Evolution’s Red Tiger develops first slot using NFT

September 15, 2021 by

Evolution, as a slot games company, is very active in making sure that its site is always up to date. They have been very innovative in introducing features that will further engage players. In fact, one of its product managers, Todd Haushalter, says that his company is always among the first gaming sites to create the event in this field. In this sense, the company has acquired four CryptoPunks for its new online slot game and will thus be the first site to integrate NFTs.

Evolution has taken advantage of the fact that crypto-currencies have become more and more successful and that online slot game designers have thought of taking inspiration from them. So Evolution wasted no time in buying four CryptoPunks. Red Tiger, as a brand of Evolution Group, is behind the design of this new game using CryptoPunks and whose patent has been filed on the Ethereum blockchain.

By adopting this NFT Megaways™ game which will be even more exciting thanks to the CryptoPunks 914, 3008, 4701 and 8143, created by Larva Labs, Evolution plans to attract more players eager for innovation.

Indeed, like all slot game sites, NFT Megaways™ goal is to encourage players to visit their site in order to have a good time. The principle is not particularly complicated, since all you have to do is catch punks.

In order to be in total cohesion with the crypto-active community, Evolution is keen to provide them with everything that can increase their enjoyment on their particular gaming site. With the Cryptopunk art currently in full swing, the company is therefore actively working to launch it as soon as possible. Crypto-actives will finally have at their fingertips customized slot machines, since they employ the crypto trend they prefer to use.

CryptoPunks slots game is thus embraced by the company as it is constantly looking for innovative methods in the field of gaming. Indeed, CryptoPunks is a new way to replace the pay symbols. The most interesting thing is that their multiplier can increase up to 30x. So, entertainment awaits for players and especially for slot lovers among the crypto-active community.  People with crypto tendencies will have to use the NFT Megaways™ slot game at their leisure.