The New Dawn for Responsible Gambling: GameSecure partner with Sightline

May 28, 2019 |

Currently, there is a gap between payment systems and self-exclusion programs. Bencon Technologies Inc. and Sightline Payments teamed up to develop a solution that would bridge it.

Bencon Technologies is a company that provides GameSecure iGaming solutions for operators and regulators interested in responsible gambling. Sightline is a payment processing system well-known for its Play+ platform.

This partnership will help block vulnerable players from gambling in real-time by refusing access to the payment option and gaming content at the same time. It should be noted that this only applies to players who sing up for the self-exclusion program, which is designed to help them manage their gaming habits.

It is impossible to find the perfect solution to the problems for people who are highly susceptible to compulsive gambling. However, such partnerships are opening new opportunities to develop tools to help improve self-exclusion programs in the future.

In recent years regulators and operators are working closely on improving the situation with responsible gambling. Regulators are hitting casinos that don’t comply with fines, but self-exclusion programs are playing a much more significant role in finding a solution to the gambling problem some people experience.

Shelley White, CEO at the Canadian Responsible Gambling Council, said that he is happy to see these two companies partner to achieve something great. He also noted that it is vital for any successful self-exclusion program to have better safeguards in place.

On-site ATMs at casinos and betting shops had the self-exclusion option available for years. Now the iGaming industry is catching up as well.


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