Best Keno Strategy

Before you buy dozens of tickets hoping for a win, you should understand the game. Find out all rules, peculiarities, and the most effective keno strategy to increase your odds for success. Do you wish to cover the basics and learn some general tips about keno? Or maybe you prefer to compare various strategies and define the best one for you. Keep reading, and you’ll discover everything you have to know to get started.

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Why You Need Winning Keno Strategy

The main reason behind the strategy’s necessity is the minimization of the house edge and maximization of the gambler’s chances of winning. If you are in here for cash, a winning keno strategy is a must. Once you comprehend the chosen plan and start applying it according to all rules, you are sure to boost your success. Explore the algorithm trying various game editions to discover the solution that meets your needs and expectations. Of course, it would help if you also had it to control your funds and buy enough tickets.

How To Play Keno

Follow these rules to play correctly and pick the most suitable keno strategy. Do you still wonder, “How do you play keno online?”. Have no worries; the process and rules remain the same regardless of where you play it. While there could be some minor variations, the core of the game remains intact.

Keno is simple. You mark several numbers on the purchased ticket and cross your fingers the host will draw them. When talking about online gaming, the numbers are often taken from the RNG (Random Number Generator). If they match yours, you win. Before we dive into various methods on how to improve your odds, let’s go over some basic rules and essential details regarding the game:

  • There are 80 numbers;
  • Gamblers may pick from 4 to 10 numbers (called Selections);
  • Depending on the number of selections, gamblers may play different game versions;
  • When buying tickets, gamblers may add Multiplier and increase the prize size up to 10 times (however, it changes the cost of the ticket, too);
  • Once you get a ticket (online or offline), mark the wanted selections and submit your prediction;
  • During the game round (called Race), random keno balls with numbers will appear;
  • Gamblers can win a certain sum of money if they predict the selections, even partially;
  • The more correct predictions gamblers have, the bigger prize they receive;
  • Each gambler may play with several tickets simultaneously.
While the rules are simple, online gamblers should verify them before joining any game. In addition, many online editions could have rule variations or additional requirements. So, study the rules of the selected variant beforehand. This knowledge will help you pick the best strategy and increase your winning chances.
Besides, remember that online games offered in various casinos have different minimum and maximum bets. In addition, there could be other limits and requirements. So, pick the edition that meets your expectations and financial possibilities to have the best possible experience.
Learn Keno Strategy in Demo Mode
keno mobile game

Keno Strategy For Different Types Of Game

Now that you’ve covered the basics, you are almost ready to play. There is only one step left to do – pick a winning approach to choosing selections. To do it properly, you should know what game type you are going to indulge in. Let’s review some popular systems to help you define the most suitable one.

Straight Bets

When learning more about a keno strategy that works, new players often come across this one. Betting straight is the simplest approach because gamblers select the wanted numbers and get paid if some of them matched. Moreover, there are online casinos that even offer payouts to those who have no matches several times in a row.

Odd/ Even Bets

Another widespread method to wager on keno is to make predictions about the even/odd numbers. Guess whether the announced numbers will have more odd or even ones. If you are correct, you’ll win money. Similar to odd/even bets, the casinos often accept left/right bets.

Combination Bets

In case the answer to your question, “Where can I play keno online?” is a casino website, you may look for the combination bets. They require a special ticket that allows placing all sorts of standard bets on the same ticket. Since players can place various bets, the chances of winning go up.

Top/ Bottom Bets

It’s a suitable strategy for players who don’t want to select any numbers at all. Gamblers can get a special ticket and bet on whether the majority of numbers a dealer announces will be from 1 to 40 or 41 to 80. Since it is a separate type of bet, one has to verify the game version they are interested in accepts this kind of bet.

Most Common Keno Strategies

In addition to winning keno strategy options that rely on the game type, there are other approaches to betting as well. You may always try combining different methods and approaches until you find the most efficient solution. Uncover everything about alternative approaches that will definitely improve your odds.

Buy More Than 1 Ticket

Probably the most widespread and obvious solution is to purchase several tickets. Gamblers who buy numerous tickets can bet on different numbers on each ticket. The winning probability increases since one or more tickets will mark the correct choices.

Play Numbers Repeatedly

Many beginners often use this strategy. Its algorithm is the simplest yet. Each round, players get a ticket and bet on the same number sequence. It could be a list of consecutive numbers or a random combination. This approach has existed for years without any proof of efficiency. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, it’s worth a try.

Choose Best Online Casino

Once you know how to play and which method to test, you should pick a high-quality game from a reliable online casino. If you still wonder, “Can I play keno online?” you’ll be pleased to learn that numerous online casino sites have this popular game in their catalogs. Sign up with the most trustworthy site that offers high payouts and your favorite game editions.

Play Only Middle Spot Games

When you study keno odds charts, you’ll pay attention that the best odds come with 4, 5, 6-spot games. It means that betting on 4-6 selections secures better winning options than betting on all 10 selections. Middle spot games offer the best correlation between risks and rewards.


Using all the tips above is likely to increase your chances for a victory or try alternative methods/tickets. For example, gamblers can make split bets (two straight bets on the same ticket), king bets (choosing only one number), etc. However, it’s essential to remember that it’s just a game, and you should have fun once in a while. So, switch your strategies occasionally, aim for the jackpot, or change games by trying several game providers.

Keno game on red background

Best Keno Strategy Step By Step

Regardless of which casino keno strategy you select, it’s essential to complete it from the very beginning to the end. By skipping at least one step, you’ll alter the possible results. So let’s go through the process step by step and uncover the simplest ways of achieving more.
Step 1

Choose Casinos With The Best Payouts

Start by signing up with a casino website that has a high-quality keno game from the top provider. Next, make sure the casino and game have high payouts to maximize your earnings. Next, check the site’s licensing, game selection, payment methods, security measures, and other factors that may impact your gambling experience. Finally, verify the site you like has the keno version you wish to try (for instance, video keno or the software edition based on RNG).
Step 2

Play Free Demo Modes To Practice

When you do not feel confident about the game, its rules, or your strategy, start slow. Test the demo editions to bet virtual money and avoid financial risks. Demo games allow gamblers to play free of charge. Such games will show you the ropes and teach the general process. Once you feel confident about your skills and game understanding, move on to the games that accept real money and allow betting as much as you want.
Step 3

Never Hurry Up

Probably the best way to score high and win real cash is to apply the best keno strategy – taking your time. It implies that you are the only person who knows whether you are ready to play and risk money. So, when purchasing tickets or choosing the selections, take your time and pick wisely. If you follow a specific algorithm or pattern, verify you mark the wanted numbers.
Step 4

Never Stick To Same Numbers

While some strategies offer to bet on the same selections so that you could win eventually, the probability rate is shallow. There is an infinite number of possible sequences considering the 80 numbers used. Selecting a strategy that allows betting on various number sequences brings more fun and prevents monotones gaming.
Step 5

Manage Your Money Wisely

Before you get down to gambling, it’s essential to define how much you are willing to risk and how much you can afford to lose. You’ve probably wondered, “Can you play keno online for real money?”. The answer is a definite yes. Casino sites accept real money and provide gamblers with the possibility to win. However, there is always a possibility you’ll lose. Account for such situations lest you go broke overnight.

Keno Strategies To Avoid

Another smart move that will save you from unreasonable losses is to avoid methods that are too risky. For instance, going all-in is not the best idea. Even if you are a huge fan of keno and you desire to have a thrilling evening, calculate your bet size every time. On the other hand, making minimal bets will let you play as long as you want. The more games you play, the higher are the chances you’ll get the satisfaction of winning (even smaller prizes).


Keno is a popular worldwide game that brings the thrill of gambling to players no matter where they are. One can attend special events, go to a casino, or open their laptop and enjoy this favourite pastime without leaving the house. Regardless of where you prefer to gamble, it would help if you understood the rules first. Follow the rules and tips we’ve gathered above, and you are good to go.
As soon as you are ready to make your bet, apply the best keno strategy chosen from the list above. Take into account all do’s and don’ts to benefit the most from your future gambling experience. Have fun and win huge prizes playing your favourite game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Keno Strategy?

Following a working keno strategy allows players to minimize the risks and maximize profits, i.e. the sum of money you earn. First, choose the most appealing approach to define how many tickets to purchase, what selections to bet on, and how to profit from the game.

Is Keno Strategy Required To Win?

While keno is mainly the game of chance, many players believe that sticking to a strategy increases their chances. Of course, using a method is not essential, but trying some can be fun and effective.

What Are The Most Common Keno Strategies?

Some of the most widespread techniques include using several tickets each round, betting on the same number sequence, selecting only middle spots, tracing patterns, etc. Keep in mind that each strategy involves different levels of risk.

What Keno Strategy Is The Best?

The most efficient way to increase chances for success is to bet on 4-6 selections and pick different numbers in the tickets used for the same round. Such an approach decreases the house edge and provides an opportunity to minimize the losses.