is an addition to the game that allows players to use another set of cards (instead of or in addition to the ones purchased at admission).
  • Wrap-up is the last game of the session.

How To Play Bingo Online At A Casino

Familiarize yourself with the following essential steps you should complete to start the online game. It won’t take much time, and you will not have to do anything complicated. One may quickly discover how to play electronic bingo and get on a thrilling adventure using laptops or computers.

Step 1

Sign Up For A Casino That Has Bingo

First things you must pick a trustworthy and reliable online casino that offers a high-quality bingo game. Once you see an appealing solution, create an account and verify it. But before you learn how to play bingo games at an online casino, you should check out the welcome bonuses.
Step 2

Deposit Funds Into Your Account

After creating an account and receiving the bonuses, you should add money to your casino profile. Can you win money on online bingo? If you play with real money, yes. Pick the most secure and convenient payment method to make an initial deposit. Consider the minimum and maximum requirements as well as fees related to the transfer.
Step 3

Check The Jackpot Amount And The Price Of Tickets

Well, you are almost ready now! Look through the available game versions and make sure you understand how to play a bingo game you’ve picked. Verify the rules, costs, and requirements before joining the table. If you aim for a jackpot, discover if the software offers a fixed sum or a progressive jackpot and all related details.
Step 4

Choose The Number Of Tickets You Want To Play With

Now you can begin. The online casino welcomes you by offering to buy bingo tickets. You can purchase several tickets at once. So, pick the number of tickets and verify the purchase. Then, it’s high time to join the fun.
Step 5

Wait For The Numbers To Be Called

Since you know all rules on playing bingo, you may wait for the host to say the numbers and cross them out. Using the online edition could be even more convenient because the software has additional features like auto-check and others.

Traditional Game VS Online

Have you ever wondered if there are any differences between online and traditional games? For example, when we discussed playing bingo games, you must have noticed that both game versions seem very much alike. However, the experience could be completely different.

The peculiarities of the offline game:

  • It brings together people and often feels like a party or a fun night out. You may dress up and go out, meet new people (especially when gambling during the travel), etc.;
  • Although bingo is all about speed, offline ones are often more about socializing. Local people gather to discuss the latest news, gossip and join a friendly competition;
  • A local bingo game is likely to have a limited prize pool compared to the possibilities of an online casino.

Where can I play bingo online? Pick a trustworthy online casino to enjoy the following perks:

  • Calm and hassle-free environment. When playing from a PC, gamblers could be at ease. They can remain in simple clothes, pick a cup of coffee or another favourite drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy the game without any noise from other players;
  • Complete privacy. You don’t risk meeting an acquaintance or a colleague and feel like you need to talk to them. Reliable online casinos also protect your data, increasing confidentiality;
  • The selection of game editions. Numerous software providers have released their versions of bingo. They have different designs, additional features, rules, and RTP. The innovative software delivers unforgettable memories and a convenient gaming experience to every player;
  • An opportunity to play free of charge. Some websites offer gamblers to use demo versions of the game. If you don’t feel like risking money, it’s a great solution. You may play for the sake of playing. Besides, new casino customers can receive welcome bonuses and spend them on the game. They will bet virtual money without risking personal funds.

Regardless of whether you prefer to play online or offline, you are sure to enjoy this fun activity.

Versions Of Bingo Game To Try Out

We've mentioned three main game versions when discussing how to play online bingo and the kinds of tickets available. So let’s take a closer look at each of them:
  • 90 ball bingo is widespread in the UK and the USA but played in other regions, too. The ticket has 15 numbers on it. It can be three rows with five numbers in each. Some cards can have 27 spaces (12 of them are empty). There are three winners here: the first one screams bingo as soon as one line is crossed out, the second winner has to scream once two lines are crossed out, and the third one must have all numbers crossed out.
  • 80 ball bingo has a different playfield with four rows, each of which has four numbers. The field contains random numbers from 1 to 80. Unlike the previous version, the winning combination can look different. It can be a row, a column, and other patterns. Some games offer special rewards depending on the combination.
  • 75 ball bingo is the most widespread game in Canada and the USA. The card has a 5×5 grid with 24 numbers and space in the middle. One may cross that space and make it a part of the pattern. The peculiarity of this game is that the numbers are tied to letters and organized on the card accordingly. For example, each letter gets 15 numbers: B 1-15, I 16-30, N 31-45, G 46-60, and O 61-75. Cross out a column or a row to win the game.

Sometimes players can come across hybrid games that combine bingo and other lotteries. For instance, when players get tab tickets and discover an additional way to win.

How To Play Bingo Game And Win

While the game is straightforward, you will only grasp the idea of how to play bingo online by mastering a few secrets and tricks you should learn beforehand. However, they are sure to help you get the most from the game.

Best Tips For Players

To enjoy the game to the fullest, you should take into account the following tips:

  • First of all, you must learn how to play the bingo lottery. Discover everything about the game version you are going to play: card peculiarities, winning combos, rules, etc.;
  • Pick the online casino carefully. Do you wonder how to play bingo online for money? Sort through numerous options to discover the website that meets your needs and has a good reputation. It must be a secure place that offers high-quality bingo software;
  • Be attentive. You must remain focused during the game if you want to win;
  • Avoid drinking. It’s a distraction that will make you miss a number and lose;
  • In case you prefer to play offline, speak up when you get a winning combo. Being shy and quiet won’t bring you the victory simply because the host won’t hear you say bingo;
  • Set up the bankroll. Define how much you are willing to spend on the game and never exceed this limit.

Just by following these tips, you are sure to have a better gambling experience!


How To Play Bingo?

To enjoy the game, a player must pick the wanted version, buy tickets (as many as they want), and cross out the numbers called out by the host. Once the winning combination is crossed out, the player must say bingo to win the round.

Can I Play Bingo Online?

Surely. Nowadays, plenty of online casinos offer their customers an opportunity to enj