Ontario updates its online gaming legislation

July 29, 2021 by

There are new measures regarding online gambling in Ontario. First of all, it is worth remembering that the province of Ontario has only recently entered the world of online gambling and does not have a long tradition in this field, which is becoming more and more successful around the world. Those who want to make iGaming Ontario even more successful are keen to impose new regulations.

The new regulations are for spins that last at least 2.5 seconds and also for the banning of automatic game functions. These are not the only innovations with immediate effect in the world of gaming in Ontario. There are many others. In fact, since it took over everything related to the world of gambling, iGaming Ontario, as a subsidiary of Alcohol and Gaming, has been keen to manage this organization in a well-regulated manner. Therefore, it has decided to impose specific conditions on any player accessing its gaming platform.

The player is supposed to consider any online game spin as a commitment, which automatically forbids him to apply any auto-play. This will prevent him from making sequential spins since a minimum spin time has been decided. When making bets, the player is faced with his own choices and is fully aware of the results that may result in terms of possible gains.

Ontario iGaming logo on city background

Other measures are planned

There are also other measures adopted by the organization, which are designed to provide more fun for the player. For example, they offer the opportunity to play different slot machines at the same time. On the other hand, it imposes certain restrictions, such as the prohibition of playing on multiple screens or split screens.

As for the animation in the game, it has been planned to remove it in cases where the result obtained by the player is lower than the initial bet. Furthermore, regarding the displays, the player’s balance will be shown only in Canadian dollars. Finally, given the importance of advertising on these gaming sites, there are certain measures taken in this regard.

Responsible marketing

Young people are undoubtedly attracted to gaming sites, which is why, among the new measures taken by iGaming Ontario, the organization has placed certain restrictions on the advertising themes adopted. For example, these themes must adopt language that does not attract minors. Also, advertising signs that promote gambling sites must not be located near schools or promote gambling as a source of easy money.

The actions of iGaming Ontario are welcomed by a representative of Torstar Corporation, which is keen to develop the gaming world in the province further. Indeed, it seems that this gaming organization has chosen to adopt its new measures at the right time as individual legal sports betting will soon be available in the territory.