A new government body in Ontario will manage the gaming industry

July 21, 2021 |

In order to properly conduct online gaming offerings in the Canadian province, the Ontario government has decided on new provisions regarding igaming. This is the creation of iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of (AGCO).

Peter Betlenfalvi from the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the opening of the online gaming market would occur in the fourth quarter of this year. This market will be a great opportunity for Ontario gamblers to enjoy legal gambling.

This market will benefit the province by providing a new source of revenue in this “post-COVID” period, which is economically challenging for some. In addition, since this new online gaming market will operate legally, it will curb unregulated gaming sites and provide greater security for players.

Since the AGCO is present to ensure the regulation of everything that depends on gaming in general, igaming will be under its responsibility, hence the difficulty of being faced with overruns. There is also the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), which will manage its own online gaming offerings through its website.

AGCO logo

The government has a role to play in overseeing the online gaming industry. Birgitte Sand, who is responsible for igaming, and the Ontario government are doing everything they can to ensure that the rules of the gaming market are respected.

Bill C-218, also known as the Regulated Sports Betting Act, repealed section 207(4)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada and has given Canadians more freedom to gamble since it was passed. Thus, this law now gives Canadians the right to bet on a single game or event.

For Doug Downey, Ontario’s Attorney General, who calls Parliament’s vote to legalize single-event sports betting “historic,” the birth of iGaming Ontario can only be another step forward in paving the way for safe and regulated online gaming markets.

Ontario’s Attorney General says they are ready to embrace the regulation of online gambling and work to make it a productive industry for the province. Ontario could be the leader in creating an online gambling climate that meets the expectations of the player who wants safety and legality above all else.

Indeed, it is only by passing laws to legalize online gambling sites that players will be able to access them with confidence. People who enjoy online gambling and betting prefer to log on to secure spaces where they are guaranteed the ability to withdraw their winnings. Ontario may have realized that only by providing legal cover for certain categories of igaming will specialized gambling sites become more popular and add value to the financial community.