How To Win At Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most frequently played betting entertainment around the globe. It is simple, rather quick, and does not demand special knowledge or experience. Anyone can play and enjoy it. But can you get rich from blackjack? Is online blackjack beatable? Are there tips and tricks to win at blackjack? Further, we will fix our eyes on this topic.

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What Is Blackjack?

Online blackjack is a pretty intuitive table pokie with a relatively limited number of card combinations in contrast to, let us say, poker. Understanding its basics is the key to successful blackjack gambling. Everything you ought to know about such entertainment is down below.

Blackjack Rules

All the blackjack rules can be narrowed down to one single infographic:
But we would like to go into the details a bit.

Blackjack guide in one infographic
Blackjack is meant for 1 or more players and a dealer taking a stand against each other. Note that gamblers never compete with one another; their primary opponent is the dealer (Bank or casino).
When the game begins, all the players and the Bank (a dealer) attain 2 cards. Usually, one of the cards is exposed, and the other one is hidden. The number card value varies from 2 to 10. Picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) are viewed as 10. The ace denomination might be either one or eleven by the value of the second card.
The game's main goal is to collect 21 points, or the number that is as approximate as possible. If the sum of 2 cards on the hand is lower than 21, players can either be dealt with the third card (a hit) to improve the result or choose “sitting” (leave everything as it is). Going over 21 is a loss as a matter of course.

Different Types Of Blackjack

Blackjack gambling includes various kinds of playing the game depending upon the place you are betting. The types are as follows:

Real Life Blackjack

The best way to play blackjack is to visit a land-based venue. Observing other bettors’ behaviour, checking the dealer’s moves, counting the cards – everything creates a unique and inimitable atmosphere with thrilling touches.

Online Blackjack

Another option most players adore is playing the game at online casinos. So how does online blackjack work? Similarly, the land-based version does: you place your wager, are dealt with 2 cards, and decide whether to take a hit, stand, surrender, and so on.

Can online blackjack be trusted? Yes. Surely enough, there is no actual dealer, you can not see their moves, and the possibilities to predict future cards are low. However, as distinct from the casino table version, the card deck is generated and dealt with by a random number generator. So, in a sense, online blackjack is more trustworthy.

Live Dealer Blackjack

It is an online blackjack but with a real dealer. You still gamble from home but can interact with a casino representative via a live stream. Live blackjack works the same way as online casino games, with the only difference of seeing and hearing the dealer.

Types of blackjack games — infographics

Blackjack Terminology


As an amateur player, you might get confused quickly by the game’s glossary items. And if you intend to win blackjack every time, you are supposed to know the terminology. So, further, we have prepared a small list of the most usable terms of this pokie:

  • Bust – to get a card hand of more than 21 points of value.
  • Count – also known as “What’s due,” an attempt to outguess on-coming cards.
  • Insurance – a type of wager proposed only when the dealer gets an ace. The odds are 2:1 if the casino wins.
  • Chip Up – enlarging the sum of your preceding bet.
  • Chip Down – reducing the sum of your preceding bet.
  • Double Down – to repeat your previous bet and take just one hit.
  • Stand (sitting) – not setting additional cards to your current hand.
  • Hit – taking one more card to a hand.
  • Split – an opportunity to multiply (x2) your betting unit and divide 2 cards of equal denomination into 2 separate hands.
  • Pair – a dealing that contains 2 cards of equal denomination; activates the option to split.
  • Stand-Off – when a player and the Bank collect identical hands (with matching values).
  • Surrender – an opportunity to return 50% of your stake if you suggest the dealer would win.
  • Even Money – a one-to-one reward; a chance to get 50% of your stake back if both the dealer and you have an ace on hands.

How To Win Blackjack With Different Strategies

There are a host of strategies on how to win blackjack effortlessly and constantly. But we are going to introduce the most reliable ones.

casino green table


The primary method implies you have to control your budget thoroughly. The fundamental rules are as follows:

● Decide on how much you are in a position to gamble away.
● Your bets should not exceed one-thousandth of your budget.
● Be sure you obtain 32 minimum bets in cash at the time of the session (for instance, if your minimum wager is $5, money out of $160).
● Begin with small wagers.
● You may change the minimum bet according to your current situation and changes in the bankroll.


We would suggest this strategy to risky players mainly. It implies every time the dealer gets 21; you multiply your wager. Sure, the odds of losing are high. But once you win a hand, you are at a considerable advantage.


This plan on winning blackjack is considered to be the safest one and suits cautious bettors perfectly. Everything’s simple – you win, you bump up your following stake. And vice versa, losing, you either don’t change the sum of your stake or decrease it.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

It is a progressive method of gambling in casino games. Its principles are simple: you multiply your original stake by the following number in a sequence if you win. If you lose, you wager the same amount. Let us say you place $15; it is the 1st unit in the sequence. Obtaining a winning hand, you are supposed to bet $45 (x3) next time. Then, $30 (x2). And finally, $90 (x6). The probabilities of losing are still high, but you are in a position to recover after losses relying on this system.

Blackjack Gambling Tips

If the previous strategies on winning blackjack don’t cut it, we have a few more valuable tips and tricks for you. So let’s go into details, shall we?

Step 1

Pick The Safe Casino

To win at online/land-based blackjack, make sure to select a reliable venue. Many players forget to check the casino, its payment options, bonus offers, and so on. Spend some time online reading reviews on the platform you like. Pay attention to red flags like the delay/troubles in withdrawing winnings, the support team’s disrespectful attitude to clients, difficulties in launching games or placing bets, and so on. Such information would help to identify the most trustworthy and consumer-loyal gambling platform.
Step 2

Choose The Best Blackjack Variant

Every casino venue specifies its own house edge (advantage over gamblers) for blackjack. Choose the game with the lowest assured percentage of loss possible. It may vary from 0.10% to 2%. Live dealer blackjack, as a rule, has a higher loss percentage. Online variations usually balance around 1%.
Step 3

Know The Game

If you do not understand blackjack rules, no strategy will work. Instead, learn the game basics, terminology, and what to do when dealing with particular cards. You may check this information above or get acquainted with blackjack rules on gambling websites (venues usually provide players with all the details regarding casino games).
Step 4

Try In Demo Mode

Before spending real cash, try the game’s demo version online. It will boost your skills, allow practicing some strategies, and deepen the overall understanding of blackjack. Besides, you will realize whether such entertainment is for you and if you want to play blackjack at a real casino.
Step 5

Play With Some Strategy

You may not follow the suggested tips, but it is still highly recommended to play blackjack, holding on to a specific strategy. You could rely on the blackjack basic strategy chart (a “cheating” table that suggests taking a hit or stand with certain cards on a hand) or regulate your bankroll, but do not try to win the game without a plan. It is not going to work.


Blackjack is a combination of math, logic, predictions, and a bit of luck. If you have a clue of the pokie’s basics, tips on how to control and spend your funds, and the most usable strategies, you stand an excellent chance to win at blackjack. We hope all the strategies and tips we have mentioned above would improve your odds of winning and help you to enjoy the game entirely. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Differences Between Real Life And Online Blackjack Gambling?

Both real-life and web-based blackjacks work the same way. The only difference is that the online card deck is generated and dealt with by utilizing a random number algorithm. So, in a sense, online blackjack is more trustworthy.

How To Win At Blackjack With Different Strategies?

Applying different strategies at once is not an option. Instead, select the one that suits your needs, play style, and overall experience. If you are a newbie, try the basic strategy (see above for more details).

How To Win At Blackjack With The Safest Strategy?

The safest (conservative) strategy implies that when you win, you raise your primary betting unit. And vice versa, losing, you either do not change the sum of your stake or decrease it.

Can I Try Blackjack Gambling In Demo Mode?

Yes, you may try the game’s demo version at online gambling venues. It will boost your skills and deepen your understanding of blackjack. Besides, you will conclude whether you like the game and if you want to play blackjack at a real casino.