How to Play Blackjack like Pro

Learning how to play Blackjack is a key to having fun and, maybe on occasion, beating the house. With this guide from our experts, learn how to play this classic game right from the comfort of your living room! We have also researched and compiled all the best online casinos in Canada into one list for you. On these platforms, you can practice and improve your blackjack skills. Find them below. Is It Hard To Learn How To Play Blackjack

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Is It Hard to Learn How to Play Blackjack

Learning to play online blackjack is not a complicated process. This card game that also goes under the name of “21 (Twenty-one) has a long history and well-established blackjack rules. Therefore, the process of understanding the critical concept of playing the game does not require a lot of time and effort. However, if you are reading this article, you are probably looking for deeper insights into getting good at it.

How to Play Blackjack Online: Step-By-Step

Twenty-one is arguably one of the simpler card games, unlike Poker or Baccarat. The learning curve differs for all the players depending on their starting point and knowledge about gambling overall. The main tip that must stick with you is that odds of becoming a pro after reading a couple of articles are close to zero; the skill set grows steadily with constant effort and dedication.

Step 1

Place Your Bet

Even though it is essential to have a serious approach to real-money gambling, you should not be afraid to place bets. The experience does not come from just reading the relevant theoretical materials. Instead, applying discovered concepts and practically helps get a hand over the game’s mechanics and become more confident.
Step 2

Get the Cards

Before getting into the details of the rules of blackjack, you have to know the basic idea of the card game. Participants play online blackjack with real dealers who hand out the cards to the players. The main goal of each individual is to find a way to collect the combination of cards that, in sum, gives them the number of points closest to the 21. The correlation between the card and its value in points is relatively straightforward, so the card with 2 on it gives the player 2 points.
Step 3

Decide If You Want to Double

According to blackjack casino rules doubling is only possible after the participant obtains their first two cards. So, to put it in a simple explanation, this move allows you to increase the value of your initial bet by two. However, the condition is that you have to hold the number of cards you obtain after accepting one more. Decide if it is time to make this move by using the chart.
Step 4

Consider “Hitting”

Hitting is just a way to call the move to ask the dealer to give you another card. The main idea is to use this option when you have 11 points or less because you cannot go over the 21 points in any case. The results will only improve. Remember that crossing the milestone of 21 points will make you lose.
Step 5

Click “Stand”

According to blackjack dealer rules, players should opt for the “stand” move to preserve the number of points they have at the moment. It is incredibly convenient if you are not sure about the viability of taking the next face-up card.
Step 6

Learn the Dealer’s Hand

What is not written in any blackjack game rules is that you want to figure out the dealer’s moves. The player should understand the value of the face-up card and its meaning for the following actions and remember all the cards the dealer has already given out. Counting allows narrowing the possible outcomes and being more confident in the viability of the moves.
Step 7

Win or Lose

In any case, the best way to play blackjack online is for entertainment purposes. The game has to bring not only payoffs but also sheer joy. Even if you have lost, wait for the dealer to finish reshuffling and start over. However, always be cautious about the limits of your bank account and do not get too involved. The ability to stop while being on the losing streak is one skill that distinguishes amateur and advanced players.
How to play blackjack? Essential tips

Must-Know Blackjack Rules for Beginners

It is impossible to move to a detailed explanation of the game’s features and nuances without reinforcing the basic understanding of its rules. However, the online blackjack you can find on the websites is similar to the one played in real casinos, so the knowledge is versatile.

Basic Rules Explained

You might have already noticed how we emphasize that blackjack-betting rules are simple enough for everyone to understand. Participants try to beat the dealer by taking more cards or using special moves. The odds of winning the wagers are higher the closer you are to getting 21 points. However, there is a term “busting,” which means going over this value and losing your bet.

Card Values

The number of the card is the number of points you get for it. All the cards do not have a number on them, like Queen or King, worth 10 points each. When it comes to an Ace, it might be one of the strongest cards in the game because the player can change its value; it can give you either 1 or 11 points. Thus, gamblers can decide which value works better for the particular situation and have more room to play.


When it comes to terminology, as with any game, you learn it with time. We have already mentioned quite a bit of it on this page before, so you are familiar with most of the names by now. However, to avoid the situation where you are scratching the back of your head while playing video blackjack just because you faced a mysterious symbol, it is essential to go over it again.

Main terms:

  • To hit – to accept an additional card from the dealer;
  • To stand – means to avoid taking another card;
  • To split – to divide your pile into two decks;
  • To bust – to have a total amount of points that exceeds 21;
  • Doubling down – increasing the value of initial bet by two;
  • Soft hand – a hand that has an ace and might have different values;
  • Paint – a card with a picture on it.

All the moves have particular names and letters that correspond to them. It is a pretty straightforward concept; for example, the letter “H” stands for hitting, “S” for standing and “P” for splitting.

Getting Started with the Game

An essential step before getting into the game is finding the best online casinos to play blackjack. As the internet resources allow obtaining all the necessary information on any topic, we highly recommend dedicating some time to conducting your research. Pay attention to the objective reviews from experts that concentrate on evaluating the critical aspects of the platforms and providing lists of the best options of the current market of the online casinos.

Learning Rules of Blackjack Moves

How to play blackjack at a casino to make the experience profitable? The answer lies in knowing the possible moves and the ability to make them in the right situations. In this section of the article, we will mention the most common ways to use the actions of the card game.


This move stands for taking an additional card from the dealer. To understand whether you should make it or not, you have to figure out the basic chart strategy that provides clear guidance on which move to take depending on the number of points. The table uses mathematics to predict the possible outcomes for every action and calculate the best moves. In addition, it is elementary to read even during the game, which is only possible with playing at an online casino. There are separate tables that were created for different types of Twenty-one. With that said, you can always look up whether you should hit on your next move in the chart. Memorizing it is also a good idea, and it is better to do it while applying the strategy in practice.


The ability to skip getting a new card allows players to wait and watch the following deals. Always stand when the number of your points exceeds 18 because the odds of going over 21 with accepting an additional card are too high. It is usually better to avoid such a high risk than a bust.


It rarely happens when the player gets the first two cards of the same value. It gives them an opportunity of splitting or separating them into two new decks/piles of cards. However, the participant also has to place a bet equal to the first one on the second pile. The option of splitting might increase the chances of beating the dealer, but in fact, there are only two cases where you should use it. It makes sense only if you have a pair of eights or a pair of Aces.

Double Down

As it comes from its name, this move allows multiplying the value of your initial bet by two. The only condition is that you are not allowed to take additional cards after standing one time. The best scenarios to make this move are also covered in the primary chart for the game. It is only fair to mention that you should always go for it when your points are equal to 11. Doubling is quite risky, but if you use it wisely, the payoff is outstanding.


This move might look like taking an L for you, but it is way better sometimes. It allows you to get half of your bet back if you know that the chances of losing are too high.