Saskatchewan government and FSIN sign Agreement for Online Gaming Site

September 29, 2021 by

It’s a big first for the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. The province will have its own online gaming site. Gaming enthusiasts will no longer need to travel to other regions as Saskatchewan is expected to have its own site starting next year. This will give those who wish to pursue their hobby a more accessible way to gamble and bet on sports online.

The agreement that has been reached in this area has required a great deal of effort on the part of the authorities involved in the establishment of these types of sites in Saskatchewan. The legal framework was respected when the contract was signed between the FSIN (Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations) and the province of Saskatchewan. Therefore, the online gaming site will be available starting next year.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, under the aegis of which the online gaming site will be established, will act in such a way as to make the world of online gambling and sports betting more widely known in the province. It should be pointed out that when the amendment between the province and the Federation was signed, it was stipulated that the revenues from this online gaming site would be shared equally between the two parties, namely the Federation and the province.

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The world of gambling and sports betting is not totally unknown in the province. Indeed, there are already a number of casinos supported by the Gaming Commission. These include the Dakota Dunes Resort and Casino in Saskatoon, the Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert and the Gold Eagle Casino in Battleford.

The new online gaming site will be implemented under certain conditions that must be met. It is expected that it will also be a good opportunity to enhance the existing land-based casinos in the province. It will also be an opportunity to create new jobs in the development of the site and to make effective arrangements for its maintenance and daily updating so that it is easily accessible to potential players.

According to officials who encouraged the decision to establish a sports betting and gaming site in the province, the site will have the potential to have a positive impact on First Nations communities.