Casino Insider Secrets You Never Knew

April 26, 2022 by

Do you know that casino and gambling operators have insider gaming secrets shrouded from players, leading to casino winnings instead of players? Want to know the essential casino secrets to reverse the game and have the edge over the house?

Read on!

Secrets That Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

The casino industry is booming exponentially worldwide. According to Statista’s worldwide casino report, the global market size of the gambling industry reached $227B in 2020 alone. This proves that casinos often win against players.

But here are a few secrets being aware of which might help you turn the tables:

Both Land-Based & Online Casinos Can Legally Ban You If You Win Too Much

Whether a land-based or online casino, they get alert when players win high jackpots. If a punter wins a maximum table limit, i.e., anywhere between $12000 and $55000, they will attract casino security’s focus.

Punters who continue to win and increase bankrolls exponentially will receive frequent visits from the gambling establishment. The staff may ask you to quit the table or convey that the casino can no longer afford you.

In addition, no matter what the casino type is, you may get legally banned if you continue winning big amounts. On the contrary, you won’t if you win big only one time. So, if you were lucky – change the casino, don’t come again.

online vs land basedcasinos

Casinos Make Gamblers Think They Have a Real Chance of Winning When They Really Don’t

There’s a range of wagering systems, from card counting to martingale and handicapping, meant to bluff punters into believing they stand a chance against casinos.

Instead of providing punters a way to win big, these so-called strategies only help casinos make more bucks.

Most Casino Chips Embed an RFID Chip

Many gambling establishments use “radio-frequency chips (RFID)” to ensure security and other purposes. This chip enables gaming houses to monitor its movement and deactivate it if embezzled. Casinos can effortlessly check and stop any mega theft scam or scheme with RFID tech.

In addition to that, casinos can even tag principal patrons using this one-of-a-kind chip. This way, dealers will be able to view shady wagering strategies and winnings among punters.

Moreover, gambling dens can detect high-stake gamblers or high-rollers within players and offer them various rewards to continue playing and wagering like accommodations, free meals, etc.

RFID Chip in hands

Visual & Sound Effects Are All Here to Keep You Awake and Focused on the Game

Have you ever wondered why so many punters remain awake and focused on RNG games regardless of the lights, noise, and surrounding fuss? It’s primarily because of the music, soundtracks, and animations generated by various games.

With the help of sound and visual effects, casinos can keep players on their toes by spending higher than estimated on various casino games, from keno to video poker and slot machines.