Blackjack Switch Online

Take a closer look at online Blackjack Switch if you're looking to add uniqueness to your favourite classic game. This variant is basically similar to the original. However, it has the spirit of poker in it. Explore new aspects and features with our expert guide. And also, review the list of online casinos in Canada that we've already checked to make your search easier. You'll find it below on this page.

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What Is Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is a card game similar to its classic version but with a few peculiarities – you are dealt two hands and can switch the top cards between them. Moreover, the house edge is about 0.58%. Quite intriguing compared to the annoying rainbow slots, isn’t it? If you are tired of boring fruit machines or board games, it’s high time to give it a try. Understand the game more by exploring its main rules, strategies, and other helpful details.

Main Rules for This Game

The main peculiarity of the switch blackjack card game is betting on 2 hands. It’s called Switch because one may exchange the cards between those hands. Such a detail greatly increases one’s chances to win. Since the game implies wagering on two hands, the player bet amount will also be multiplied by two. So, calculate how much you wish to wager. When playing online, the gaming software automatically places the wager on the second hand as soon as a player confirms the first one.

Other significant details:

  • A dealer loses just when getting 23 and higher;
  • When a player gets an Ace and a 10, the combination is not paid out as a blackjack;
  • In case a dealer gets 17, they usually hit;
  • The game pays even money.

All new players need some time to grasp the main idea of the game. For instance, when you discover slot gameplay, you begin to learn what per-spin bets, symbols, and other terms are. When playing roulette, you learn to spin. The same process takes place here.

Dealers Will Peek for Blackjack When They’re Showing an Ace

When you ask the question, “How does online blackjack work?”, you’ll realize that the main secret is to remain attentive without showing it. For instance, by observing the dealer in action, you are sure to notice that they peek once revealing an ace.

Dealer Hits a Soft 17 in Most Games

Every time a dealer has a 17, he’ll hit. The rule is called Soft 17, and by knowing it, you may better predict the game outcome. While it’s not the only rule, you should pay attention to the dealer’s hand value and take note that 22 is not a bust: just 23 and more counts.

Insurance Is Available and Pays 2:1

While it sounds very appealing, it’s better to avoid this. When practicing online blackjack switch, gamblers may use insurance. However, it’s not a smart approach. There is no way we can forbid you to take it, but relying on payout statistics, avoiding it is a smart move.

Players Can Double Down after Splitting

Another great advantage of the game is a right to double down after splitting here. It’s another twist of the game policy one has to account for when working on the way to a victory. Remember it when managing your bankroll for max profits.

Blackjack Pays 1:1 Instead of the Usual 3:2

Probably, the essential thing to consider about this game variant is the payout. It’s one of the rules you should keep in mind and use to your benefit.

Blackjack Switch Reference Charts

Another peculiarity worth discussing is that you may rely on the reference blackjack switch charts. They conveniently show how to act once you receive the cards and what to do next! You may rely on them until you are confident about your skills and decisions.

Pair Splitting

Using this chart, you may easily learn about the possible scenarios when keeping the pair together is more beneficial than splitting and vice versa. It’s especially helpful to beginners who don’t quite get the system yet.

Soft Totals

It’s a helpful chart that allows gamblers to benefit the most once they receive an Ace. Use the chart to create the best combination and win the round.

Hard Totals

The chart guides high roller players through the best algorithms for an inflexible hand. Using this information, you’ll be able to avoid weak card combinations.

six dealers playing blackjack

Blackjack Switch vs Traditional Blackjack

To help you get a comprehensive image of this blackjack variant and its peculiarities, let’s review it in contrast to the original version. Pros and cons of blackjack switch vs blackjack:

Blackjack Switch Pros and Cons

• Lower house edge (about 0.58%);
• A possibility to switch cards to build a winning combo;
• Gamblers may double on any total as well as split up to 4 hands (if the rules permit);

• Any dealer has a total of 22, while gamblers 21;
• 1:1 payouts are less profitable than 3:2 in the original version.

Traditional Blackjack Pros and Cons

• A bigger selection of algorithms and strategies to choose from;
• The rules are simpler to comprehend;
• Gamblers may manage the bankroll easier and bet on one hand (including the dealer’s);

• Higher odds (compared to the Switch edition);
• Some players get tired of playing the same basic edition.

Best Blackjack Switch Strategies

Nowadays, gamblers may pick from three different blackjack switch strategy options. Choosing one is important because it helps players lose less money and increase their success rate. Depending on how experienced you are and how much time you are willing to spend mastering new algorithms, you may pick from simple, advanced, and Arnold Snyder ones.


The title is self-explanatory because this strategy is truly easy. Using it, you may easily learn how to play blackjack at a casino, no matter if you gamble online or offline. It’ll work with both situations the same way. Here a gambler should follow the chart to define whether to hit, stand, split, or double (if the rules allow).


If you are ready for a complex approach, the advanced strategy is a must. Regardless of whether you play free blackjack switch or bet real money on the hands, this algorithm has a lower cost of mistakes (only 0.08%). To apply it properly, one must sum up the points for each hand and select the bigger combo.

Arnold Snyder

After you dive into the blackjack switch practice, you are sure to come across the Arnold Snyder strategy, too. To comprehend it in detail, you’ll have to read his book. It’s a simple yet effective strategy, which secures 0.2% error cost. The author offers a detailed protocol for switching decisions.

Mobile Version of This Game

The idea of casino games on the go is not new. Leading software producers have released various software, including blackjack switch, to preserve a smooth gambling experience and a possibility for gamblers to control multiple hands from mobile devices.


If you have an iPhone, you can easily find dedicated applications on well-known casino sites and enjoy betting anytime as long as you have a stable Internet connection. Sometimes, the installation process might be a bit complicated since iPhones don’t usually allow installing software from sources other than App Store. Nevertheless, with a few adjustments in the Settings, the app will easily appear on your home screen.


Virtually the same process concerns iPad owners who wish