BetMGM may not pay $3,000,000 to a woman because of a roulette “glitch”

July 12, 2021 |

BetMGM refuses to give millions of dollars in winnings to a casino player, arguing that this is because there is a problem with the game. As a result, there is the possibility of a lawsuit being filed against this online gambling site.

Millions in five days

Jacqueline Davis is undoubtedly an avid gambler. So, on March 18th, she chose a fixed odds online game called Luck O’ Roulette and continued to play until March 22nd on that same game. Jacqueline Davis is also a lucky gambler, as she was able to collect as much as $11 million with her initial $50. But since the game also has its low moments, her winnings went down to only $3 million because she dared to place a $5,000 bet. So, she chose to stop betting and get her money.

BetMGM company

Jacqueline Davis went to Detroit, where MGM Grand is based, wanting to take advantage of her winnings. She started by asking for an advance of 100 000 dollars on her winnings. She received it without any problem and returned to MGM Grand Detroit with the confidence to withdraw the rest of her winnings. To her surprise, the casino informed her that the $100,000 she had already received as an advance was just what she was entitled to. The only reason MGM staff gave for this decision was a game malfunction. Furthermore, the casino added that even the advance received had conditions attached.

This curious incident was the cause of much frustration for Davis, who has since sought support from those who know better than she does how these online gambling sites work when it comes to big wins. In an interview with local press, she assured them that she had no idea that the game was “malfunctioning” and that she felt it was only right that she continues to win since it’s “the aim”.

$100,000 to keep the secret

According to Ms. Davis, BetMGM told her the $100,000 was a gift, as long as she signs a confidentiality agreement and does not disclose the secret of the malfunctioning.

David Steingold, the player’s lawyer, assured her that BetMGM could not rely on the malfunction of the game because

The regulation requires checking that every 24 hours

as Ms. Davis had done it for five days continuously.

David Steingold denounces BetMGM

David Steingold raised an important point: if there is a real malfunction, did BetMGM refund those who lost money in the game “Luck O’ Roulette”.
There was an identical case in the United Kingdom where the court gave a favourable decision to the player who eventually received his full winnings.