Good and Bad Luck Gambling Superstitions: To Believe or Not to Believe?

November 24, 2020 |

Gambling superstitions are something that have existed for centuries. After all, if you’re relying on Lady Luck when it comes to playing roulette or blackjack, then you want all the omens to be on your side.

We’ve seen many famous sportsmen and sportswomen have quirky superstitions before entering the field of play. Former Manchester United soccer player Paul Ince used to be the last man down the tunnel and only wore his jersey just before entering the playfield.

Other gambling superstitions might include wearing a pair of lucky pants or putting their left shoe or right shoe on first.

However, a confident sports coach would reject any notion of superstition playing a key role in an event’s outcome, especially if they have meticulously prepared for the big day.

In this article, we have identified a number of common gambling superstitions associated with good and back luck, along with the superstitions’ meaning. We look at examples of superstitions and whether there’s any truth in these fanciful notions and explode a few myths along the way.

7 Bad Luck Gambling Superstitions

You have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs of gambling, although there’s no doubt that doing your dough can often be a painful experience. This leads to players trying to avoid a previous routine, which led to their cash going to the house, and a winning streak will see them try to replicate everything that led to this good fortune. We’re first going to look at superstitions, which are generally considered to bring bad luck to a gambler.

Here is the TOP Bad Luck Superstions Every Gambler Should Know:

  1. Don’t Use the Front Entrance of the Casino
  2. Are Your Hands Itching?
  3. Don’t Cross Your Legs While Playing
  4. Unlucky Numbers: Thirteen and Four
  5. Don’t Whistle in the Casino
  6. Don’t Count Your Money at the Table
  7. Don’t Borrow Your Money to Other Players

1. Don't Use the Front Entrance of the Casino

A bright casino entrance

This superstition all depends on whether a casino has any other entrance other than a front one!

However, a bigger casino with multiple entrances means that some players will try to find a more private form of entry to get luck on their side. The superstition might also apply to visiting a specific table at their casino to feel lucky, while there might even be a particular dealer that you would gravitate towards. Alternatively, there could be a croupier who you associate with having no luck whatsoever.

2. Are Your Hands Itching?

A person is scratching his itchy hands

Having itchy hands is supposed to signify that you're about to come into some money in some cultures.

If you buy into that school of thought, then the next time you experience this sensation, it could be worth taking a chance at the nearest casino or alternatively log on to your favourite online operator and start playing slots or live dealer casino. However, itchy hands can also be seen as being a bad luck sign, so it’s a question of interpreting things as you wish on this one!

3. Don't Cross Your Legs While Playing

Poker players sitting at the table with crossed legs

One of the strangest bad luck gambling superstitions applies to gamblers crossing their legs at the table.

This is direct opposition to crossing one’s fingers, which is generally considered a hopeful or “good luck” mantra to adopt. The weird thing is that someone might cross their legs if things are getting tense at the cards table. However, many punters will avoid risking the possibility of the gambling gods feeling dishonoured and keep their legs apart at all times.

4. Unlucky Numbers: Thirteen and Four

13 number of the month is on the calendar

Statistically, there's as much chance as the number 13 coming up as any other number.

Thirteen is universally considered to be an unlucky number, and that is why you will often see gamblers avoid putting chips on this square when it comes to playing roulette. Although, it’s hardly what you might describe as a good number to have at the blackjack table. Concerning the number four, many Chinese gamblers consider it unlucky, and this is down to it being nearly homophonous to the word “death” in this language.

5. Don't Whistle in the Casino

A person is whistling

Firstly, whistling while you're at the cards table is a highly anti-social activity in our book.

Other players might want to be concentrating and communicating with a dealer, so they don’t want your worst impression of a songbird in their ear. According to many gambling legends, whistling shouldn’t be something you indulge in as it implies that things are going a little too well with the gambling at that moment in time. Better to keep those lips sealed and internalize the little victories that you are enjoying.

6. Don't Count Your Money at the Table

A person is sitting at the casino table and holding money

Some people feel that starting to count your money is like counting your chickens.

After a big win at the casino, there’s a temptation to work out exactly how much you’ve bagged from playing roulette, baccarat, or Sic Bo. However, some gamblers will resist the temptation to go through their chip stack or a bankroll and figure whether they are showing a profit or loss at the current moment. They just appreciate that their gambling is going well as they aim to make things count even more.

7. Don't Borrow Your Money to Other Players

A man wearing a suit is giving a bunch of money

We're not sure it's ever a good idea to lend money to other casino players.

On the gambling superstitions front, it’s supposedly an unlucky thing to do, and there’s also the real possibility that they could turn your money into a profit for themselves while you start to hit a losing streak. Then there’s the annoying possibility that they lose the cash and you have to wait to get the money back, something which might involve chasing them at regular intervals. Best avoided at all costs.

6 Good Luck Gambling Superstitions

While there are plenty of things that make the superstitions list that are thought to provide gamblers with potential bad luck. There is also the chance to get Lady Luck on your side, and there are lots of practices that punters indulge in to try and win some money. While there’s no scientific fact that any of these superstitions work, try telling it to someone attempting any of the below and making some mega moolah along the way.

Here is the TOP Good Luck Superstitions Every Gambler Should Know:

  1. Wear Red Clothes to the Casino
  2. Use Your Lucky Charms to Attract Lady Luck
  3. Crossing Fingers and Other Rituals
  4. Try to Blow on the Dice
  5. Are You Unlucky in Love, but Lucky in Gambling?
  6. What is Better: To Sit or Stand at the Casino?

1. Wear Red Clothes to the Casino

A girl wearing red t-shirt is sitting in the casino and holding a chip and a glass

Red is a colour that often signifies good luck, and that’s especially the case in Asian countries such as China, where many gamblers will either wear red in some shape or form.

It could be lucky red socks or underpants.

It’s a sure thing that if the red garments provide good fortune on that occasion, then the gambler might stick to the same attire while the going is in their favour. Perhaps this could start to rank highly among the Canadian superstitions.

2. Use Your Lucky Charms to Attract Lady Luck

A woman is showing her hand with a bracelet

We have seen lots of weird and wonderful lucky charms when it comes to gambling and sport. Nothing beats a lucky mascot that can sit neatly on a playing field or a casino table, with a lucky bracelet also a popular choice among the ladies.

A bracelet itself can hold different charms that might apply to good luck.

At the same time, it’s not uncommon for someone to wear a ring or another piece of jewellery to try and get them into profit. Anyone for a rabbit’s foot when they head to the casino?

3. Crossed Fingers and Other Rituals

Three hands with crossed fingers

You can choose to cross your fingers on one hand or the fingers on both hands, although the big question is whether it will bring you any luck. Crossing fingers is something that starts from childhood, and perhaps it can trigger a winning streak at the casino, with some gamblers choosing to use a particular hand. There might also be some lucky finger tapping at the table.

4. Try to Blow on the Dice

A man in a casino is blowing on the dice

When it comes to dice games in a casino, it all comes down to the outcome of a pair of dice, and that doesn’t just apply to the person tossing those little cubes but also to their fellow players. Therefore, blowing on the dice is among the common superstitions and often seen as a punters’ way of blessing the dice with good luck before throwing them down onto the table and hoping to see a positive outcome.

It can also ensure that the hands and dice stay cool and sweat-free as part of the process.

5. Are You Unlucky in Love, but Lucky in Gambling?

Beautiful rich couple is playing in casino

It might be slightly cruel to say that gamblers are unlikely to be successful in the love department by their very nature. However, there is an adage to suggest that if you’re suffering from a broken heart, there’s the possibility that it could be mended by scooping a big win by playing your favourite casino game. Just imagine winning a huge jackpot after being dumped and then turning around to your ex with a massive pile of cash in your back pocket.

6. What is Better: To Sit or Stand at the Casino?

People are standing in casino and playing

This is an interesting one. Many customers at a casino don’t spend a single second sitting down and often flit from table to table in search of a big win. You’ve probably seen a gambler swoop over your shoulder like a bird and place a last-minute roulette bet on a certain number, with many others enjoying the sensation of standing and assuming a more dominant pose than those who are seated.

Should I Have Gambling Superstitions?

You’ve read the article and now have to decide whether you’re going to embrace any of these popular superstitions to improve your luck when it comes to gambling. You might already do many things to give yourself the best chance of making a profit on your sports bets or casino play, although it’s up to you to believe or not believe in such superstitions. Perhaps there’s a routine you’ll adopt, which might help you land a big win.