Online Casino Games

Thousands of platforms provide diverse, high-quality online casino games with much more exciting and attractive features than real-life prototypes. However, to make it easier to find the one, we’ve checked numerous most popular platforms from famous operators to compile a list of the best online casino games. Reading further, you will find the best online brands that provide all the popular games. Finally, learn the types of games, their benefits and other useful information to help you have fun.

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Reasons To Play Online Casino Games

Online platforms are available worldwide cover an enormous audience. Accordingly, they should provide an extensive collection of multiple games, generous promotional offers, instant payments, and lots of other peculiarities to retrain clients and make them satisfied.

Nevertheless, titles vary a lot as there are so many different features and genres of games. In this way, it may be hard for a user who has never tried such entertainment before to find a game worth considering quickly.

First of all, a player has a vast choice of titles and platforms to play. If they don’t like one, there is no problem finding another. You don’t have to be at any particular place that is very convenient. Another similar feature is that there are no time limits; digital gambling venues are available over-the-lock.

The amount of possible promotions is impressive. Each website is trying to exceed its opponents by offering more lucrative promos to its audience. However, you may try them all as you don’t have to play on a single platform only.

Top Online Casino Games

The preferences of players may vary a lot and fortunately, they have a wide choice to find a title that will bring them joy. Although, we’ve prepared the list of all types of casino games frequently offered on Canadian online casinos.

Roulette — one of the most popular online casino game


Gamblers love this game as there are so many possibilities to make a bet and win! The rules are not very complicated, but they may vary depending on the version of a game. Usually, players need to predict where a ball will stop on the table. What makes such a game interesting is the variety of options to make a bet, as you can expect a number of a section, its colour, if this number is odd or even, and so forth. A player who made the closest prediction to the result wins. Playing roulette online, the ball spins each time randomly, so the probability of winning is based only on luck. There are many versions of this game on the market, but the bulk of titles are based on these several ones:


This version is an original one that came from Europe. It’s considered easier to win for players. There are 37 sections, one of which is zero. If the ball stops at zero, players lose. The amount of winning depends on how risky a bet was. Consequently, ones who predict the right number receive bigger awards than others who pick the right colour, and so forth.


The main difference between this version and the previous one is the number of zero sections. Here two zeros increase the probability of every player losing. Nevertheless, in some variations of this version, participants of a game have more expanded possibilities.


The main rules of such one are almost the same as the Classic version. However, the table differs a lot. Some variations of this version have lesser variants to bet. Nevertheless, one of its main peculiarities is a possibility to get half or total stake or a lost Outside bet if the ball stopped at zero section.

Online casino game with the live dealer


One of the most popular online casino games ever! It has pretty simple rules that attract many players. Nevertheless, some points may vary as this game has a lot of variations. As a rule, players and a dealer receive cards—a gambler who has a total number of points closest to 21 wins. However, a player loses if a dealer has the most relative value or the sum is bigger than 21.  Numeral cards except 10 don’t bring any points, while face cards bring 10 points to a player. The value of ace may vary from 1 to 11. Also, players can take some additional cards to improve their state and multiply their stakes. Other rules may differ in different Online Blackjack versions. The most popular variations of this game you can meet playing on gambling websites are:


A dealer gets two cards along with players. One of these cards is face down. A player needs to have more points than a dealer, but not exceeding 21. If a croupier has an ace and any card bringing 10 points, all other game participants lose. This version is pretty simple and suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, it’s not dull at all. Playing against experienced gamblers may become quite dynamic and fun. Also, the number of decks may vary up to 8.


Usually, the rules are similar to the ones in the American version. However, it may vary. The main feature of this variation is the variations of the winning. In this way, by making an additional bet, a player can get special prizes by having particular combinations of cards. These points may vary a lot, but there are pretty profitable awards or even a possibility to get the whole bonus in most cases. Such a version is not complex, but it is usually preferred by more advanced players who like to make much bigger bets.


In this version, there are no face-down cards. So, a dealer initially receives only one card. The second one he gets only after players decide how they want to act next. It’s a benefit for dealers as in the American version; if they have an ace, they can check their face-down card, and if there would be 21 points in total, the game ends. However, here players can get multiple stakes and, after that, immediately lose. However, it has some advantages for players as well. There are only 2 decks that make it easier for gamblers to calculate the possible outcome.

Video Poker

Such machines are entertaining to play with! They remind slot-type titles a lot, but they keep using poker rules. Features may vary, but usually, a player wagers and gets a random set of five cards. Unlike play