BetRegal becomes official CFL sports betting partner

August 9, 2021 by

Now that there is the regulation of sports betting in Canada, we are seeing more and more people flocking to gambling sites to make sports bets. The popularity of sports betting sites will be even more intense now that it has been learned that BetRegal has just been adopted as an official partner of the CFL to manage online sports games.

Sports betting fans will be able to play at their leisure in the casino and betting hall thanks to a multi-year partnership agreement between the Canadian Football League (CFL) and BetRegal.

The Canadian Football League adopting BetRegal as its official partner is delighted with this choice which increases the number of fans of the league and creates a kind of dynamic regarding its various sports activities. The fact that BetRegal is of Canadian origin only increases the access to the gaming sites managed by this organization, accumulating successes everywhere it goes. Already, in Europe, it has made a name for itself as a reliable gaming partner.

CFL Ball

To mention only Ireland among others, we can recall that BetRegal has made the Irish people happy by being the worldwide betting partner for the Irish Premier League’s Dundalk FC. It is now time for this organization to make the Canadians happy as well, and they think that this first entry into North America is a great choice for them.

In fact, Canadians who are new to sports betting will have a lot of fun with these new gaming sites. For its part, BetRegal will make sure to manage the way young people frequent its sports betting sites while ensuring the positive motivation of league fans.

Thus, the CFL-BetRegal partnership looks good to promote the league's activities and create a climate of well-being and reliability among sports betting fans. So, for example, BetRegal will be there for the Grey Cup playoffs. Advertising campaigns are conducted, and several media interventions are planned to highlight the league and what partnership with BetRegal promises. The league will also be present during the weekend of the Grey Cup, which looks like a good omen.

New promising projects are in sight for the 2021 CFL season. There will be free sports betting and attractive promotions such as CFL seats, the 107th Grey Cup race, and participation in a pick’em game to encourage players to embrace this new partner. BetRegal is in Canada to breathe new life into the league and offer fun to all those who enjoy sports betting.