How To Win At Craps Every Time

To learn how to win at craps regularly, a gambler requires skills. While the game might seem confusing at first sight, once you understand the rules and betting options, everything becomes quite easy. Learn everything about this dice game and get ready for a thrilling adventure using numerous helpful tips below. Explore all possibilities and variations to place only the bets that bring money. Go over the basic rules, peculiarities, and betting methods before risking any money at all.

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What Is Craps

Craps is a widespread dice game. Here gamblers bet on the total score from a pair of dice. This kind of entertainment stands out by being versatile since its players may wager money on a range of possible outcomes, including pass or don’t pass line, a particular dice combination, etc. To establish oneself as a winner in this game, one has to remember the main rules and the peculiarities of the gaming process. So, let’s review all essential elements and terms one has to know beforehand.


When you are eager to study how to win money playing craps, you must know at least the simplified rules:

  • Craps has two 6-sided dice;
  • A person who throws them is called a shooter (in traditional casinos, every player can do it);
  • Each player may roll the dice once they get their turn (they move clockwise);
  • Every round consists of two parts: come-out and point;
  • When the roll scores 12, it’s called craps;
  • Gamblers must define the main predictions before someone throws the dice;
  • Alternative bets could be added at any moment (in case the casino policy permits it);
  • The dealer generally maintains and navigates the gaming process, rewarding the winners.

Once you cover the basic terms and get some skills practicing with the free game editions, you can confidently wager real money and win big.

How To Play

The goal is to guess the outcome correctly or make another kind of prediction. For enjoying craps and win the game, gamblers must uncover the answer to the question, “How do craps work?”. It generally doesn’t matter if gamblers pick to bet online or in a regular casino. In the traditional casino, this process appears as follows:

  • The shooter takes two dice;
  • Everyone places chips on the wanted field (the shooter included);
  • Someone throws the dice;
  • Analyzing the received points, the dealer announces the outcome and rewards the winners.

If the initial throw brings 7 or 11, the Pass bet wins. If the throw gets 2, 3, or 12 (craps), the Don’t Pass bet wins (sometimes it could be a tie, the casino policy will state that). In case dice bring another number of points, the shooter keeps throwing the dice until getting 7

Most of the gaming process is preserved in the online version, with only one exception – players can’t touch or manipulate the dice. Instead, the software does everything for them. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try, especially if traditional casinos are far away.

red and white chips on the table

How To Win At Craps Using Different Type Of Wagers

To uncover how to win at craps means understanding all possible wagers—knowing basic wagering options teaches gamblers how to be successful and end up winning the round. You must get at least a general idea about the possible options and styles before joining the game with real money. Let’s review the crucial terms and options you should learn about.

Line Bets

Line bets include six betting types:

  • Pass line;
  • Don’t pass;
  • Pass odds;
  • Don’t pass odds;
  • Come bet;
  • Don’t come, bet.

They are the total bets. We’ll get into all the essential details regarding them a bit later.

Multi-Roll Bets

Multi-roll bets imply another sort of bet type. They deal with other factors and take longer to turn into a win or a loss. For instance, gamblers may bet on Buy, Lay, Place, Put, Hard Way, or Big 6/big 8. All these bets won’t be settled after the initial roll and require several consecutive rolls. Remember that casino policies may vary regarding such bets. Verify your betting options before joining the game.

Single-Roll Bets

Such bets could be added anytime during the round. You’ll also notice the images of possible dice outcomes and place your chips on any combination you think will happen. Despite a substantial house edge, they are pretty widespread. As a result, they enhance a more thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Player Bets

What is the best way to play craps? Study Fire bet and bonus craps to add more thrill and adventure to your gambling experience. Such kinds of additional bets are set before the initial roll and in addition to the main bets. In addition, the chosen game variation might offer other betting options. Explore all opportunities and discover your approach to craps.


As a rule, gamblers can also make several bets in one or different categories. If one wager becomes a winner, it’ll make up for the money lost in an extra bet. So it could be a wise opportunity to manage the bankroll.

How To Win In Craps Using Different Strategies

To study craps and how to win the round, you should explore different options and strategies. First of all, you must learn more about the 4 main betting methods. Then, let’s take a closer look at every possible option.

Step 1

Pass Line Betting Strategy

It’s the simplest, most straightforward system. Placing this bet implies wagering on 7 or 11 during the initial roll. If the prediction is correct, a gambler doubles their money. According to the Pass Line strategy, a player loses if the outcome is 2, 3, or 12. Another situation is when a 7 is rolled before the established point value.
Step 2

Don’t Pass Line Strategy

It’s an opposite algorithm but an equally simple one. Based on this method, players win by hitting 2, 3, or 12. Another possible scenario for a win is rolling 7 before hitting the established point. While the strategy is pretty simple, it’s a bit less popular method.
Step 3

Come Craps Strategy

When you are ready to discover how to win in craps, explore other betting methods, including Come Bets. According to Come bet, the gambler may place stakes anytime, even after the initial roll. With this wager, it’s important to remember that if the outcome is 2, 3, or 12, the gambler loses. In the case of 7 or 11, the gambler wins.
Step 4

Don’t Come Strategy

Another widespread wagering method is Don’t Come. The bet wins if the outcome is 2 or 3. In the case of a 12, the round becomes a tie. In addition, a gambler’s bet wins if the shooter scores 7 before hitting the established point.
Step 5

Alternative Craps System

Aside from the most widespread methods described above, gamblers may place other wager kinds, for instance, odds bets. Remember that this bet type may only be set one time and in addition to one of the four bets described above. For example, in case you pick the Pass Line or Come bet, you may take odds. However, gamblers who choose Don’t Pass Line or Don’t Come bets may lay odds. Depending on that bet type, one predicts whether the initial roll will score 7.

How To Win Playing Different Types Of Craps

To uncover how to win at craps every time, gamblers should consider the following tips:

  • Choose a reliable casino. Verify it’s legit, licensed, secure. Check the promotions and software selections beforehand;
  • Be patient and give yourself time to learn the ropes. Study the rules and betting options, test various strategies, and explore all possibilities. Until you feel confident about your knowledge or skills, look for demo versions. Many casinos allow to play those free of charge and without risks;
  • Determine your budget. Do you know the sum you may afford to lose? Manage your funds properly for the best possible experience;
  • Explore different variations of craps and come across the edition you like the most.

When talking about different variations, one may come across several game editions.

This variation is almost identical to the classic edition, but the rolls resulting in 2, 3, 11, and 12 counts as point numbers. Again, remember that this edition has a higher house edge, but the alternative is worth exploring.
Another variation is called High Point Craps. Here both 2 and 3 are ignored. Gamblers must roll 11 or 12 to win. New York craps, on the other hand, differs by forbidding Place, Come/Don’t Come Bets.

Pros And Cons Of Craps Gambling

In addition to studying how to win playing craps, it’s essential to consider its advantages and disadvantages. So let’s review the significant pros and cons that are worth your attention.

  • Low house edge. In contrast to many other casino entertainment options, the house edge is much lower. As a rule, it’s about 1.4%. However, more complex bets will shift a house edge higher, too.
  • Lucky chance. If you like the thrill of online gambling, you may simply bet as little as $1 and try your luck.
  • Online editions. Nowadays, there is no need to travel anywhere to play craps. Most online casinos offer this game in their catalogs so that everybody could play as long as they want without leaving the house.
  • Various. limits Gamblers who aren’t willing to bet hundreds of dollars will adore the possibility to participate with the minimum bet of $1 only. However, high rollers can discover numerous tables that deal exclusively with high stakes.
  • It seems intimidating. Many people avoid craps because it seems too complicated and confusing. Unlike many other casino games, it requires time to understand the game and learn all significant details.
  • The online edition has its limits. When talking about the online version of the game, it’s sort of limiting. Players can’t actually roll the dice and everything depends on the software.


With a long history and numerous variations, craps always remain in demand among millions of fans worldwide. It’s thrilling, exciting, entertaining because gamblers have tons of betting options to select from.

They are free to wager on all sorts of outcomes or factors. Since you know how to win at craps, you may also try your luck and implement various betting methods described above. Discover beautiful and high-quality craps game online or offline and begin your unforgettable gambling adventure today!


How To Win In Craps Using Pass Line Strategy?

Gamblers searching for an opportunity to study how to win money playing craps should take their chances betting on 7 or 11. This approach, the Pass Line bet, implies a shooter must hit either 7 or 11 with the initial roll or after a point number was established.

How To Win In Craps Using Multi-Roll Bet Wager?

When aiming for a victory with multi-roll bets, a gambler may wager on place, lay, buy, etc. One could bet on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, for instance. It takes several rolls for a dealer to determine whether the bet wins or loses.

How To Win In Craps Using Don't Pass Line Strategy?

To become a winner when applying this strategy, a gambler bets against a shooter. The method implies that if the outcome is 2, 3, or 12, the bettor doubles the money.

How To Win In Craps Using Alternative Systems?

Pick a suitable betting method to win craps every time you play. Explore wagering on various combos, results, and factors. However, the most reliable way to minimize the losses and increase your winning chances is to choose between the pass or don’t pass line and add the odds.