How to Play Casino Games Online

Whether there exists only one way or might be various ways of how to play casino games, what each player prioritizes is experience. To improve gambling skills, we share with you a detailed guide compiled by our experts. We have also selected the best and safest online casinos in the Canadian iGaming market. Playing on these platforms, you can be sure that you will only have a positive experience.

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What Casino Game to Choose

An advantage of the online casino – if we speak about a reputable one – is its immense library of online casino games. Whatever web casino you pick, you are likely to find all classes of games created by various respected developers, namely, video slots, table games, Live games, lotteries.

Although all casino games are good to take pleasure while playing, chances to win at them vary. Therefore, any winning strategy should include both knowledge of how to play casino games and which ones to pick. We will disclose these secrets to you in this guide; however, let’s consider the first steps beginners should take before playing.

How to Get Started Playing Casino Games

Your initial step is to find the right casino. What makes web casinos unbeatable is their option to proceed with gaming at once. However, before you start playing casino games online, you have to learn specific rules for getting started. First of all, it concerns the operator itself and presupposes several steps to ensure a fine gambling experience.

Find a Trustworthy Casino

Even if you concentrate on the online operators available in your area only, it’ll take you plenty of time to test them all and determine which ones are indeed good. So, the only solution is to inform yourself with the help of professional reviews posted on reputable gambling websites.

You can trust these guides since they represent the results of comprehensive inspections made by gambling experts who base their final choice on the following factors:

  • Licenses
  • Game Selection
  • Bonus systems
  • Promotions
  • Payment options
  • Players’ feedback and gaming experience in general

Most of this info is to be found on the targeted online casino’s website as well. You definitely ought to familiarize yourself with it.

Gambler learns to play casino games

Register for a Casino Account

When the choice is made, the next step is to get registered. Since you wish to learn how to play casino games, having an account at a casino is imperative. It will allow you to place real wagers.

The registration is a quick procedure to complete, which you ought to fill in the sign-up form with your info and enter your valid email to receive a confirmation link. You also think up a nick and a secure password to ensure your account safety.

Make a Deposit

After your account is verified, you enter your operator’s website with it, and now your goal is to deposit some cash into it. After that, it’s about time to think about bonuses. The top e-casinos have gained their reputation thanks to this factor, too.

So, you might consider your casino’s Welcome Bonus and thus decide on the amount of cash to place onto your Bankroll to double it, for instance. It is also made up of the basics of the winning strategy in online casino games.

How to Play Casino Games Online

We should first consider those games that give us more chances. All types of casino games come with a particular house edge – the percentage of the winnings the gambling venue holds by itself, but some games are much friendlier in this regard. These include Blackjack, Video Poker, and Baccarat. On the other hand, some slots and table games allow jackpots, thus promising huge payouts.


The gamblers admire this card game first of all because of its attractive house edge – less than 1% – and its natural payouts with a ratio of 3:2. However, like other table games, this has numerous variants that differ in the number of decks, rules, and house edges. Before placing a bet, you have to study how to play Blackjack. Mainly, your goal is to collect the hands with a total of 21, a Natural or Blackjack that is paid off as a jackpot. Or, your points should be closer to 21 than those of the “Dealer,” but they must not exceed it – this is the worst-case, and you lose.


Though it will take you some time to learn the rules of Roulette, its variety of types and their bets, this game is considered one of the simplest to begin with. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating game, a symbol of the casino itself, and certainly a must-try. For instance, you probably like some of its variants more, French or European Roulette.


They form the vastest and the most varied group of casino games. The main principles of how to play slots are to wager on paylines, then spin the reels that will stop with a specific combination of symbols. If there are coincidences, you have won. Many slots offer colossal jackpots. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah and NetEnt’s Megafortune are the most promising in this respect.

Video Poker

Some variants of this card game have a tremendously low house edge; for instance, All Aces by Microgaming offers 0.08%. Indeed, this is due to Video Poker having complicated rules – to beat it, you have to master some strategies. Therefore, a particular time is needed to acquire the basics of how to play these casino games.


Here you roll the dice and try to get a Natural, “7” or “11”. The rolls of “2”, “3”, or “12” make you lose while all the combos give you a Point and the right to continue the game. The house edge depends on a bet type and can be minimized to 1.36%; however, you have to study the Craps rules to get into the game.


One more card game with simple rules. So you can easily understand how to play Baccarat. You need to collect a total of 9 points or the closest number and three types of wagers: on Banker, on Player, and Tie. Your chances depend on the wager type you choose.


Bingo represents a kind of lotto since you have a card and fill it with numbers. The objective is to be the first to build up a line with 5 of them. The line can be either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Buying more cards increases your chances; however, this also reduces the odds. To understand what strategy to choose, learn how to play Bingo.


Keno rules are similar to the process of playing Bingo. In Keno, the players bet on numbers that they suppose to be drawn next. The game has various bet options which determine your chances to win. However, online Keno’s advantage is that it offers jackpots.

Sic Bo

It is one more dice game of Chinese origin. This wonder is played with 3 dice, and its layout may seem too complicated. However, Sic Bo strategies and rules are not that difficult as they may seem. The most important thing here is to learn the wager options.

Scratch Cards

Even this game type is now available online. You may opt for significant jackpot variants of Scratch Cards and try to hit something huge.

Slot Tips You Must Know

If you prefer a slot game, to begin with, it won’t be difficult to learn how to play these casino games. However, even here, you have to consider a sort of Do’s and Don’ts strategy:


  • Pick up higher denomination slots as they have better payouts
  • Begin with a smaller wager
  • Set limits to your Bankroll and stick to them
  • Set time limits and make pauses while playing slots


  • Do not ignore the rules applied to the exact slot you are going to play
  • Do not accept Bonuses or Free Spins without studying their T&C
  • Do not play if upset or irritated
  • Do not exceed your money and time limits

Casino Games Bets to Avoid

When learning how to play various casino games, you see that it makes a wager on some of them. Thus, we continue our guide with those bets to be ignored.

The Field and Proposition Bets (Craps)

Although promising good payouts, both the Field and the Prop bets have an awful house edge of about 16%, this fact doesn’t prevent them from being popular, however. Nevertheless, stick to Pass, Don’t Pass, and Come wagers instead.

The Insurance Bet (Blackjack)

This option can seduce you when the Dealer has an Ace and his next card to be opened is likely to be the 10. If it is the case, you win your Insurance Bet with a payout ratio of 2:1. However, the practice displays that this bet loses in most cases.

Tie Bets (Baccarat)

While for bets on Dealer and Player, the house edge will be less than 2%, for Tie, it equals 14.36%! So, make it a rule to avoid this wager type.

Where to Play Online Casino Games in Canada

When Canadian gamblers are concerned, choosing the top web casinos should include those with licenses allowing them to work in Canada. Other essential features include the ability to accept players from Canada and provide them with the full range of services, including trusted payment methods and customer support.


How to Play Casino Games Online?

Opt for the games you like. Study the rules on how to play your favourite casino games and their main strategies before placing bets.