Keno Online

Online keno is a type of lottery that differs slightly from the traditional game. Although played with paper tickets, it can also be played online. It also uses tickets and payout tables. There are many platforms that allow you to play this game at any time of the day or night, from the comfort of your own home. Here we have compiled the best online keno casinos. To learn more about our selection, read below.

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Why You Should Play Keno Online

For this, you have five reasons. First, what is the most admired casino game in the world? Second, do not be too fast to say ‘the slots.’ No, this game is Keno. Here is why so many people play it and why you should try it as well.

  • Simple rules you can study in no time allow you to plunge into Keno online right away.
  • Though Keno tickets are on sale in literally every spot of the globe, you can purchase them even simpler online – right from your home, at whatever time.
  • You won’t squander your funds in a couple of hours since the game runs at a more sluggish pace.
  • Your chances are better than in other games.
  • You can develop a habit of playing Keno with your family or friends, even in online mode.

And that is not the whole story. However, let us be consistent and unscramble online Keno from A to Z.

How To Play Online Keno

To pleasure yourself with online Keno, simply perform the series of steps:

  • Pick one of the online Keno games
  • Tick one or more digits that look promising to you
  • Define the sum to bet on each draw
  • Decide on the number of draws

So, how do you play Keno online? Now you know there is no need to hone any special skills or hack complicated strategies to do it with ease.

General Information

Online Keno games are regarded as casino variants of a lottery. So, they possess all lottery attributes then, namely:

Keno Tickets. They represent a checked chart with digits, most typically from 1 to 80.

Pay Table. With its help, you can calculate your future payout.

Number Generator or Quick Pick. It selects digits instead of you if picking them yourself is too dull, difficult, stale, or whatever for you.


Keno game online rules require neither profound knowledge of keno betting strategies nor counting cards. Instead, stay within the bounds of the following:

  • Although 80 numbers are at your disposal, you are allowed to select no more than 15 or 20 in some Keno modifications.
  • The minimum is predictable – one may start with a single digit; however, some games require the selection of at least two numbers.
  • You can wager as much as 1 dollar per spot! However, to hit the jackpot, opt for the maximum amount available.
  • The draw is conducted electronically. So you only can come across those good old balls selected one after another only in Live Keno with a human Caller.

Pay Table

Regard it as your Keno calculator. Pay Table allows selecting the optimal number of spots and the sum to bet on them. The factors that influence the future payout make up:

  • number of digits selected
  • number of digits guessed
  • um wagered

You will soon discover that it is more advantageous to wager on 6 numbers and hit 5 of them than to wager on 15 and hit 5 of them.

Keno game demo online

Types Of Keno

Are there various ways of how I can play Keno online? Oh, yes. Regarding the gameplay, some Keno types can be sorted out. Here are some of the most typical:


  • One ticket with one selection of digits will play in the draw
  • The bet is more than affordable
  • The game is easy to keep track of
  •  The optimal variant for newbies to Keno
  • An admired type of bettors who prefer the same ‘lucky’ digits
  • ewer chances to win


  • A set of tickets play in the draw
  • The maximum of tickets normally equals 7
  • The maximum of digits to pick on each ticket equals 15
  • The more keys, the higher the stake
  • Better chances to win

Progressive Jackpot Keno

  • A standard-rule online Keno with a jackpot option
  • The jackpot is gradually accumulated as more and more punters join the game
  • When someone hits it, a new jackpot starts to increase until the story repeats
  • You only win the jackpot when you place the highest stakes allowed

Power Keno

  • The general rules do not change
  • It is required to pick from 2 through 10 digits per ticket
  • 20 numbers will be drawn
  • The more caught numbers you have, the more is the payout
  • The 1st ball caught multiplies your payout by 4. The same is true for the 20th

Types Of Online Keno Lottery Tickets

Now when we command our knowledge of online Keno rules and online Keno types, it’s high time to proceed with online Keno ticket types. Most probably, you will find four general varieties of them.

Straight Tickets

One set of digits is picked here. This type is the least complicated and the most preferred by beginners. The more matches the more it is paid. One participates in a single game.

Split Tickets

A Split ticket allows two straight wagers. However, it contains that single grid to pick digits, so one cannot select identical spots for different wagers – they ought to be different, too. Thus, one participates in two games with a single ticket.

Way Tickets

Here, multiple sets of digits can be picked on a single ticket. Moreover, one can combine them several times. This type requires certain skills in Keno games. The wager will cost more, however, this definitely improves the winning chances.

Combination Tickets

A Combined ticket actually allows combining straight and way wagers differently in a single ticket. It may seem too difficult, especially for the novice, however, this is only the first impression, and combo tickets can brisk the gaming experience.

Types Of Bets At Keno Game Online

Thus, ticket types define bet types in online Keno and you might have hacked how they work.

Type of Keno bet
Description of Bet
Straight Bet
This variant is the simplest. The punter places a wager on a set of spots and gets paid regarding the number of matches.
Way Bet
Here, one selects specific Ways – circled groups of digits in a single ticket, representing a separate wager. Each Way may not contain the same spots.
Quick Pick
When utilizing a Quick Pick, one only defines the number of spots to be picked. Then the computer system marks them at random.

Bonuses At Online Keno In Canada

How can you play Keno online for real money? First, all strategies should start from picking a reputed web casino with a solid bonus program. Yes, bonuses make up a big deal of your success in Keno. You have chosen a friendly operator if its promotions include at least

Special Tickets

Now we know all four varieties of tickets to play online Keno. However, the best web gambling houses will deliver you their special tickets with exclusive options to significantly push up your payout.

Sign Up Bonus

This traditional bonus established for newcomers will be handy for a Keno lover, too. Refilling your bankroll with free credits is not a bad start regarding that the playthrough conditions of this incentive for online Keno tend to be quite affordable.


An advantage of Keno played online is that the games often feature jackpots. They attract numerous punters, so Keno jackpots may be your chance to hit huge cash.

One can also expect other perks to support their comfortable gaming. For instance, most operators practice various loyalty programs with regular promos. Thus, frequent clients can count on No Deposit and Match bonuses, Cash Back, etc.

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Software Providers Of Online Keno Games

Though many top game developers have Keno in their portfolios, we present you only with some of the top-preferred within this review.


Net Entertainment supplies web casinos with an immense number of slot games. However, this developer has released only one Keno version at the time being. It represents a regular Keno game with medium-size jackpots.


Microgaming products are a way top-tier standards on the market. Its Keno title represents a traditional online Keno in the truest sense of the word. But it does not deteriorate its value – it is convenient and pleasant to play.


This variant can be more up-to-date since it is supplied with multipliers that can increase the payout up to 10.000x! In addition, five draws can be wagered at once. Although Playtech Keno does not feature any jackpot, it represents a fascinating experience.


A part of Evolution Gaming, Ezugi specializes in Live titles, so their Live Dealer Keno attempts to make online Keno more socializing. The draw is conducted in real-time mode here, and no RNG is employed. What is more, gamblers can chat both with each other and with the Dealer.

Again, you can still pick other developers’ Keno games and have an excellent time playing them. Chances you won’t encounter anything utterly different from those items described above, but who knows?

Banking Options

If you ask yourself, ‘Where can I play Keno online in Canada?’, look at the matter from the payment perspective. Choose only those that offer you a wide range of banking solutions. Their minimum list should include:
  • Visa / Mastercard / other bank cards accepted in Canada
  • Neteller / Skrill
  • PaysafeCard
  • PayPal
  • InstaDebit