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Are you a Monopoly live casino game fan? Then check out the list of the top rated Monopoly live casinos on this page. Examine brand reviews from independent experts, and learn more about popular strategies and secrets to find your chance card.

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What is Monopoly Live?

The game is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia in all of us and is the online version inspired by one of the most loved and played board games: ``Monopoly`` lands. Evolution Gaming produced this variant in 2019 in collaboration with Hasbro, a leading US company in the production of land board games. Monopoly Live presents very attractive graphics and allows entertainment for all types of players in the world of live games because of its quality and the fun it conveys.
Created by Evolution Gaming, a famous provider of live games, the online Monopoly has been enjoying great popularity since its presentation in 2019. Some houses propose licensed games whose quality can be defined as questionable, but in this case, the choice of adapting one of the most famous board games of all time has proven to be a winner. In addition to the presence of the famous board that indicates roads, streets and specific boxes, Monopoly Live also integrates a wheel of fortune with an animator and Mr. Monopoly, an animated model of the historic mascot.
monopoly live game

Where to Play Monopoly Live?

It can generally be found in the best online casinos. It is usually placed in the section with live games, where operators place their entire offer of the games with real live dealers. Monopoly Live is present everywhere, and Canadian platforms are no exception, but at the moment, not all casinos offer this game; however, many of those have other Evolution Gaming games. Monopoly Live on Canadian casino sites is already available and offers bet with a great multiplier. All you have to do is find the best gambling establishment with live games and start playing and enjoying this game.

How to choose the best Monopoly live casino in Canada?

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Today, the gambling commission licensed and regulated many online casinos in Canada. A quick search will return numerous options, and it’s up to the player to choose the best one for his next spin, the one that offers the best Monopoly live casino in Canada and guarantees the safety of the players in the monopoly game. Due to the great popularity of the games, you will get great deals on Monopoly Live bonuses from a lot of Canadian online casinos. You can place bets and try to win if you have some luck.

Monopoly live bonus:
how to get it

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The Monopoly Live bonus game works in much the same way as the board game. The bonus game begins with the 3 “2 Rolls” sectors and the “4 Rolls” sectors. When this happens, the players who have placed a bet on the relevant segment are taken by Mr. Monopoly to a 3d monopoly board inspired by the original board game with hotels, houses, streets and the prison; those who have placed other bets can still enjoy the show for free but without the chance to get prizes. This is where the more nostalgic can recapture the atmosphere of “walking” on the Monopoly grids, but in a virtual way.

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How to play Monopoly live?

If you look at the game, you can see that there is a big wheel with a total of 54 sectors. The majority of these segments, i.e. 48, are marked by the numbers: 1-2-5-10. The rest of the sectors, i.e. 6, offer possibilities of big prizes: (2 “Chance sectors”, 3 “2 Rolls sectors” and 1 “4 Rolls sectors”).
Then, Monopoly Live asks the player to bet on the number on which the wheel will stop at first. If the wheel points to a “Chance” sector, a “2 Rolls” sector or a “4 Rolls” sector, he instantly gets a bonus.

Like all live games, the player is guided through the game by a friendly host in Monopoly Live. Before the game begins, you just have to place your bet for the next round. The amount depends mainly on the game balance available and the specific field you want to bet on. It’s as simple as this.
Then you just have to specify one or more fields you want to bet on. At the bottom center of the screen, you can find a button. Take a look at your balance, and there you go with your chosen amount. Then, all you have to do is waiting for the wheel to stop.

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Monopoly Live instructions

Once the time for placing the bet on 2 rolls and 4 is over, a live dealer spins the wheel either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Number wins

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If the wheel points either to 2 rolls or 4 rolls on which the player had a bet, he gets the corresponding prize.

Chance wins

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If the wheel stops on a “Chance” sector in 3d Monopoly, the player becomes the owner of a Chance card, which allows him to win prizes multipliers or random bonuses.

2 Rolls or 4 Rolls

red and blue dices
Next, according to the rules of the game, Mr. Monopoly takes his turn. He rolls the dice twice. Or he can make a pair of dice if the wheel points to a “2 Rolls” segment. In order for Mr. Monopoly to roll the dice four times, the game wheel must point to the sector “4 Rolls”.

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Monopoly Live Casino Strategy

Many players wonder if there are any tips and strategies for winning at Monopoly Live Casino. Indeed, the games of chance played in online casinos are based on luck, so there are no tricks to winning continuously, but there are strategies that maximize the chances of winning.
However, to win at Monopoly Live for sure, you may still need to place a bet on the sectors such as ``Rolls``, with the biggest returns. In fact, there are 54 segments, and there are 4 ``Rolls``, which means that with each spin of the wheel, there is a high chance of unlocking the bonus game.
If that high chance doesn't seem like enough, and Monopoly Live isn't worth it, you need to keep in mind that online casinos don't give anything away for free. Luck is the basis when you make a deposit and play random rounds.


The Martingale strategy can be considered the most rewarding Monopoly Live strategy in terms of cash prizes. It is risky when choosing the number, but it can offer big wins if you are really lucky.

Number 2 & 2 Rolls

This successful strategy consists of betting mainly on the number 2 and the 2 Rolls segments. You can get big wins, although you might think it’s not a good idea not to bet on all 4 rolls at first glance.

Number 10 & Rolls Progressive

This technique consists of betting on the number 10 and the two bonus segments. It may be a strange strategy, but it can sometimes be used on a Monopoly board.

Number 1 & Rolls

This strategy consists of placing bets on the number 1 and the two Rolls segments. You can win prizes with this strategy, but you must gradually increase your bets on the rolls after a few rounds.

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Monopoly Live Odds and RTP

As in many other board games, the RTP of Monopoly depends mainly on the bet you chose before the money wheel. The wheel of Monopoly Live is made of segments of the same size. The multiplier bonus of each of them can be seen. A lucky player can get 1 million CAD of winnings. Normally, several users play Monopoly Live simultaneously. Thus, the game can offer millions of instant cash during a single round.


Are you a fan of Live Casino games, and is Monopoly online somehow familiar to you? You should not be surprised, as it is a variant of Dream Catcher, another trendy game, although several features distinguish the two titles. Spin the wheel of the exciting new game of Monopoly Live, a unique and innovative game. Find a Chance segment like 2 rolls and 4, 2 rolls or 4, or any other rolls segments, and you will be rewarded with an instant win or unlimited multipliers after the dealer spins the wheel. You will love Monopoly. Its traditional design of the playing field, as well as each of the board game's specific elements and game pieces, will make you go back in time.


How do you play Monopoly live online?

It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is make a bet, and a live dealer will spin the wheel. The results of spinning the wheel will tell you whether you will win or not.

Is Monopoly live rigged?

No, Monopoly live is totally reliable in every aspect of gambling.

How to win on Monopoly live?

Every player has its strategy to win and make fun of Monopoly live.

What is Monopoly live dream catcher edition?

It is another Evolution Games game of a slightly different level. Players can also participate in the game in real-time.