Craps Online Casinos

Online Craps is a version of one popular table game. Even though it is not the easiest to learn, today, even a gambling novice can quickly master it. The game's object is to guess if the winning combination will fall after a roll of the dice. To understand how to do this properly, at CasinoValley, we've prepared a guide for you and compiled a list of all the best online brands in Canada where you can try Online Craps.

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What Is Online Craps

Online Craps is a gambling game in which punters place various bets and throw two dice, the same as traditional Craps. However, on watching a single session of Craps in a real casino lobby, one is likely to become perplexed with the whole deal characterized by the authentic Craps-style yelling and rapidness.
One would be confused while encountering the online Craps table. However, if spending some of your time on relatively easy rules, this fantastic pastime can quickly become your favourite. So how does craps work, then? Get all this craps thing sorted out below.

How To Play Online Craps

Once again, one plays Craps online with the classic rules. You come into the game by taking the following steps:

Step 1


Place a stake. At this stage, opt for Pass or Don’t Pass wagers.
Step 2

Come Out Roll

Throw the dice. When we speak about the online Craps game, the Roll button is employed here. The dice should show the so-called Natural, or in terms of numbers, 7 or 11 should be rolled to win the Passline wager.The outcome should represent craps proper, that is, a 2, 3, or 12 to win the Don't Pass wager. When you wager inversely, you lose. These are two modes of how the Round ends. However, other numbers may appear on the dice. The game continues then. You gain the point then and step into the next stage.
Step 3

Point Roll

Place a wager and make the dice be thrown. The objective here is to achieve that point taken at the Come Out stage. So you ought to wager and throw the dice till they show you the point. Then you double your cash.
Step 4


A 7 may appear before the point at the second phase of the game. The 7-out is your result, then. It means you lose the session.
Step 5

New Session

It all starts from the Come-Out stage again.

Table Layout

Each Craps strategy might begin with the golden rule of not being afraid of the Craps table. However, when examining it a bit more attentively, one notices that it contains a central part and two identical sections around it. Such layout became natural for the crowded lobbies of the pre-Internet era. Till the present day, punters can comfortably wager on both sides thanks to such a design. Sure thing, over twenty gamblers can join Craps there at once!

Thus, the classic table marking migrated to online Craps to save the genuine spirit of the game for us.

Betting Features

So, what you see on the screen is a set of sectors or fields designed to place versatile sorts of bets. The Proposition wagers sector occupies the central part. On the table’s both sides lie two copies of the Pass and Don’t Pass sections, Come and Don’t Come sections and the sectors for staking on the Odds, the Place, and finally, Field numbers.

At first glance, all this may seem too complicated, but do not believe your first impression. Let us go straight to the detailed profile of online Craps’ wagers.

Online Craps

Types Of Bets At Online Craps Games

Would you like to know how to bet on craps at the casino? Then study the stake variants that function the same for both online and land-based gambling houses. When mastering them, you ought to pay the most thorough attention to such indicators as the house edge and payout odds.


This is a traditional wager, to begin with, at the first phase of Craps. You opt for it if you expect a Natural to be rolled next. Thus, when seeing a total of 7 or 11, grab your win. If 2, 3, or 12 appear, you lose.

This option is rightly seen as the most common wager among those allowed in online Craps. Its main features are:

  • Odds: 1:1
  • House edge: 1.41%

Each newbie to the game will probably master the Passline first.

Don’t Passline

This is the inversed Passline wager. Therefore, Don’t Passline presupposes that craps make you the winner while a Natural will bring you the loss. Nevertheless, this is another optimal way to begin the game. Its features are similar to the Passline:

  • Odds: 1:1
  • House edge: 1.36%

Besides some specific wager types with the zero house edge, this one remains the best from this perspective.

Field Bet

Pay attention to the numbers placed in the Field and the Box sectors. A Field bet is called so because you wager on the Field numbers. Naturally, if the dice display one of them, you win the stake. When a Box number comes out, you lose it.

Take note of a 2 and a 12 often circled. These numbers have different payoff ratios.

  • Odds: 2:1 for a 2 and a 12; 1:1 for the other outcomes
  • House edge: 5.56%


The Craps game online table does not compose only the sectors described above. The others have their functions, too, so there exist other ways to place stakes. They might seem not so ordinary with the punters as those set above. However, they might be interesting to you. The main rule – learn how they work before betting on them.

For instance, no matter how far the game is, the Proposition Bets are always at your disposal. Grab a pair of examples:

  • Any Seven. Select to stake on it if you predict a 7 to be thrown next. Payoffs equal 5:1
  • Any Craps. Naturally, you expect here that the craps will appear next. Odds: 8:1
  • Ace, This is a stake on a 3. Odds: 16:1
  • Aces or Boxcars. Here, the stake is placed on a 2 or 12. Odds: 30:1!

These wagers’ payoffs might tempt anyone, especially the beginner. However, consider their house edge, too. For some of the Proposition wagers, it may rise to 17%.

Thus, mastering the entire variety of bet types represents an essential part of the comprehensive strategy for winning money playing Craps.

Different Types Of Craps Online In Canada

Canadians adore craps - it’s a fact. You can choose from an entire set of Craps online modifications. Let us glance over the most common of them.

Bank Craps

You may also come across its second name, Casino Craps. The punters’ objective here is to beat the casino instead of playing against each other.

Die Rich Craps

Perhaps, this variant represents the optimal version of online Craps for punters who have not honed their game knowledge yet. It runs with only one die. You win the Passline wager when it shows a 6, then. If the die throws a 1, the bet is lost.

New York Craps

This modification does not include many wager options, including those of the Come and Don’t Come. However, you can place stakes on the Box Numbers. Bear in mind that the house will hold 5% of the payouts.

Simplified Craps

What is the best way to play Craps from the point of view of a newbie? Indeed, choosing this variation! The only accepted wagers here are the Passline’s, the danger to bet on something completely wrong approaches zero.

High Point Craps

Punters adore that version because you will never encounter a total of a 2 or a 3. Of course, the dice can show it anyway, but no one will take it into account. To win, you only need to get an 11 or 12 displayed on the dice. The rest of the numbers are taken as the point. This variant house edge reaches a value of about 2.35%.


There exist more games of online Craps, namely, Crapless Craps. Its peculiarity lies in a practically ever-winning Passline. At least, it is widely considered so. Thus, whatever casino Craps online variants are on your mind, be sure to find the same old Craps, each having slight differences in wagering options.

Additionally, what one should never ignore while picking a Craps modification is its odds. Therefore, it also makes sense to select web casinos that show the highest rates of RTP, that is, a Return to Player percentage. This metric is the reverse side of the house edge. Thus, if a wager’s house edge equals 1.36%, its RTP will be 98.64%, respectively.

Online Craps Bonuses

One more piece of advice on how to play Craps online - bolster your position by accepting bonuses! Surely, Free Spins or suchlike would be useless here. However, there exist better propositions to ensure your extra rewards.

No Deposit Bonus

This perk is released using extra cash that your operator delivers you for playing Craps online. When its wagering rules seem affordable to you, do not hesitate to claim it. Thus, you will start to play without staking a single buck of yours!

Welcome Bonus

Designed for newcomers, this incentive enlarges your bankroll up to a certain percentage of the first deposit you place on it. That is common if one puts a sum on their bankroll and automatically obtains the same amount as a bonus. But, again, before you accept it, inspect its conditions.