LeoVegas Wants Players to Stop Winning? A Sudden Drop in RTP

February 11, 2021 |

LeoVegas are one of the biggest online casino brands in the world, although they’ve been recently getting some bad press after it has emerged that the RTP for some of their online casino slot games have been lowered overnight.

For the uninitiated, RTP stands for Return to Player and a percentage figure highlights what the RTP should be for each game.

The closer the figure to 100%, the higher the average payout rate for that particular casino game and customers pay close attention to this when choosing what games to play.

It appears as though LeoVegas have recently amended some of the RTP’s when it comes to the casino games offered by software provider Play’n Go. On 27 January 2020, it was reported that several of the Play’n Go games were unavailable for a short time period at the LeoVegas website. However, when they came back, the Return to Player values had dropped in some instances.

Have LeoVegas Dropped RTP’s For Some Casino Games?

One casino forum user claimed that some of the Play’n Go games are now running at a lower RTP. On 27 January, it was reported that Tome of Madness had dropped significantly from 96.6% to 94.5%. This represents more than a two percent drop in the average pay out which is very significant in the world of online casino.

Player complains about LeoVegas "update"

Player complains about LeoVegas "update" mobile

Another casino forum user also claimed that Red Tiger now had a lower RTP and that Push Gaming had also been removed, with speculation that LeoVegas were involved in a cost-cutting exercise and now only trying to promote casino games with a lower Return to Player value in the hope that the majority of players wouldn’t notice.

Player complains about the lowering of RTP in RedTiger

Player complains about the lowering of RTP in RedTiger mobile

It appears that Pragmatic Play also saw a recent drop in RTP and one customer reported that the previous RTP had been culled from 96.55% in favour of 94.55%. While these reductions don’t look drastic on the face of things, it significantly increases the margin from the operator side.

Player outraged by the drop RTP in Pragmatic Play

Player outraged by the drop RTP in Pragmatic Play mobile

Will LeoVegas Lose Customers As a Result of Dropping RTP’s?

Many customers regard LeoVegas as the number one online casino due to the fact that they have a lightning quick website and mobile app, while they also have games from all the big software providers so that hundreds of slots can be enjoyed at the site.

The high RTP’s and player benefits are cited as being a big draw for why LeoVegas customers come back on a frequent basis.

With the big issue being that several other casino operators are actually muscling in and aiming to increase the RTP when it comes to several slot games.

Some experts have suggested that LeoVegas previously had an unsustainable business model where they were giving customers too much in a bid to grow and compete in a more favourable light against their competitors, although they have now had to rein things in and the lowering of the RTP is a belt-tightening exercise which can be done without some players noticing.

It’s clear that many customers are angry about being short-changed and it’s the fact that the lowering of the RTP values which have been done in such a secret way that has caused so much consternation. There was no announcement that this was going to be done and it has also been noted that you can’t actually find a visible RTP for certain games.

Do Most Casino Customers Care About LeoVegas Decision?

While eagle-eyed casino customers at LeoVegas might have spotted a few alterations on the Return to Player front, it’s fair to say that the majority of players won’t notice these deductions and carry on playing as per normal. After all, the game play will remain exactly the same in all cases and it’s not as though the RTP triggers an exact payout per 100 spins.

Therefore, no official notification means that only a small handful of customers will be alert enough to spot these alleged changes and they only account for a tiny percentage of the traffic that LeoVegas receives on a daily basis.

Shocked man at his laptop

It has been pointed out that the fact that LeoVegas have such strong casino benefits means that players can earn something extra on many of their deposits, thus meaning they are not going to care all that much when it comes to the RTP of their favourite games.

It should also be pointed out that not all the RTP’s have been lowered, while this might sometimes be the decision of the actual casino software provider and that the online casino operators are powerless to do anything but enforce the changes on their site.

It will be interesting to see if casinos become more transparent when it comes to the RTP or whether they will continue to discreetly alter things behind the scenes and hope customers continue to play.