Online Slots Machines for Canadians

In 2021, casino fans increasingly move to play slots online, especially due to its ease of access since online casinos make it easy to play the games anywhere and whenever. This is in combination with the prevalence of Covid, causing the Canadian government to discourage physical contact in a push for safer gaming. Most online casinos offer not only traditional slots but 3D, progressive and video slots.

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You can find an impressive number of online casinos and games that can be played online in Canada. However, it taking a bit of time to select one is key to ensure reliability and enjoyment in the long run.

Top Casinos With Online Slots 2021

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    500% up to C$500 in cash bonus Today
    • Good variety of games
    • Mobile friendly
    • Interac
    • Accepts CAD
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    Get C$20 on sign up
    • Top Tier Games
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    C$300 Welcome bonus + 200 free spins
    • Best software companies
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Different payment options
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    Exclusive Bonus 50 Free Spins with no deposit
    • 24/7 player support
    • Maltese and Kahnawake licenses
    • 97.48% RTP
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    up to C$1200 Welcome Bonus
    • Over 700 Microgaming titles
    • Licensed in Kahnawake
    • 24/7/365 support

When you are looking for online casino slots, you must look for the safety and reliability of a website to ensure winnings are not only paid but are at a fairly displayed rate. Additionally, look for online casinos that offer slots from different game providers. Online casinos that only offer slots from one specific provider may be repetitive and get boring quickly. Enjoy different slots, ranging from classics like Book of Dead and more interesting ones like Bird on a wire. Other important things to look out for include bonuses, huge jackpots that are constantly available and just a single click away, device compatibility, payment methods and customer service. Stay ahead of the times with PayPal and various crypto currencies as valid payment methods.

Why Play Slots Online?

There are multiple benefits to playing slots online. Online slots typically have a wider staking range, are more exciting and ultimately, can be played anytime and anywhere!

Beginner friendly

Especially for those starting to get into slots, playing online makes it much easier. Many online casinos have more beginner friendly games with less confusing multipliers and bonuses. Some online slots also have a tutorial option / demo, allowing players to learn how to play without any cost to the player. For new players, try your hand at classic slots to learn the early fundamentals of the game.

Huge selection of games

Unlike traditional casinos who offer only a handful of different games due to licensing or physical restraints, online casinos can offer hundreds of slots online only a few clicks away. This means you will never get bored, with online slots not only varying in terms of graphics and sound, but special quirks / bonuses which make for a more rewarding experience. With hundreds of titles available at your finger tips, you are bound to find a slot that suits you.

Wide stake range

While traditional casinos may have a high minimum stake for each slot as one slot taken is one less available for other players, online casinos are not bound by such restrictions. Online slots allow for an unlimited number of players, allowing many online casinos to offer penny slot games with even a minimum bet of $0.01! However, online slots also allow you to bet big, allowing for a very wide stake range. Online slots make it easy for high rollers to play and make it big without having to find special high stake slots in physically located casinos.

Higher payouts

With less operating costs, online slots can afford a higher payout percentage. Some online slots even have payout percentages of 97%, increasing your chances of winning big over a period of time compared to real physical casinos. This reduces the casinos’ house edge, and ultimately means you have more money to play with and win it big!

Larger jackpots

Online slots can have much larger jackpots as they can be built up by not only a single, but multiple online slots. Especially with the large number of players that can be attracted from all around the world, some progressive jackpots can rise to their millions. Many online casinos also offer daily jackpots, which are house contributed pools that can be won often through any slot game given a minimum bet is placed.

Never ending fun

A simple advantage of online slots is that websites never have any closing times, meaning you can play to your convenience every time. With online casinos increasingly offering mobile apps, online slots are only becoming more accessible by the day.

Different themes

As websites are able to offer an unlimited number of slots machines, there are a wide variety of different themed games. These range from the wild west, oriental, Egyptian and various festival slot machines! By playing slots online, you are simple bound to find a game that suits your personality.

Bonus bets

Websites typically offer bonus bets or various other promotions for new players, giving you free opportunities to play. Ultimately, this is simply free money that you will not get by playing in a normal casino. Aside from sign up bonuses, sites like Party Casino also constantly offer special bonus free spins for existing players, rewarding your loyalty.

Play for free

Aside from having to stake money, there are numerous free online slot games available. These make it especially friendly for new players trying to learn the ropes. Better yet, when players are ready, these free slot games typically have a mirror copy that allow you to stake.

Types Of Slot Games

There are many different types of slots available online. Most would fall into one or more of being a; 3D, jackpot, classic, progressive or video slot. Choosing a type of slot to play entirely depending on your preference for; ease of use, audio / visual and volatility.

3D Slots

3D slot games are the next step in the online slot Canada space, with bigger and better graphics. Three dimensional animations allow for a much better visual experience and allow for themes to be better met. While they are typically rarer as they take more effort to create, they are certainly a must try.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots typically have a lower payout frequency, but instead, have a progressive jackpot that increases as each bet is made. However, when players win on Jackpot slots, cash prizes are bigger and better than ever. Jackpots are where the online slots real money truly is in, with huge wins being possible. This is because if no one wins over a period of time, jackpots can easily rise into the thousands and even millions. Note, to ensure fairness, jackpots can often only be won by qualifying through a specific minimum bet.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are the traditional slot offerings and are considered the most beginner friendly as they do not have confusing quirks or winning combinations. While numerous traditional classic slots had three reels, there are also an increasing amount of classic slots with five reels.

Progressive Slots

Like jackpot slots, progressive slots have higher payout prizes if they are not won. Progressive slots can often have different levels of payout pools (typically 3) based on a range of bets.

Video Slots

Video slots are slots that use a random number generator to determine an outcome / win, instead of the original slots that are mechanical in nature. Video slots encompass almost all slots worldwide as they are easier to maintain. All online slots can be considered video slots as they also use random number generators to determine an outcome of a win.

Popular Game Providers

Most slots games are made by a big few names: NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic and IGT. These often mean different slot games are simply reskinning of the same game. If you are looking for a completely different play experience, switching to a slot game by a different game provider is your best course of action.


Operating since 1996, NetEnt has been a pioneer in the online casino space. NetEnt creates systems that allow around 200 online casino operators, which include some of the biggest online casinos in the world, to function. Currently, the company offers over 200 different types of games, some of which had been created in collaboration with household names like Colombia Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Universal.


Despite not being the oldest game provider out of the bunch, Microgaming is amongst the most successful. Their success is largely credited to their early development of the first mobile casino software like mobile slots all the way back in 2004. Being a pioneer in the industry, Microgaming has gained a massive following as players established loyalty on Microgaming based online casinos. In fact, Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network has paid over 1.8 billion Canadian dollars worldwide, making it the largest in the world.


Novotmatic is one of the most established international gaming companies in the world. Originally founded in 1980, the company holds offices in 43 countries and has cemented its international credibility. Novomatic both designs / creates online casino gaming technology, and also operates some 1900 gaming locations worldwide.

Novomatic also won the 2020 SAGSE Award for best electronic roulette, highlighting its position as a top gaming provider worldwide.


International Gaming Technology, IGT, is a listed corporation on the New York Stock Exchange. IGT specialises in the production of video slot machines and some other online gambling technology such as sports betting. IGT has produced many top Canadian slots of choice, including; Western Belles, Ghostbusters, Double Diamond and Magic Castle.

How Online Slot Machines Work

Slot machines vary greatly between their mechanics that impact their pay rate and pay frequency. These are most affected by not only the number of reels and lines but the number of wilds, scatter and multipliers in a slot game.


Wilds are a special symbol that can substitute for any other symbol in the online slot. This means landing a wild will increase you chance of forming special combinations / paylines, and ultimately, increase your chances of winning. Depending on the online slot, wilds can also have other additional effects or multipliers which make them even more important. The main advantage of playing online slots with wilds is the thrill of landing them. While they provide less pay than a jackpot, their frequency prevents games from getting dull over a period of time.


Scatter symbols unlock special bonuses when a certain number of them appear. Unlike traditional paylines which require a pattern or line of symbols or numbers, scatters can trigger as long they appear anywhere on the screen. Scatter bonuses often award free spins, or alternatively minigames that can lead to bigger gains. Due to the attractive bonuses and commonality, scatters are regarded as one of the highest paying factors in online slots. Scatters are a standard symbol in the majority of 5 reel or higher online slots.


As you would have guessed, multipliers have the function to multiply your winning for that game. Multipliers are extremely common in online slots, where they appear to change from slot to slot. Multipliers can also be a wild or scatter depending on your game and luck, leading to potential landfall wins even without hitting the jackpot.

How To Play Online Slots In Canada

Getting started to play online slots in Canada is easy. However, following the few key areas below will greatly increase your player experience.

Find A Reliable Slot-heavy Online Casino

A slot-heavy casino is one that specializes in online slots, with hundreds of different types of games available at all times. All our top picks for casinos with online slots above are slot-heavy casinos. Aside from having hundreds of different games, each online casino is also highly reputable and with a good payout track record, meaning your money is always safe.

Aside from its safety and security, the reliability lies in the online casinos payment methods and times. The most reliable online casinos payout quickly, with less reliable ones often delaying payment and contesting payouts due to fine print in the terms and conditions.

Check Our The Slots Collection And Play In Demo Mode

As previously mentioned, a key advantage of playing slots online is the ability to trial / demo a slot. This is especially helpful for new players to familiarise themselves with the game, and get a good strategy down.

New players are suggested to start off in online casinos which have demo slots. Casinos offering slots with a demo counterpart often make the transition from a free to money play seamless.

Register At The Casino

To play on a legal online casino in Canada, you must first register for an account with the online casino provider and get verified. Two of the most common ID used for such verification would be either a Passport or Driver’s License, however, depending on the website, other government ID should also be suitable. Online Casinos have processes that check your submitted ID against a database which may take a few days. During this time, online casinos will typically allow you to deposit and play, but only allow players to withdraw once ID verification has been completed.

Top online casinos also have an attractive first deposit or free spin bonuses, simply meaning free money!

Play And Win

Online slots typically have a large number of paylines / winning combinations to keep each spin exciting. Slot games are often unique with varying paylines, thus, it is best to check the payline / how to win section for each slot. It is highly recommended you bet on every payline on every spin, as failing to do so may mean you miss out on a win despite landing a winning payline / combination.

Almost all slot games have the common horizontal or vertical paylines, however, they can also get more complicated with diagonal and M / W shaped patterns.

Real Money Vs. Free Games

Real money slots
Free game slots
Required to sign up & verify ID
No sign up required, play straight away
The thrill of winning a progressive jackpot
Unlimited amount of spins to hit the jackpot
Money payouts may take a few days to process
Fun / mock money is credited to your account straight away
Higher quality slots (3D) available
Primarily 2D slots which may be outdated
Many opportunities to enter slot tournaments
Limited amount of free slot tournaments
Play to win money
Play for fun

Best Online Slots for Real Money To Play In 2021

Return to player %
Secrets of Atlantis
Thunderstruck 2
Jurassic World
Elk Studios

Online Casino Slots Bonuses And Free Spins

Many online casinos offer attractive slot bonuses and free spins to attract new users. Site hopping is not a bad choice as you can enjoy all the joys of winning real money without having to fork out so much of your own cash.

However, while bonus deposit credits and free spins are usually offered, online casinos also often attach conditions to such. These include, but are not limited to, a maximum cap on withdrawal on gains through bonus plays, a minimum stake multiplier before withdrawal, or a minimum flat stake before the withdrawal.


✅ Are online slots legal in Canada?

Online slots offered by a licenced online casino are legal in Canada. Gambling laws in Canada allow residents to play online slots as long they are not considered an illegal betting house. Note, while playing online slots in Canada is legal, the law prevents the operation of an online casino in the country. This means Canadians will be playing in off-shore hosted online casinos. As such online casinos are not located in Canada, it is vital a safe and reliable online casino is chosen to game on to ensure your money is safe.

💪 Which are the best slot games for Canadians?

There is no said best slot game as everyone has their own preference, Canadian or not. However, there are key factors which are important to determine the slot choice for you.
These include, but are not limited to: slots volatility, number of reels, number of paylines, theme and game slot creator.

If you enjoy something less volatile and simpler, settle for a classic slot with 3 reels.

Loving to keep up with the times? Go and try your hand at 3D slots, the next evolution for online slots, featuring improved graphics and audio.

🚀 Can I play an online slot demo game?

There are numerous sites that offer online slot demo games that require no money. While not all slots have a demo / free counterpart, there are hundreds of free to play slots available, identical to the real thing!

💳 What online slots can you win real money on?

Real money can be won on all live non demo slots. However, the amount of real money in slots is always relative to your stake when you spin. The higher you stake, the more money you can generally win. The best way to win real money in slots is to choose a low to medium volatility slot with a high Return to Player (RPT)%.

In addition to normal slot play, you can also win real money through slot tournaments. This means you compete with other players, where the person with the highest bank roll / credits wins the tournament. Some online casinos even host slot tournaments with real cash prizes with a free entry, meaning even free players stand a chance at taking home some real money!

🎲 Can I use Bonuses To Play Slot Games in Canada?

Bonuses are completely legal to earn / use for online slots. No laws prevent the use of bonuses for slots in Canada. However, it is best to read the fine print on bonuses as every online casino attaches different conditions with its bonuses and promotion.