How to Play Keno Online

It won't present you with a serious difficulty in understanding how to play Keno. Upon the sole condition that you are patient enough to go deep into it and try to grasp its all-around strategy. To do so, check out our recommendations and some secrets. Also, check out our expert list with the best online casinos in Canada, where you'll find Keno. Once you do it, you enjoy fascinating draws.

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All About Keno

Keno is usually associated with scratch games and Bingo. It is a regular title to find at the web casino’s library. It sometimes runs as a state lottery, too. In this case, a Keno draw takes a glass container with balls, each having a number. It rotates and releases the 20 balls that determine the winning combos.

How to Play Keno

Like in every lottery, you deal with numbers, more precisely, with those from 1 to 80. Traditionally, the Keno player can fix upon 1 to 10 spots. Although simple, it still requires some tricks to know to play Keno successfully.


The newbie’s Task #1 is to master the essentials. They include basic Keno rules, Keno types, and their odds. These parameters vary from venue to venue, so examine the T&Cs applied to it before proceeding with Keno. Next, make sure you have learned how to play the same modification of Keno Lotto.

Expert Players

Another question is how to win at Keno. This level of Keno knowledge might be close to proficiency. Do you wish to be an expert Keno player? Then master a general Keno strategy, the fundamental techniques of which are placed below.

How to Play Keno in a Casino

First, you may ask: Can I play Keno online? How to play Keno in a casino in general? Both paper cards and video machines are at your disposal. In both cases, you circle random digits that you regard as the most probable to be drawn. Usually, you are limited to selecting from one to 10 of them. Additionally, there exist online Keno variations where this option rises to 20.

Keno cards

Keno cards available for purchase may be of 4 sorts, the characteristic features of which are:

  • Keno Straight Ticket. You circle random digits for a single game. You define the sum to place a stake, then pay according to the number of spots circled
  • Keno Split Ticket. Two series of digits are selected here for two draws at once. Keno rules require different numbers not to be repeated.
  • Keno Way Ticket. Several games at once are available here. This type is cheaper to buy. However, this type’s rules may puzzle you since it is necessary to mark at least three equal groups of digits.
  • Keno Combination. This type offers the vastest choice of options regarding the number of games, betting options, and number series. However, it is the most complicated type to understand, especially for a newbie.

Obviously, straight tickets represent the safest mode for beginners, while Combos require particular practice.

Amaterasu Keno game
Keno mobile game

Mark How Many Numbers You Want To Play

A Keno ticket contains 8 rows of digits piled in 10 columns. Though the usual maximum equals 10, sometimes, up to 20 of them are available. The price then is directly proportional to the number of digits you circle.

Select the Amount You Wish to Wager for Each Draw

A single minimum bet equals $1. The upper limit tends to be up to $20. The simplest is a straight bet. There also can be Way, Split, and Combined bets, respectively. Moreover, there is an option of a King bet – a variety of the Split bet with the only difference that you circle a unique digit for all sets.

Mark the Numbers from 1 to 80 You Want to Play

Although this is a question of mere luck, some players prefer to employ some “strategies”. Namely, there exist such notions among Keno gamblers as Cold and Hot numbers.
They term the digits that were practically absent in the preceding draws Cold numbers. In their turn, frequent in the preceding draws digits are called Hot numbers. So, some would prefer either the former or the latter. One more strategy is that of Consecutive numbers. Finally, every gambler has their lucky numbers to form their personal Keno strategy.

Mark the Number of Consecutive Draws from 1 to 99

Is there a difference in how to play Keno online? Indeed, there is. For instance, it is the ability to place a bet on 1 to 99 draws at once. The web format won’t take much time to draw even their maximum.

Prize Limitations and Odds

An essential part of how you play Keno online or offline is studying the payoff charts carefully. Every gambling platform sets its own rules. However, they presuppose that the more spots are circled, the more significant the prize is. Touching the odds, expect them to be lower for fewer spots. Thus, the best odds are those for the tickets with 4 to 7 spots.

Playing Online vs Offline Keno

Keno has both online and offline admirers because the two variants have advantages, though disadvantages are also present.

Offline Keno

  • You can purchase Keno tickets from various distributors almost everywhere
  • Interesting modifications with more options
  • Multiple incentives offered by casinos
  • Draws run too slow
  • A bit sophisticated rules difficult for a newbie

Online Keno

  • Bigger prizes
  • Draws are quick
  • A higher house edge

So, if pondering over how to play daily Keno, fall to the online format.

Keno Games at Online Casinos

Where can I play Keno? It is a frequent question to hear from a novice in iGambling. However, the great majority of the best casinos offer it. Moreover, there exist numerous versions of Keno, namely:


This classic variant is present in most venues and has a traditional interface. Traditional 80 numbered balls are at your disposal to mark your lucky digits. No more than 10 digits are available.


You may opt for 15 spots, but the main difference is a spaceship layout with digital sounds that create a cosmic atmosphere.

Monkey Keno

It is an intriguing title that has a jungle layout with coconuts instead of balls. It is probably the most amusing version of how to play Keno machines. Choose one and see how the monkeys mark it!

Keno Kick-off

This modification invites gamers to the football pitch. They can fix upon a particular series of numbers selected from those 40 available in this Keno type.

Keno Lab

Here you visit a chemical analysis laboratory. This game allows you to make a huge range of bets.
All these Keno variants are developed by 1X2gaming and are ruled by a secure RNG, so the draws are random.

Tips How to Play Keno Better

You may proceed with Keno right away as it has simple versions, even for a newbie. To raise your chances, therefore, consider the essential strategy of how to play Keno:

  • study the basic rules and read carefully the specific conditions applied to each Keno variant in each gambling venue;
  • manage your funds thoroughly and never exceed the limits;
  • keep an eye on casino bonuses delivered specifically for Keno. It might be an excellent opportunity to increase your chances;
  • feel at ease to adopt the strategies presented in this article or invent your own “lucky Keno theory.” However, do not count too much on them because Keno is a real game of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play Keno?

Purchase a Keno ticket. Pick up digits, then mark the sum you wager. Compare your spots with the drawn numbers.

How to Start a Game of Casino Keno?

You can play demo Keno for free and without registration. Yes, you can. You can make an account, deposit and proceed to Keno.

How to Play Keno Better?

The optimal strategy is to master the essentials and familiarize yourself with T&C. Bonuses are sure to boost your chances, too.

What Are the Best Keno Number Combinations?

Combinations of 4 to 7 digits have better odds. Try to employ combos of Hot or Cold numbers.