Sic Bo Online - Play Free or for Real Money in Canada

A clever Sic Bo online strategy can increase the player's chances, although the gameplay is based on pure luck. The game rules are quite simple to understand - the player bets on a certain number of points drawn on three dice. Below we have described the best betting options for beginners, intermediate and experienced players. Also, on this page, you can see a list of the best Sic Bo online casinos in Canada, collected by our gambling experts for you.

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Best Sic Bo Strategies for Canadians

Overall, you can opt for three main approaches for different bankrolls, experience, and playing styles. The first one is perfect for beginners, but feel free to go for more advanced ones if you’re no stranger to the gameplay.

Low-Risk Strategy for Beginner Players

This one represents the safest path available – betting on areas with the highest odds – the Big and Small areas, with the dice sum between 11-17 and 4-10, respectively. And since the payouts for them are always 1:1, regardless of the platform you’re gambling on, and the probability of hitting one of two areas is around 50%, you may easily tinker with progressive bets, like the Martingale approach.

Additionally, this approach works nicely for bets on combos (two numbers) because they also have a pretty low casino edge. But since the payouts for combos are 6:1, using any betting system on them is hardly possible.

Sic Bo Strategy for Advanced Players

Are you looking to get riskier? Pick the advanced strategy, placing stakes on certain dice sums. The payouts for them are higher, but so is the casino advantage. Some numbers appear more frequently than others: you’ll be having 10 and 11 much more often than 4 and 17, so the probability of hitting a 10 or 11 is 12.5% compared to only 1.4% for 4 or 17.

Perfect Strategy for Expert Players

The professional approach allows punters to manipulate the odds by placing several stakes per round, focusing on 8 and 13. Here’s how it works:

  • Bet six chips on 8, four on Double 1, 2, and 3, and four more on the 3-2 combo. Having the overall bet of 22, you may win 54 if 8 wins, 44 for a double, and 24 if there’s a combo.
  • Bet six chips on 13, four on double 4, 5, and 6, and four on the 4-5 combo. With 22 chips, you get pretty much the same result as with the previous example.
Sic Bo demo game — best way to learn a basic strategy
Sic Bo mobile demo game

The Best Sic Bo Strategy Tips

Since you’re dealing with a game that relies on luck, it’s simply impossible to work out a plan to outsmart the dealer and profit from every stake easily. But no one says you can’t tip the scales in your favour with these tips.

Try to Avoid Betting on Too Many Areas

Sic Bo online lets you make over a dozen bets per round. It translates into several hundred variants to go for, and this might seem like an ideal opportunity to form the best Sic Bo strategy, but things aren’t that simple. While you actually can boost your chances, the multiple bet approach requires careful planning and calculating your every step.

Place Most Bets on Big or Small Area

These areas provide the most lucrative probabilities and allow for applying betting systems, so your gameplay won’t resemble chaotic attempts to win back the money you lost, making things worse.

Don’t Fall For The Gambler’s Fallacy

This one’s among the worst myths going around on gamblers’ forums. Some players believe that all events follow a certain pattern, and if dice roll one area several times straight, the next roll will certainly hit another one. It doesn’t work like that: Every time you get a certain outcome, the probability of getting it again remains the same.

How to Get the Best Chances

Whether you’re a pro Canadian Sic Bo player or a beginner making the first steps in gambling, you can get a few lucky streaks by following a certain plan.

For Beginners

The best approach for a newbie is to combine 1:1 payout bets with the Martingale or 1-3-2-4 system. The whole idea is to bet on one of two areas (Big or Small), progressively increasing the bet amount. For example, following the 1-3-2-4 system, you bet 10 chips, and if the outcome matches the bet, make it 30. If you win again, bet 20 and then 40. If you win four times in a row or lose, start from 10 and follow the pattern.

For High Rollers

The high roller strategy in Sic Bo lies in betting on triples. Unfortunately, the odds here drop to the ridiculous 0.46% (Triple) and 2.78% (Any Triple), so you need good luck winning real money with a small bankroll. Besides, the casino advantage at these rates is the highest – 16.74% and 11.04%.

How to Choose the Best Sic Bo Strategy

Opting for a certain Sic Bo strategy, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Your bankroll. Not every gambler can keep up with the high roller strategy due to poor odds. The Martingale system for basic bets implies a gradual increase of the bet amount with each loss, which also may quickly drain your budget.
  • Your skill. The mid-level or pro strategy is much more fun than the basic one, but they require certain experience.
  • Your style of play. If you’re a patient gambler, the basic approach is your go-to option.

Increasing Your Chances in Sic Bo Online

The only way to keep your odds as high as possible is to stick to the most profitable probabilities. Small and Big areas pay out poorly, but the frequency of hitting them compensates for this downside. Some dice sums (from 9 to 12) have decent odds, and you can combine them with other bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Sic Bo Strategies?

The choice of a strategy is all about the punter’s capabilities. There is a plethora of safe options perfect for newbies as well as high-risk-high-profit strategies for skilled punters.

How to Play Sic Bo and Win in Canada?

Despite the wide choice of strategies and betting systems, none of them guarantees profits all the time. Therefore, our recommendations for players from Canada, the most attractive option is to gamble, keep the casino advantage low.

How to Increase Your Chances in the Sic Bo Game?

The closest to what you’d call a Sic Bo good strategy is the basic approach, which lies in combining 1:1 bets and the Martingale system, but 1-3-2-6 would also work great.

How to Choose the Best Sic Bo Strategy?

When opting for a suitable strategy, be sure to keep two factors in mind – your bankroll and overall casino experience.