How to Play Slot Machines in Casino

All is simple, isn’t it? Yes, slot games are regarded as the top easiest casino games to try. However, you may wonder not only how to play slot machines but mainly how to win money playing online slots. Then join us and go over the top effective techniques of that.

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Slot Machine Basics

We need to introduce a brief description of the games to ensure an understanding of the essential terms. For example, when reading slot rules given at the paytable, you might encounter such notions as:


Reels are vertical lines containing various symbols. They are rotated, and then they stop at random, thus building horizontal lines with a specific pattern of symbols.


Those horizontal lines formed by the reels’ rotation are called rows. When reels cease to rotate, one can see a set of various symbols going along the row. Some of them can coincide.


A Payline, in its turn, represents a winning line with several coincident symbols. Classic fruits can have only one plain payline, while modern slots presuppose varied forms that may look arched, zigzagged, or diagonal. You ought to study how to play a slot machine of your interest to understand how its paylines work.

Game Symbols

Through the years of evolution, slot machines have changed significantly regarding the outlook of slot symbols. Interestingly, a primordial fruit machine did not contain fruits! First, these were diamonds, spades, and hearts taken from cards. They were changed then to sevens, a horseshoe, and a bell.

Fruit symbols appear a bit later - after a massive ban imposed on all ‘one-armed bandits.’ That new design with chewing gums serving as prizes had to improve the slots’ reputation somehow, but the principles of their functioning did not change.
Nowadays, slots embody a wide variety of symbols. They depend on a slot theme linked to whatever topic, for instance, a popular legend, TV series, a music band, sports events, etc.
However, all slots tend to contain a specific group of symbols. Therefore, it is imperative to understand their essential functions and thus play slot machines in general.
  • Wilds serve as a substitution to whatever symbol in the row. So you get an ‘improved’ payline with more coincident symbols and, therefore, better prizes. However, a wild won’t substitute a scatter symbol.
  • Scatters occur in whatever place on the screen. Their function is to provide you with Bonus Games together with Extra Spins. When it concerns progressive jackpots slots, this Bonus Round represents a jackpot game.
  • Multipliers are features that multiply bets or payouts by some times, for instance, x5 or x3
  • Sticky symbols are examples of more recent features. They remain unchanged throughout the game. It can be incredibly profitable when a wild or a scatter appears to be a sticky symbol.
These are the most common types to see in slots. However, developers tend to add innovations to their products constantly. So, no one knows which new features the following brand new online slots might have.

How to Choose A Slot Machine

There are two main criteria to keep in mind – RTP and Volatility. The assortment of a top web casino’s game library can be confusing. Here’s how to make a choice.

  • This shortening stands for Return To Player and serves as a metric displayed in percentages and shows expected payouts regarding players’ bets in this exact slot.
  • It works the following way: If punters play a 98% RTP slot and have staked a total of 10,000 bucks, the web casino is to pay back 9,800 bucks to the punters.
  • One more numeric attribute describing your odds in a slot. The more complex a game is, the harder it is to calculate its volatility. However, this is a ratio between the total winning cases and the losing ones in plain terms.
Although one can pick a specific slot because they like it, a pro punter will stick to those with the highest RTPs and low volatilities.
When pondering how to play a slot machine in a casino, one often implies another question: How to win money playing online slots? The best way to profit from them is to choose pokies according to the criteria mentioned above.
How to play slot machines? Learn the interface

How To Play Slot Machines At Online Casinos

There is a set of recommendations you need to follow if you plan to master online slots. Overall, the difference between playing casino slot machines online and playing them in an on-land venue is minimal. But some aspects regarding web-based pokies are unique and require some essential learning. So go through the following steps and set yourself up for a fun experience.

Step 1

Make A Deposit

Can you play online slots for real money? Indeed, you can. For this, your initial step is a registration with a reputable operator’s website with a proper license. Since you do not insert any coins, a virtual bankroll is obligatory for placing stakes. You deposit some cash onto it, then proceed to the targeted slot.
Step 2

Determine The Number Of Paylines You Want To Play

Though some slots carry only a fixed number of paylines, most of them allow punters to select those they prefer to wager on—all info about payline types one can find at the paytable of the slot.
Step 3

Decide Your Coin Value

Get to know from the rules the minimum and the maximum wagers available for the slot of your interest. Mind that you ought to wager on all chosen paylines to be able to get the payouts.
Step 4

Set Your Bet Level

Bet Level denotes how many coins to wager on each payline. Most providers suggest this number to range from 1 to 10 coins. Thus, if one opts for a coin value of 10 cents and a bet level of 4, it means they wager 40 cents on each of the selected paylines.
Step 5

Hit The Spin Button

Online spinning is launched by pushing the Spin Button. Just click on it and off we go!

 Slot Machine Strategies

Though any slot machine functions randomly thanks to RNGs developed explicitly for this purpose, one still can add specific strategies to its armory that often depend on a slot type.

The Multiplier

Pick a Multiplier slot as its main feature is those multipliers that improve the state of your bankroll anyway. Some of them multiply your bets while others do the same with your winnings. Multipliers are more frequent to see in Extra Rounds. However, some slots have them in the basic game, too. It makes sense then to study all the info about them.

The Buy-a-Pay

A Buy-a-Pay slot presupposes that one wagers a definite sum on the paylines so that they can grab the payouts, usually indeed big. Slots with an option of jackpots are samples of such games. Bets less than required are accepted. However, they do not allow you to proceed with a jackpot game.

 The Progressive

How does slot work if it is progressive? It gradually accumulates the wagers and develops a jackpot until a punter hits it. Some Progressive slots have gained tremendous popularity with gamblers around the world; take Mega Moolah alone!

Therefore, the key strategy for you ought to be the rule to inspect the rules and see clearly which type of slot is under consideration.

Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

Newbies should first mitigate risks while they study how to play slot machines. A set of techniques for them include the following advice:

Test The Games You Play

While deciding on a web casino, select those offering free games. They are open to play without a deposit, so you will improve your knowledge of a specific slot before trying it for real cash. Even pro gamblers make it a rule to examine the slot free of charge and only proceed to the real cash mode.

Get To Know What The Paylines Are

Slots machines have been evolving for over a hundred years, so you will probably find something unusual or divergent in each of them. Paylines represent the most multiform features of slots. However, it does make the difference which payline types the targeted slot contains as it may significantly affect the payouts.

 Look For Bonuses

Web casinos dwell in constant competition for clients, and one of their essential tools to succeed is Bonuses. Newbies to slots, in their turn, get an excellent opportunity to refill their bankroll with fresh cash and extra spins.

Decide When To Stop

Consider one more essential question of how to play slot machines safely. In this respect, both your funds and time require careful management. When you set out to gambling, you ought to define your limits. Do practice of:

  • Stake only sums that you can gamble away without any risk of ruining your finances
  • Never gamble on credit due to the same reason
  • Play in a positive mood to enjoy yourself at the first instance
  • Make pauses not to get addicted to gambling as slots are incredibly captivating
  • Do not rush to recover your losses

Read The Terms And Conditions

Punters tend to break this fundamental rule of secure online gambling. And how wrong they are! One should at least study those sections concerning Bonuses and Payment Methods as this is a matter of your money. It is better to inform yourself about disagreeable Bonus wagering requirements or the inaccessibility of a suitable banking option before you have staked money and now feel disappointed with how it all works.
Moreover, the protection of your data and your transactions do not have the smallest part. Thus, read your web operator’s T&C thoroughly to ensure your secure and pleasant gaming experience with it.


How To Play Slot Machines?

Explore the rules of the targeted slot to know its paytable. Select paylines and place your bets on them. Push the ‘Spin’ button and watch for winning paylines with identical symbols.

How to Choose a Slot Machine?

Best slots are offering an RTP as nearest to 100% as possible. How to win big money on online slots, then? First, consider games that feature progressive jackpots.

What Are The Best Slot Machine Strategies?

The best ways to play online slots include opting for Multiplier slots that offer you more frequent payouts or Progressive slots that promise huge jackpots.