How To Play Roulette Online

Everyone has seen the roulette wheel, but not everyone knows how to play roulette. Someone will say that it is simply impossible, but experienced players destroy this myth every day playing this game online. On this page, we give you a detailed guide with recommendations and secrets on playing roulette in casinos. Also, our gambling experts have researched and ranked the best online platforms in Canada with a chance to try roulette online.

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Learning How To Play Roulette

To understand the essence of Roulette, of course, one should master the rules first. It is an absolute pleasure to play Roulette with competence. However, to feel the excitement of the win, one still has lots of Roulette lessons to learn to work out their Roulette strategy.

Main Roulette Rules

The first idea coming to the beginner’s mind can be simpler than placing a stake in this game. The rest would seem a mere game of chance. However, we call it a game of skill, too, and one should learn Roulette game rules since their goal is to win.

The Object Of The Game

Roulette has readily recognizable attributes: a wheel, a little ball, aboard. The wheel’s alternating black and red segments contain Zero, in some variants Double-Zero, and numbers from 1 to 36. A board has them coloured red and black, too.
The layout includes some other squares that may seem tricky for a newbie in Roulette. However, knowing their meaning expands the bettor’s chances to place a successful bet.
After the Croupier releases the ball onto the wheel, it makes decelerating spins until it stops on a specific segment.

Types Of Roulette Bets

The board contains the segments with numbers in red and black rounds – they take most of the place, and you will notice them first. Please pay attention that they are placed in three rows. Additionally, they are circled with sectors that allow you to wager on:

  • Colour
  • Condition (Evenness / Oddness of the numbers)
  • A selection of numbers – if staking on a sector like ‘1 to 12’, ‘1 to 18’ etc.
  • Row – there are three of them at your disposal.

These are possible ways to bet in Roulette explained in plain language. However, all of them have specific names that you definitely should know to succeed in online Roulette for money.

Roulette signboard — that's how to recognize and play it

Important Terms

Familiarize yourself with the terms that define the variants of bets. Do you not know them? But, then, you do not know how to play Roulette!

On a gross scale, there exist two general groups:


  • Straight: you place your wager on a separate square with a specific number. This variant is also called Single.
  • Street: you choose to bet on a horizontal line of three numbers, say, on a 10-11-12 line or suchlike
  • Split: you wager on two neighbouring numbers placed in either aft or upright way
  • Corner or Square: you select 4 numbers at the corner, for example, a 17-18-21-20 combination
  • Double Street: you wager on two flat lines, thus adding the numbers from 13 to 15 to your initial 10-11-12 line. You can also hear dealers call it Six Line Bet.
  • First Four: offered within the single-zero layout. So you venture a stake on a combo: 0-1-2-3
  • Basket: this must be a double-zero layout, and here you proceed with 0-00-1-2-3
  • Trio: stake on 0 or 00 plus two neighbouring numbers, that is, 0-1-2 or 00-2-3


  • Low (=Manque) wagers on the range from 1 to 18
  • High (=Passe) wagers are after that on a range from 19 to 36
  • Rouge ou Noir: this French term means you pick up the colour that wins
  • Pair ou Impair: stake on an even or odd digit
  • Dozen Bet: here you opt for Première Douzaine (1 to 12), Moyenne Douzaine (13 to 24), and Dernière Douzaine (25 to 36). You can also call these stakes the First, the Second (or M12), and the Third (or D12) bets, respectively.
  • Column Bet is that occurring when staking on a vertical row
  • Snake Bet represents a sequence of digits that form diagonal lines through the layout. Thus, you may choose a zigzag of 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34

Take into consideration that the Roulette rules presuppose varied payouts regarding the variant of the wager. For instance, they will be smaller for Outside stakes. Moreover, get to know that you lose all your chips placed on any of these bets if the ball stops on zero.

One more thing to remark is that not all gambling venues allow Snake bets. Some of the venues practice the so-called En Prison Stakes valid only for even-money wagers. Therefore, when ‘Zero’ occurs and you have wagered on an even combo, the right to take half of it back or to ‘imprison’ your chips for the next spin is at your disposal.

Game Variations

Another essential detail to know is what variants of Roulette there exist. How does online Roulette work? What’s the best online Roulette? To answer these and suchlike questions, learn Roulette classification, too.

European Roulette

Here, Roulette game rules require only one Zero. This variant allows the En Prison option, as a rule. Gambling venues in Europe and Asia offer it. Or, you can find it in lots of those operating online.

French Roulette

To the question of how to play French Roulette at a casino, we answer The same way you do it with the European one. But, of course, there are slight differences; for instance, the odds are a bit more profitable for bettors, etc.

American Roulette

Double-Zero present is the distinguishing trait of this type. As the name suggests, it is admired within the gambling houses in both the Americas. It works online, too.

Multiwheel Roulette

You play the identical old European Roulette with the option to spin up to eight wheels during a single session. It is Internet innovation. Moreover, you can try this type of roulette by checking out our best Live Roulette Sites list.

Mini Roulette

Sometimes, this is how Online Roulette works. It has a wheel with numbers from 0 to 12 and payouts modified accordingly. Some of them would allow En Prison.

Therefore, you can see that the different variants presuppose a bit modifiable Roulette rules and payouts.

How To Play Roulette At A Casino

Now you understand how simple it is to play Roulette at online casino sites. Thus, the only thing left is to obtain some essential techniques.

Step 1

Find The Right Table

There might be tables with varied limits for a minimum Inside or Outside bet; the same is for the maximum amounts. Thus, be attentive and select one that suits you the most.
Step 2

Get The Chips

You can choose their nominal value according to your wager size. Your chips must be of a solid colour so both the Bettors and the Croupier can distinguish your wagers.
Step 3

Place Your Bets

You ought to place your stake on a certain square before the Croupier announces “No more bets!”. After that, the ball is dropped onto the spinning wheel.
Step 4

Croupier Announces The Winning Number

The Croupier employs a special marker, so he points the winning digit when the ball stops.
Step 5

Croupier Sweeps In The Losing Chips And Pays Out The Winning Bets

Remember, the Dealers will clear off the no-win wagers first. Then they will pay off the winnings. So bear in mind this Roulette robust rule.

House Edge In The Game

The venue’s House Edge is the percentage taken from the player’s win, and the rules of Roulette require 2.7%. So it means in the case of success, 97.2% of it is paid off.

How To Play Online Roulette

To let you understand how to play the Roulette game online, we will describe the main differences. These aren’t the rules of Roulette themselves but the game control. So, there are buttons to conduct the game.

Their names suggest the action applied to them. For instance, if you are ready to start, push the ‘Spin’ button; if you want it doubled, try then ‘Double and Spin,’ and so on.

Betting Strategies To Play Roulette

Finally, knowing how to play online Roulette suggests learning some tricks that can be seen as a strategy.

Most Popular Strategies

We cannot approve beliefs that there are “lucky numbers” or “lucky rituals” to succeed in Roulette. But there exist more logical techniques, namely:

  • The Martingale approach. According to it, you would instead wager on an outside square, and your first wager is to be the smallest. Then, raise the stakes gradually until success. Then, when preferring to continue, you drop down to a minor stake and repeat the session.
  • The Fibonacci approach. It is to venture on the number, equals the sum of the previous two wagers. Thanks to it, you remain the gainer leaving the table even if most of your tries have been lost.

Keep in mind that these approaches don’t answer the critical question, is online Roulette safe? No matter how good you are at planning, you’ll never reach a 100% winning probability.


What Is The Best Bet In Roulette?

From the payoff perspective, the optimal is a single even-money wager as its payout ratio equals 35:1. However, this is not the best choice for 00-Roulette. Then go those of a Dozen (31.58% odds) and Split (17:1 odds).

What Is The Safest Bet In Roulette?

The safest bet is the one based on the Fibonacci strategy.

Is There A Strategy For Roulette?

There exist a number of them, for instance, Martingale or Fibonacci systems.

How To Play European Roulette?

You stake chips on numbers from 1 to 36 plus zero. You can also opt for a set of digits or their colour, evenness or oddness, etc.

How To Play American Roulette?

You stake chips on numbers from 1 to 36 plus Zero and Double-Zero.