Elements Casino Surrey is back in operation

July 19, 2021 |

After a 16-month shutdown, casinos based in British Columbia will welcome their customers back. Thus, one of the Great Canadian Gaming’s Elements Casino Surrey is back in action as of the beginning of July. This casino will operate under a corporation and will only allow access to a limited number of players in order to preserve their health as players while also ensuring the safety of the staff working in this space, as well as anyone who enters this place.

So, after this long break of 16 months, that is to say, since March 2020, the date of the decision of compliance with the health and safety protocol for all, there is, these days, hope. The province is taking on a new economically optimistic recovery plan. As a result, the casinos will be allowed to welcome visitors again.

Reopening on July 1st

From July 1, the official date of the reopening, there will certainly be new arrangements to be made by the casino owners after this long break. According to Chuck Keeling, speaking on behalf of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, the reopening will not be particularly easy. The staff will have to get used to the new hygiene rules and learn new habits in the way they deal with new customers.

Although the capacity for players will be limited compared to what it was before this health crisis, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s spokesperson, Mr. Keeling, believes that players will be happy to have their casino back. They will not hesitate to respect the security measures as long as they can return to their gaming tables.

In any case, this opening, which starts on July 1 with a limited number of players, will reach its full capacity on September 7 without restrictive barriers. Regardless of the new arrangements, players are happy with the reopening and happily return to their gaming tables.

Elements Casino Surrey

Property Updates

Several other casinos have been reopened in British Columbia by The Gaming Corporation.

Chances Dawson Creek, Chances Maple Ridge, River Rock Casino and Resort, Casino Nanaimo, Elements Casino Chilliwack, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, Elements Casino Victoria and Hastings Racecourse have also reopened as of July 1, under strict health protocol.

Declining revenues

Financially, there was a significant impact due to casinos being closed in Canada for an extended period. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation was greatly affected. As a result, the firm experienced a negative free cash flow of C$70.5 million, an alarming figure compared to what the company had previously recorded. In the first quarter of 2020, the figure was 552.2 million Canadian dollars, while in the first quarter of 2021, there is only a cash inflow of 44.8 million Canadian dollars. This can only confirm the great negative impact of the casino break period..