Keno Tips and Tricks

When it comes to improving one’s winning odds in any gambling activity, information can never be excessive. Trying to find a short path by only reading short keno tips will usually be enough for a newcomer, but this article will give you more.

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What You Need To Know About Keno

It is one gambling activity where players rely more on their luck than on particular skills or knowledge. However, the common misconception is that you do not need to dive into discovering new game mechanics to become better.

About The Game And Its Variants


The game has a Chinese origin, and it had become popular in America in the 1860s by its current name. This card game is very similar to the lotto but has its traits and gameplay nuances. In general, the central concept includes guessing the combinations of numbers that will be “successful.”
Every player has to buy single or multiple cards that contain tables with numbers from one to eighty. Then, they bet their coins on specific numbers. The most popular way to play keno today is via online gambling platforms; they click on certain cells on the screen.
A special machine then chooses twenty random numbers and displays them one by one. If you have managed to guess some of them, your bankroll size might increase significantly.

Some of the variations of keno:

  • Progressive one. Tips on playing keno usually consider this type of game the most appealing one for the players. The main trait of it is the availability of the pot of credits that increases with every wager and makes up the value of the jackpot. This bonus allows winning a staggering amount of money randomly if luck is on your side.
  • Power keno. Rules are pretty familiar if you have played a common variation of the game. The only difference is that players who manage to guess the last, twentieth number here will have their bet multiplied by four.
  • Packaged version. Everyone knows the concept of discounts for buying services in bulk. This type of game allows saving credits on the cards if you buy them continuously.
  • Single card/Multiple cards. It is up to the players to play on a single card or buy as many as twenty. Various keno strategy tips suggest that the second variation has more potential and higher winning odds.

House Edge And Payouts

It is not a secret that any casino has to earn some money, so there is always a mathematical calculation of odds for the players of different games. As for our reviewed game has quite a high house edge that is within 20 to 40 percent, depending on the platform.

However, it should not stop you from getting into the game because payouts are also quite impressive. Therefore, it is essential to check these statistics about the casino by examining the past tables before depositing real money.

keno tip: get gamiliazed with the game in demo mode
keno pop mobile game demo

Top Keno Tips That You Should Know

Let’s take an in-depth look at the common keno lotto tips and discover how to apply them in one’s gameplay. Good news is that the game is not too complicated so you will not find it overwhelming to get a hang of it.

Master The Basic Concepts

Understanding the mathematical background of the game is vital for figuring out the best way to play it successfully. While playing this game you do not have to focus on your round only, it is essential to take into account previous games and make your bets reasonably.

Start Small

This keno trick might be applied to two aspects simultaneously. First of all, it is logical to wager a small amount of money if you are only starting out. It is also a good idea to bet only on some of the numbers in one card. Never try to cover as much of them on a single card, because it makes your odds to increase a bankroll significantly higher.

Shop Around The Casinos

Try to use discovered keno tips on different platforms where you can play keno online to find the one that will be the most appealing. It is always better to try the websites out than to read the articles about them. Thus, do not be afraid to use multiple platforms.

Make Sure You Used Bonuses

Never abandon the opportunity to boost your profit by claiming the real bonuses of the casino. Some platforms have dedicated offers for keno players, so you want to check out the “Promotions” tab to discover them.

Pick No More Than Six Numbers

As we have already mentioned, going all out on one card is not an option here. So instead, our advice is to choose as many as six cells. This way, the odds for increasing bankroll or at least breaking even are the best.

Play Multiple Cards In Each Game

Instead of betting on many cells, you should play more than one card in one go. It allows making different guesses on combinations without paying too much for each bet. It is one of the more common keno strategy tips for a reason.

Set Yourself A Bankroll

How do you play keno online without losing too much money? The answer is simple; set a tangible limit on the number of credits you can spend in one go. In addition, creating a bankroll for a specific game prevents losing credits on a continuous negative streak.

Keno Strategy Tips For Players

There are few keno tricks the most out of each game. Each one of them has a mathematical base thus can grant some guarantee. However, as with any casino activity, no strategy makes your winning odds to be 100%.

Round Robin

This approach is the most suitable for those who consider playing more than one round. It will show some results after a couple of games. The idea is that the player has to make up three combinations of numbers that consist of 2 each.

They should play one combination for a card and “rotate” them with every round to cover the broadest range of options. It works so well in the long-term perspective because you stick with a particular amount of bets but increase your odds of guessing the desired numbers.

Chase The Old Man

The keno strategy tips here include considering the results of the previous games on the particular table and making moves according to them. The idea is that you try to identify the tendency or combinations chosen by the machine a couple of times in a row. Thus, they may come out as “lucky” once again. Of course, there is no guarantee here, but if you believe in your sheer luck, go ahead and use this tactic.

Play It Again

When you have figured out the major keno tricks and the combination of numbers, you should stay loyal to it. It is as if you do not try to guess the winning set but wait until it coincides with your suggestion. You will be actually surprised by the viability of this approach for any lotto game. However, just because it is impossible to calculate the outcome precisely, it might be a good idea to stick with your initial suggestion and trust the process and randomness.

How To Win More Often With A Strategy

The fact that you can play keno online for real money gives players a motivation to use strategies and make moves reasonably.

Some advice:

  • Do not forget that the experience is supposed to be fun in the first place;
  • Figure out the idea of multiple strategies and try using all of them;
  • Always check the play tables and the percent of house edge;
  • Find practical applications for different approaches on various gambling platforms;
  • Watch the plays of professionals and learn something new from them;
  • Stick with one strategy for a session. Never switch approaches to the gameplay every round;
  • Turn off the autoplay


Are There Any Keno Tips & Cheats That Work?

It is fair to say that the approaches described in the article can improve the quality of your gameplay.

What Are Winning Tips On Playing Keno?

Try to understand a couple of approaches and apply them practically in each game. Remember that it is recommended to bet on six numbers a card maximum.

What Are The Most Useful Keno Strategy Tips For Players?

Frankly, all of the tips are essential if you know how to apply them, which is why you cannot become better without playing in a casino. However, theoretical knowledge by itself will not take you too far.