European Roulette Online

European Roulette online is one of the most popular table games available on any device today. It’s hard to find another title in which a player has so many variants to bet. Furthermore, there is a great possibility to play roulette online without spending funds. So if you want to know more about this game and its rules, check out our guide and learn the best online casinos list that our gambling experts have prepared for Canadians.

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Intro To European Roulette

The game is extremely popular due to several reasons. First, unlike the majority of table games, this one doesn’t have any complicated rules. The table is divided into thirty-seven sections, including the “zero” one. A virtual banker spins the ball and the wheel in opposite directions. The main objective for a player is to predict where the ball will stop. The most exciting feature is the variety of possible bets that attract players as well.

Fortunately, the majority of the best gambling platforms provide a possibility to play this game for free. Thus, it’s an excellent opportunity to figure out how Online Roulette works and its main peculiarities and gain experience without any possible risks.

Best Online European Roulette Casinos 2022

There are a lot of great platforms offering a lot of diverse, high-quality titles. Unfortunately, such a wide choice can confuse a player and take quite a long time. Nevertheless, we’ve prepared a list of the best online roulette gambling sites to play European Roulette online. Every mentioned venue is trusted, so have no worries checking them out.

How To Choose The Best Online Casino

Selecting a new gambling platform to play your favourite titles, pay attention to such points:

Step 1

Security & Safety

Be sure that a platform encrypts all the data with an advanced protection system.
Step 2


Check licenses of gambling authorities and reviews by other players. Playing a game, you don’t have any doubts like “Is online roulette fair?” or “Is online roulette safe?”
Step 3

Selection of Roulette Games

It’s always good to try other versions of the game, such as Third Card, American, French, and so forth.
Step 4

Best Roulette Bonus Offers

It’s more exciting to play on a website with many promotional offers, tournaments, loyalty programs with the points system, and so on.
Step 5

Banking Options

Cash-out must be accessible and instant. A good casino must provide the most convenient and popular payment methods.
Step 6

Customer Support

If you have any troubles, there must be a support agent available 24/7 to help.

How To Play European Roulette Online

A gambler needs to follow several steps to start playing this game. However, the process is still straightforward, and it doesn’t require a lot of time to learn the basics of the game. Reading this guide, you will learn how to play Roulette Online.

Step 1

Choose A Game

Usually, gambling sites offer a lot of titles of various types. Furthermore, there may be different versions of a game available on a website. Some players may ask, “Are Online Roulette games rigged?” Playing on a trusted website, you will meet only fair gaming. The majority of platforms divide the offered titles by their genre, developers, and so forth. In this case, a player needs to find an appropriate title and join a lobby.
Step 2

Choose Your Stakes

The next step is to choose stakes. According to that, a player will get a different number of virtual chips for wagers. Consider that the amount of minimum and maximum stakes may vary in different titles.
Step 3

Place Your Bets

Players need to make a bet. They have a lot of options, including the possibility to bet several times in one round. The betting design varies in different titles, but users usually need to drag and drop their chip on a certain position on the virtual table. Among the possible bet variants are:
  • Inside Bets.
  • Outside Bets.
They differ in the stake limits, probability of winning, and the amount of award. It's possible to multiply a bet. Also, players can cancel their wagering if they accidentally placed a wrong bet.
Step 4

Hit The Spin Button

After a player makes all the bets they want, it’s time to press the “Spin” button. By using a special program code producing random values, the ball will stop in different positions every time.

European Roulette Bets

There are many betting areas in European Roulette online. Players can make them according to their bankroll, style of playing, and strategy. However, it may not be clear for newbies what the difference between bets is. Knowing the information below will help you to get into online casino roulette betting.

Inside Bets

These bets cover the sections located in the middle of the table. They are very risky as the probability of winning is low. This type of wagering features players who like to have thrills, play big, and have enough experience. They include:

  • Straight Up. Players bet on a single section. Accordingly, they choose only one number. Indeed, it’s the most complex to predict such a section successfully, but it brings a prize.
  • Split Bet. In this case, a customer bets on several sections located in turn. The possibility of winning is considerably stronger, but it is still pretty low compared with other bets.
  • Street Bet. This time, a player bets on three numbers that form a row.
  • Corner Bet. The client bets on numbers in the same way, but now there are four of them. The set of such sections form a corner.
  • Line Bet. The same as the Street Bet, but in this case, a player can bet on two rows simultaneously.

Such bets are one of the basics in online roulette. However, the risk of losing is high.

Outside Bets

This type of wagering is recommended for newbies. In some versions of the game, such bets may allow players to get some percentage of their bet if the ball stops on the zero section. These bets cover not certain numbers or sections but much wider frames. For example:

  • Column Bets. A player bets on the whole column of 12 sections. It’s pretty easy to win as there are only three possible variants of this bet. Consequently, the chance of success is high.
  • Bets on Dozens. During every spin, a player may bet on the set of 12 numbers.
  • Bets on Color. This bet includes 18 numbers located snakelike from 1 to 34.

Even or Odd Numbers

It’s a special type of Outside Bets. They are not profitable as the sum of the initial bet gets back to a player in the case of success. Hence, a player can bet on:

  • Odd or even numbers.
  • High or Low numbers.
European roulette online game screenshot

Winnings Tips & Tricks

Fortune is probably the most important requirement for winning in any gambling game. Nevertheless, no one will argue that some peculiarities may change a game’s outcome if a player notices them in time. To find the best place to play Roulette Online and check out the tips below.

Play For Free To Get Th Hang Of Things First

It’s not a secret that experienced gamblers play better than new ones as they roughly know the answer to the question “How does Online Roulette work?”. Fortunately, it’s possible to practice avoiding the risk of losing funds. At first, it’s not necessary to use some special strategies –learn the basics of the game and receive your first natural experience. Eventually, you will be a step ahead of other new players playing European Roulette online.

There Is No Magic Strategy

A lot of players ask, “How to win Online Roulette every time?”. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find a tactic that will always bring success. Such strategies only help to increase the probability of winning. Nevertheless, it’s pretty helpful to know many different tactics as it may help you try them in various cases.

Understand The Math

A common on-the-spot question is “Is Online Roulette truly random?”. Yes, it is. The game is based predominantly on digits. However, understanding math may help you to make more wise decisions. For example, sometimes a tie bet may be much more profitable than some outside ones. Hence, it’s possible to positively respond to the question “Are Online Roulette games fair?’. However, don’t forget that the mathematical advantage of the wheel is much higher than the players’ one.

Have Fun Responsibly

Playing for real funds, set some time and cash limits once it may become a threat for you. It will never happen if you play responsibly. Remember that the pleasant game process is the main aim of any gambling game, not the profit and winning.

Best European Roulette Strategies

There are many winning strategies to play European Roulette online defined by players and available on the Web. Nevertheless, the majority of them are based on betting, and they can be divided into two main groups:

  • Progressive. Such tactics require a player to change the amount of bet with every round. Usually, they implement long-term playing. It’s recommended to use these strategies to make inside bets.
  • Non-Progressive. Such wagers are oriented on changing the advantage of a game to players. For example, to make a lot of bets on single sections. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that it will be paid off.

American VS European Roulette

American Roulette
  • Wider layout due to two zero sections.
  • A possibility to wager on the first five sections starting with two zeros.
  • The probability of winning is lower.
European Roulette
  • Lower house edge.
  • There is an optional rule allowing to get some cashback if the ball stops on zero.
  • Considered an easier one.

Final Thoughts

It’s a fun game that is available for free in most of the best gambling venues. Practice, learn strategies and train yourself. Roulette can bring a lot of great emotions. And who knows, maybe one day a big prize will be yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does European Roulette Work?

Players bet on numbers from 1 to 38. Then the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball. They spin in opposite directions. When the wheel slows down, the ball falls into one of the number cells, indicating a winning bet.

Where Can I Play European Roulette Online?

Most modern online casinos offer European roulette. You can also study the list of gambling platforms that we provide on this page.

How European Roulette Differs From Other Versions?

It’s considered the easiest one as there is only one zero section. Also, a player may use an optional rule when the ball stops on zero to bring some money back.