Betsson acquires stake in Canadian start-up Slapshot Media (28% stake)

August 18, 2021 by

Since the proposed Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, was passed by the Canadian Senate in June 2021, it is noticeable that there is now an increased interest in this gambling world in the province. Some companies specializing in this field and the media that support them can be cited as examples.

In addition, some big companies and big names in the business world do not hesitate to become shareholders in these companies whose main activities are games. For example, it is announced that Betsson Perch Investments AB, a subsidiary of Betsson AB, has signed an agreement to acquire 28% of the shares of Slapshot Media, a Canadian start-up.

It is not by chance that Betsson Perch Investments AB has chosen to become a partner of the start-up in question. In fact, if the company has committed to investing such a large sum of money, namely 3 million Canadian dollars, it expects to benefit greatly in this large regulated gaming market that is opening its doors to many.

Entry to the North American Gaming Market

Large-scale projects are on the horizon for the two new partners. Slapshot Media has high hopes of moving to a higher level in the way online gaming marketing is handled.

Therefore, it will be paying more attention to creating localized sports content in line with the newly regulated gaming market in the provinces. As for Betsson, they are so confident in their commitment because they are very hopeful that this partnership will take them far.

For example, it would have the opportunity to access the North American gaming market more easily, according to Pontus Lindwall, CEO of Betsson AB.

New shares of the gaming market

Betsson has entered into this partnership with the aim of acquiring more and more markets and hopes that it will lead to a safe development in the field of online gaming in general and sports betting in particular.

Even if, at the moment, only Ontario is working towards an online gaming license, which could be in effect by 2022, Betsson believes that judicious management of their partnership with Slapshot Media will lead them to the same goals envisioned by Ontario.

According to its CEO, Mr. Lindwall, Betsson has many ambitions. Betsson does not intend to limit its activities to Canadian companies but hopes to expand worldwide by further acquiring greater market share in the gaming industry.