Genius Sports becomes new partner for BCLC for official betting data

August 11, 2021 by

Ever since Canada regulated single event sports betting, partnerships have been formed between online gambling sites and sports associations. Thus, Genius Sports unveils its new official partner, which is none other than the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). According to the multi-year contract it has established with the data provider, this lottery operator will be present to manage sports betting in Canada.

Since the Senate of Canada has resolved to make single-event sports betting legal under Bill C-218, the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, BCLC, through its partnership agreement, will be able to use Genius Sports’ LiveData and LiveTrading solutions. In fact, BCLC is right in the middle of online gambling and betting businesses such as lottery, bingo and sports betting. In fact, the third largest province in the country manages this entire gaming world on behalf of British Columbia.

The sports betting business is still in its beginning stages in Canada and is now experiencing a great boom. This is evident by the speed with which the partnership between Genius Sports and the BCLC has come together. Already, a large number of sporting events have been scheduled, much to the delight of players. We must not forget to mention the Canadian Premier League, the English Premier League and the Euroleague Basketball, which have joined this ongoing partnership so that their competitions will be included in the betting package.

BCLC logo on the white wall
It is important to note that those in charge of the betting world are making sure that it is done legally and that the rights of the players are respected and fully guaranteed. It is on these points in particular that the CEO of Genius Sports, Mark Locke, insists. He wants to make sure that consumers can access these gaming sites in general and sports betting sites in particular in a safe manner.

Reliability is essential in the gambling world, especially since there is so much competition in this field. So, if a consumer sees the slightest flaw in one gambling site, he or she will not hesitate to choose another. This is how important the smallest details are, such as speed, accuracy and others. BCLC does not lose sight of this competitive spirit because it has to intensify as much as possible this market of sports betting in Canada.

It is not by chance that BCLC has chosen Genius Sports. Finally, this information about the management of Genius Sports: Kimberly Williams Bradley, who is a member of the Genius Sports Audit and Compensation Committee, has been appointed as its independent director.