How To Play Craps

Even if you're a complete novice and don't know how to play craps, you'll agree that this game is one of the most exciting land-based and online casinos activities. That's why you'll find a guide to craps for beginners on this page. Also, you have the opportunity to familiarize a list of the best Canadian online platforms offering the craps. They have been selected and checked by our best experts. Read on to find out more.

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What Is Craps Dice Game

Today, we present an easy-to-use tutorial in which our experts reveal how to play craps at online casinos.

Craps is an old game where gamblers gamble with the help of dice. According to historians, it was created in America based on the European activity named hazard. During World War II, crapes became even trendier, and at this moment, it is one of the most well-known betting activities not only among Americans but also among punters from all over the globe. With the development of web gaming, everyone who has access to the Internet is able to enjoy fabulous craps without leaving their homes.

If you have been visiting any gambling establishment during rush hours, you’ve unquestionably noticed tables with craps enthusiasts. These areas are habitually the loudest spots at the casinos, as people simply can’t hold their emotions while enjoying craps.

Even though the game seems to be quite straightforward, numerous gamblers, even seasoned ones, are afraid of its design and have no idea how to develop effective tactics in the activity.

The Basic Craps Rules To Learn

If you are absolutely new to untraditional casino activities, you might be searching for the answer to a pesky puzzle: “How to play craps?” The excellent news is that our guide covers a wide assortment of topics connected with craps.

Craps Game Rules

To make a long story short, we’ve collected three craps rules that are fundamental and should be learned by heart. Believe it or not, they are enough for beginners, but we won’t stop there.

  • Craps gaming round opens with the very first roll, so-called come-out. We strongly advise all punters to add this term to their vocab.
  • The person who is rolling the dice is labelled the “shooter.”
  • The person takes dice and throws them on the desk. In the case of online gaming, you’ll definitely find the “Roll” button on the screen.

Once the round is played, there are only 3 variants of results:

  • natural: if the figure is 7 or 11, this signifies success, and betting could be resumed.
  • craps: if figures 12, 3, or 2 come up, you fail, but the activity isn’t over as you need to try once again.
  • point: once you spot 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, or 4, this indicates you have to gamble once again. If the same figures pop up again, congratulations – you get a prize! Big 6 and big 8 are paid off in even money. You’ve probably noticed that we missed one number. What about a seven? If you have 7, you lose your stake.

There are also some craps rules that are related to dice rolling. A shooter is required to bounce and throw the bones with just one hand. That is a crucial aspect! The dice need to hit the shield walls enclosing the gaming space for the performance to be accurate. The next essential part of the guide is devoted to bets, as they affect the general outcome of the gaming activity.

Types Of Bets You Can Place in Craps

Let’s dive deeper to observe the table. It includes not just numbers and dice. Here are certain kinds of stakes one might make.

 1. Pass or Don’t Pass

This means that you try to predict if the shooter gets the series (“pass”) or not (“nor pass’). If figure 12 comes up, it’s a Push – nothing changes – one doesn’t lose and doesn’t win. These wagers might be settled exclusively previous to the point is set up.

2. Come or Don’t Come

This wager wins if the upshot is natural. The rest is identical, as if we are talking about previous bets. They should be set after the point is fixed. Either Pass or Come stakes can’t be switched off. You just wager and wait till it comes to pass. In addition to this, here are preposition bets, so-called Hardaways.

Craps Variations

There are many craps titles both online and offline, so even the most demanding bettors find something interesting. The most popular options are:

  • Crapless;
  • High Point;
  • Die Rich;
  • Low Limit;
  • Scarney;
  • Street;
  • and many others.

It is always a great idea to try your hand on multiple titles to find the most enjoyable option. Can you play craps online for real money?  This question is one of the hottest on the Internet. Actually, yes, although you should be careful while choosing a trustworthy gambling spot.

How To Play Craps Dice Game

Once you comprehend the basic rules of craps, it’s high time to move further. How does craps work? Our step-by-step guide will help you to understand all aspects of the amusement.

Step 1

Open The Table

Almost all craps have the same table layout, but gambling limits and combinations of wagers may vary widely. Determine the most comfortable option for you, plus be ready to try your luck.
Step 2

Choose Your Stake

If you are enjoying craps at a land-based casino, you might need to get chips. Exchange your funds after the ongoing round is finished to be assured you aren’t interrupting the session. You might also need to receive chips of large denominations to go big. If we are talking about casino craps online, you can start whenever you want.
Step 3

Bet On The Come-Out Roll

It is the initial bet that indicates the opening of a new gaming session. Gamblers who place wagers simultaneously with the shooter gain success if the figure is 7 or 11 and fail if the figure is 12, 2, or 3.
Step 4

Take Note Of The ‘Point’

Continue your adventure, bearing in mind the previous results. The puck is set over the point number, and the entertainment goes on. You can decide what wagers are better to make for the following rolling stages when it is established.
Step 5

Place Your Bets

How to bet craps at the casino? The participant resumes the rolls and continues the activity till the figure is 7. Whatever the issue is, the bets are gathered and paid off if someone wins. If the initiator faces a “seven out,” the dice jumps to the following participant, and the cycle starts again.

Playing At An Online Casino Vs At A Land-Based Casino

Of course, nothing can compare to the atmosphere of an elite casino in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, gambling platforms on the web give more opportunities. When we are talking about convenience, online casinos seem to be invincible. Plus, we shouldn’t forget about bonuses: traditional casinos usually aren’t as generous as their virtual opponents.

Overall, both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. While real-world casinos have their charm, casino craps online provide you with the opportunity to have fun wherever you are. A live-dealer option here will make your web experience even more exciting.

The comfort of your home can add confidence, so you can have fun and make some money with ease. Make the decision based on your preferences and test drive your skills.

Craps: How To Play And Win

Playing craps is a cool way to try your hand and have fun after a long day, but you should bear in mind that it is a game of chance. In other words, it’s all about odds and probabilities, so no tried-and-tested strategy can be developed. However, how to win playing craps? There are some simple recommendations to take into consideration before you discover how to play craps at a casino.

Craps Game Strategies

To be sure you get as much as you can from every gaming session, we’ve prepared a few brief tips and tricks.

Keep in mind that the rolls on the gaming table are absolutely random. Don’t be hoodwinked by the gaming rush. No matter how “hot” the session is, the round always ends. While you might have built your own strategy, remember that everyone can lose at any time. You shouldn’t rely on any betting algorithms while placing your bets. Craps is a thrilling game, but you should accept that you might lose from time to time. Don’t try to get your bucks as soon as possible. Just keep the process fun. Whether you are a complete novice or a pro player, be sure you know what to do at casinos and on the net as well.