Ontario releases updates on regulated iGaming market

November 22, 2021 by

Ontario, planning to launch its iGaming market and in an effort to allow private operators to operate legally in the province, has released important updates to ensure the conversion of unregulated casinos to regulated ones. This is the approach Ontario has decided to take in order to get rid of all illegally operating casinos.

The market will be operational in early 2022, due to a few final steps, according to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The AGCO has previously stated that it is in the process of accepting applications from potential operators and reviewing them.
iGaming Ontario, which is part of the commission, is taking on the evaluation task and assures that the licensing of the operators should not exceed the beginning of 2022. This will allow them to start operating and offering sports betting on a single event.

First steps

iGaming Ontario is also managing everything related to the terms and conditions of the commercial agreements and expects to finish this process soon. Gaming operators registered on the Gaming Ontario portal have been provided with a draft of these terms and conditions in bulk, but they are not permitted to disclose the content under any circumstances.
The AGCO and iGaming Ontario have asked potential operators who offer unregulated online gaming opportunities to immediately suspend those activities and disassociate themselves from grey market operators if they want to be licensed. Thus, the commission will ensure the migration of players registered in unregulated online casinos to regulated ones, which are undoubtedly more reliable and transparent for players.

Canadian flag in the sky

iGaming Ontario, which is mainly controlled by the AGCO, will take over not only the supervision and management of the iGaming sector but also the administration and enforcement of the guidelines in the province, through an autonomous staff and board of directors, under the leadership of Danish consultant Birgitte Sand, who specializes in the sector.

Powerful start

iGaming Ontario has opted for a personal touch by changing online gaming rules in the province a bit. For example, the Auto-play feature found mainly in slot machines will be banned. The players themselves will now set the setting of spin time in seconds. And there will be no advertisements that entice players to bet more or deceive them into believing that online gambling can offer financial prosperity and guarantee success in life.