How to Play Slots Online

To understand how to play slots, you need to understand how they work. The world's leading software providers release new games every year, perfecting the design and honing the mechanics so players can try them out. Our experts have prepared a guide to online slots for you. And also, so that you can find the best slot machines, they have compiled a list of the best online casinos in Canada for you on this page. So learn how to play slots as an experienced player.

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How Do Slot Machines Work?

It’s essential to grasp their principles to master the leading techniques and systems for playing slots. So let’s take a peek into an average slot to see what makes it tick.


That’s where everything starts. Most brand new online slots available on a gaming site come with unique pictures for all symbols, but overall, modern pokies include several symbol types:

  • Standard. Formed in a specific pattern, these trigger winning combinations.
  • Wild. Depending on a game, these replace standard symbols in winning combos, trigger bonus rounds, and so on.
  • Scatter. These guarantee winning paybacks, even if they don’t form a payline.
  • Bonus. These start a bonus round.
  • Multipliers. As the name implies, these double (triple, quadruple, etc.) winnings.


These are lines that give you winnings. Some pokies offer more lines than others. Gamblers can choose how many lines to bet on. In old-school pokies, the lines were straight and covered only one reel, but today’s games feature curved lines spanning several reels.

Bonus Rounds

That’s what all punters are excited about. The math behind bonus rounds and rounds themselves varies from pokie to pokie, but the overall idea remains – to reward gamblers with extra cash. Some rounds come as mini-games, while others let you play without betting anything, automatically granting you a multiplier.

Return to Player

How do you know which slots to play for max profits? Do the math, of course. All pokies have an inevitable Return to Player rate that indicates the amounts you’ll win in percentage. Let’s say you’re enjoying a pokie with an RTP of 95% (relatively poor considering other options on the market). In this case, for every dollar you spend, you’ll win 0.95 cents.

Progressive Jackpots

Here’s a peculiar question you might come across on gambling forums, do online slots remember you? Well, while they don’t, some slots take a portion of money you lost playing them to form a money pool available to all punters who gamble with them. That’s how progressive slots work.

slot machines in the dark room

How To Play Slots Machines: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you comprehend the essentials, it’s time to find out how to play slot machines to grow your deposit a bit thicker.

Step 1

Start with a Game Plan

Feeding your coins to some no-name pokie that caught your eye isn’t the ideal course of action. Instead, please do some research to discover the best paying online casino slots and learn more about them.
Step 2

Set a Budget In Advance and Stick To It

Upon grasping the basics of how to play slots, the key priority is not to go bankrupt. It means calculating a precise amount you can safely spend as well as the one you’re planning to win per session. Upon reaching any of those two numbers, have a pause to calm down or pat yourself on the back.
Step 3

Know That Every Win Is Totally Random

Slots are unpredictable, unlike table games, where you get an edge by counting cards or reading people’s faces. No technique will guarantee that every spin will be profitable. Are online slots worth it, then? Yes, because you can still tinker with the odds and tip the scales in your favour by placing stakes on more paylines and choosing pokies with low volatility.
Step 4

Load up Your Machine

How does the slot’s list of paylines look? Are the bets and payouts clear to you? These are the main factors to look into.
Step 5

Know What You’re Playing For

Set up the paylines, choose the bet level and coin value, start playing and hope that Lady Luck will be on your side today.

Main Types of Slot Machines

The eGambling market has evolved drastically over the decades. These days, web-based gambling venues provide a wide variety of pokies to any taste. Some are primarily for fun, while others offer more freedom for building strategies.

Multiple Payline

Classic machines could only support a single payline, so the gameplay was pretty straightforward. Today, gamblers are free to choose between slots with several paylines.

Typically, to activate an extra line, the player is required to top up the bet amount. The number of lines may vary from two to fifty.


Why play one game when you can play two? You’ll have no problem finding a slot that also features a video version of some table game or keno, for example.

So if you grow tired of spinning reels, you may try your hand at Poker with a click of a button.

Reel Slot

That’s what people think about when picturing a slot machine.

The primary slot had three reels operated mechanically, but now you may find pokies with as many as ten reels, and even land-based machines run on licensed software from game providers.

Video Slot

It’s a web-based variety of your typical slot. However, unlike the older brother, Video Slots offer a more comprehensive selection of features that make your experience more fun.

They’re also available in the trial version, which is a perfect opportunity for practice when learning how to play online slots.

Wild Play

These pokies differ from others by relying on wild symbols, so you may increase payouts several times or unlock extra rounds with multipliers.

Best Slot Machine Strategies

A few decades ago, it only took an hour or two of practice to figure out how to play casino slot machines. However, modern pokies are way more versatile when it comes to betting options. So here’s the most profitable course of action.

  • Pick a slot with low volatility and a sweet RTP. First, a few words about volatility are a parameter indicating how often you get winning combinations. Low volatility means more combos but lower payouts. High volatility is the complete opposite.
  • Bet on as many paylines as you can, but don’t set your bets too high. This will get you more time to hit a good combo, and your cash won’t vanish after a few spins.
  • Always use bonus spins and freebies. The main idea is to get as many spins as possible without spending a penny.
  • Forget about betting systems. No one says you can’t use the Martingale strategy or any other approach, but it won’t bring the desired result because slots never pay 1:1. Besides, with an unlucky streak, you’ll quickly hit the betting cap. The best approach is the flat-bet system, always making the same bet with every spin.

How to Beat Slot Machines

If you think there’s a magic guide that will guarantee huge returns, we have bad news for you – that’s not how online slot machines work. You may hit the jackpot with the first spin, but at the same time, 20 spins may bring no winnings at all. Of course, the higher the RTP and the more paylines are involved, the bigger the profits you may get, but the outcomes are always unpredictable.

Do’s & Don’ts Slot Tips You Must Know

To sum it up, here are the main tips on how to play slot machines. Of course, they won’t increase your odds, but they’ll help you save money and gain some extra profit.

  • Make sure to have a pause sometimes. You’ll get angrier with every loss, and this will lead to poor decisions.
  • Always stick to the budget. Most newbies lose all their bankrolls because they don’t know how to play slots and control the budget. Therefore, you should always divide it into several parts and play only one of them without exceeding the established limit.
  • Never try to outsmart or predict the slot. Superstitions are one of the worst enemies in gambling. Remember, “hot” or “cold” slots don’t exist, only random numbers.
  • Don’t rely on pokies with a high coin value. Sure, you get bigger paybacks from a dollar than a quarter, but when you can’t tell what happens after the next spin, it’s better to squeeze the maximum out of your bankroll.

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