Lottery Online

The online lottery is one of the best forms of entertainment. This game allows you to compete for the biggest jackpots. Unlike regular state lotteries, where you have to buy tickets to participate in the game, the online version has many game options. So if you want to learn more about it, stay on this page and read on. Here we have compiled the best online casinos where you can try your luck.

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Catch Your Luck with the Online Lottery

Can we play the lottery online? Unfortunately, even friendly operators do not always offer top lotteries accessible for international players. However, we did gather the best ones in Canada that present their clients with an excellent opportunity to try their luck in major lotteries available worldwide. Moreover, you are safe to use them since these providers have proper licenses and utilize only top-tier software.

Online Lottery Rules

How do online lottery tickets work? Even simpler than those purchased at the shop. The principles of any online lottery are always the same, with several slight variations.

Typically, lottery draws select:

  • 6 balls out of 49
  • 6 balls out of 59
  • 6 balls out of 90
In their ticket, punters tick a set of digits to their likings and pick a betting type. Has every participant done so, a colossal sum is collected very fast to form a jackpot. Then the draw is conducted. Usually, it has one pool with numbered balls, some of which will be randomly selected via spins to combine the winning set.
The player’s mission is to guess as many digits as possible. Then, if you get them all right, grab your jackpot.
If everybody has come to no good, the jackpot sum accumulates through the next stages until a lucky player hits it with all their numbers matched. Smaller winnings are also present - you get them when you have divined fewer digits.

How to Play Lottery Online

To start, follow a quick how-to below. Overall, you can play a lottery online in a very comfortable way. Then, right from your computer or any other device, pick a reputable web casino we have rendered above and proceed with a simple procedure.
Step 1

Register with an Online Lottery Site

Making an account is obligatory to enable purchasing of lottery tickets. Owing to the registration, you become a full-fledged participant of it. For that, you fill a sign-up form with a valid email and other contact information. The operator then sends you a confirmation link. You click it, and thus your bankroll is ready for a deposit that will allow you to stake in an online lottery.
Step 2

Choose the Country You Want to Play In

Yes, you have a choice here! It’s a fact; one can take part in overseas lotteries now. Even when you haven't citizenship of the country, its national draws can be exposed to your access.
Step 3

Choose Which Lottery You Wish to Play

Which online lottery is the best? You decide on it. This guide’s operators will open plenty of them. These might be billion-dollar draws of the US, France, Australia, Spain, etc., available online for international gamblers.
Step 4

Pick Your Numbers

Here, you can follow whatever strategy you like. Maybe, you have some lucky numbers, or you prefer to pick them right off the reel. Consider an extra service: the computer system can make the selection at random instead of you.
Step 5

Consider Betting on the Lottery through an Online Bookmaker

An option more is that one can stake through a bookkeeper. You might regard it as strange, but if you ask us if anyone has ever won the lottery playing online this way, we will answer ‘Yes! Regularly’. The thing is that one uses the ability to grab a smaller but still comfortable prize even if they failed to guess all digits. Thus, it raises your odds in comparison with those you have while playing directly in an online lottery game. To ensure success, one can do with both options at once.
Step 6

Check the Draw Results

One more advantage of Internet lotteries is that most operators offer you something like Check My Ticket or Check MY Lotto options. Thus, you won’t miss the winnings anyway. Besides, most tickets are valid for a period of 90-360 days.

Collect Your Winnings

Provided you participate in your national lottery, getting your payout is a regulated and straightforward procedure. What is required here is that you are this country’s resident and of full age. While playing in an overseas lottery online, you fall under the same strict rules of taking prizes out. But it doesn’t mean that your jackpot is lost.

Yours to command are so-called concierge services by collaborating with which you can safely get your lottery winnings no matter how big they are. Which is the best online lottery, then? The optimal solution here is to pick those that offer protection by way of a guaranteed payout. Therefore, you will get paid whatever sum gained in the online lottery anyway.

Types of Online Lottery Games

Online lotteries vary in the same way as offline. They differ mainly in the number of balls taken for the draw. Please take into account the most typical of them.

Picks Six Balls, Numbered 1-49

This typical variant determines a winning combo of six balls with digits chosen randomly out of 49. Punters ought to guess them by picking their own 6 hypothesized numbers and grab the jackpot. The order of the balls plays no role. Examples of such draws are La Primitiva from Spain or Lotto 6 Aus 49 from Germany.

Picks Six Balls, Numbered 1-59

The rules are absolutely the same as in the previous one—more balls and nothing more changes here. You pick 6 digits and wait for the outcomes. UK Lotto is an example of this variety.

Picks Six Balls, Numbered 1-90

When your preferred digits lie somewhere after 60, consider online lotteries where 90 balls are drawn. You still ought to guess six out of them. To try a draw like this, pick Italian SuperEnalotto and suchlike.

Bonus Balls

This type presupposes that additional balls are selected to make the game even hotter in the process of the draw. How to win an online lottery with an extra ball then? Imagine you have picked your six digits and guessed five of them. Only one ball has parted you from the jackpot; that’s a pity! However, do not be too hasty to get upset. In New York Lotto or UK Lotto or suchlike, you have an extra chance to gain a special prize if you have guessed this additional ball.


In these online lotteries, one does not pick any numbers as they buy a ticket with fixed numbers. A mere game of chance! But think about it one more time. This type presupposes that there will be a jackpot winner in any event since only the combos of the sold tickets participate in the draw. There exist raffles proper, for instance, Loteria Nacional  Extra in Spain. Moreover, lotteries like EuroMillions include raffles as additional rounds.

Other Online Lotto Options

Today’s online lotteries have much more variants tha