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In 2021, casino fans increasingly move to play slots online, especially due to its ease of access since online casinos make it easy to play the games anywhere and whenever. Check out our list of most trusted slots platforms in Canada.

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Discover the World of Online Slots

It is obvious that every player wants to choose only from the best online slot machine sites to get the best experience possible. However, the range of options is so vast that it is usually very daunting and confusing for a newcomer. The good news is that it is fairly easy to identify a viable gambling platform if you know what features and traits to look for, but more on that later.
For now, we will provide a list of websites that meet the requirements to be in the category of “great internet casinos” so you could have a reference. Try at least a couple of options to get a hang of their features and identify the best site to play online slots. Moreover, trust only objective ratings you can find on the official casino sites to avoid biased reviews and opinions that do not describe the quality of the casinos fully.

Why Play Online Slot Games

Modern gambling platforms offer a great variety of other games that draw the attention of many punters. Moreover, some of them seem to be even more exciting with more complicated gameplay, better return to player percentage, and higher odds. Nevertheless, slots still accumulate billions of dollars of profit for the internet casino industry. So, before diving into explaining how online slot machines work, let’s go over the major benefits of slot games as a casino activity.

Reasons to play:

  • Simple rules and gameplay that do not require engagement for long time periods. You can play for 15 minutes and still get your fund and even win;
  • It is almost a signature activity for the casino entertainment industry. It is one of the first games that come to mind while thinking of a casino;
  • The RTP rates of online slots are usually considerably higher than in real land-based facilities. If you did not have a chance to try it out there, it is never too late;
  • Pleasant bonuses make the wagering even more profitable if you know how to claim them properly;
  • Quite flat learning curve makes this casino activity a perfect choice for newcomers;
  • Huge range of options from the leading providers of the industry. Any punter will find the fruit machine that will meet his or her demands in terms of design, theme, and functionality.

How Do Slot Machines Work

Typical online slots are based on software that generates random numbers. The rest is the same as in real-life pokies – you have reels, paylines, and symbols. Symbols have different values and some of them even provide special bonuses. When symbols form a certain pattern on a payline across one or several reels, you win. While designing the majority of slots online, software developers clearly took inspiration and experience from creating the real fruit machines for land-based facilities.

“How do slots work?” is a reasonable question for a person that is only getting into online gambling and tries to figure out the theoretical part of it. Not surprising, as there’s much more to casino slots than the basic gameplay described above.


The main concept of a slot machine includes multiple reels that display different icons. The “Wild” icon is one of the symbols that you definitely want to see on the reels. Its main function is to replace any other icon to create better combinations. Therefore, it can become an icon of the slot, except for other “special symbols”.

In modern slot games, you can meet several versions of this symbol:

  • Sticky wild. Arguably, the most popular type of it. Its distinctive feature is that it does not disappear for one additional spin. It means that you do not have to activate it right when it pops up; maybe the following spin will be even better;
  • Stacked wilds; There is a chance to get more than one symbol for the spin at some slot machines. It is very lucky to get this type of combination because the chances to make it a winning one are very high;
  • Expanding wilds. After meeting special conditions, the player is able to trigger the activation of this type of symbol. Its main future is that it “expands” to make the whole row or column into wilds too.


Another symbol that multiplies the chances to win extra money. In fact, if you manage to get a Scatter sign, it will pay out an additional sum of money regardless of the conditions. It does not have to be in a particular place, or near certain symbols; you hit it, you get the money. The types of this icon differ only by the bonuses they grant in addition to bonus credits. Another common feature allows winning a jackpot if you get two or more of them in a row.


  • No bonus scatters. They increase your winnings but do not bring any additional features along;
  • Icons with bonuses. The most common promotions you can expect to get after getting several scatter symbols from this category are free spins for the slot or bonus rounds;
  • Scatters that provide a bonus trail feature. After triggering it the player gets to progress on the path to getting staggering awards by wagering at the slot.


As it comes from its name, this type of special symbol allows multiplying the total winnings from the bets on the lines. A number from 2x to 20x usually represents them, where “x” stands for the original winning you would get without the bonus. Moreover, it is even possible to hit this symbol while playing a bonus game too.

Best Slots Online for Real Money To Play In 2021

Return to player %
Secrets of Atlantis
Thunderstruck 2
Jurassic World
Elk Studios

Types Of Casino Slots

To make it easier to navigate through the variety of slots online in Canada, the websites usually divide them into different categories. This section of the article will provide useful and relevant information about the most common ones.


Brand new slots online often feature top-notch graphics and animation. This type of slot does not have anything special in terms of gameplay, but the availability of well-designed 3D models makes the visuals stunning. While it might seem like something not very important, you will definitely notice the difference with the higher resolution and top-notch quality of the sound effects of 3D slots online.

All of the innovative features add up to give the game an atmosphere and realistic look. If 3D slots are available, most players tend to choose them over ordinary ones, due to the improved visual qualities.


If you want to have a chance to win a “grand prize” while wagering at slots online, options from this category are for you. The sum of the jackpot is fixed and you can always check it in the description of the game. Moreover, if you think that it is impossible to win one, explore the payable of the activity to see if someone was lucky enough before.

Usually, to win a jackpot, you need to meet some conditions. For example, at some fruit machines, you need to hit at least 3 scatter symbols in a row to trigger a grand prize.


Classic online slots take a lot of characteristics from the fruit machines you can find in the land-based casino facilities. The number of reels is usually limited to 3 or 5, as well as the number of paylines. In a way, you can consider this type of slot as the basic version of the activity. Thus, it is best for the newcomers that are only starting to explore the world of internet gambling.

The interface and controls of such online slots are also made to comply with the looks of real fruit machines. Moreover, the gameplay is not complicated with bonuses and different types of symbols.


These internet slot machines feature a progressive jackpot bonus. You already know about regular grand prizes, so it will be easy to get a hang of this type of promotion. Basically, the value of the jackpot is not fixed here as it increases with every single losing bet from punters. When somebody wins the prize, its value resets to the base level and the process of increasing it starts over. It is important to note, that it is usually impossible to win the jackpot if it has not reached a particular threshold that is stated in the description.

There are even progressive jackpots that work for a slot from a particular operator regardless of the platform it played on. The value of this jackpot increases when the punters wager on it in different casinos, which is very impressive.


The most common type of slots you can find in any internet casino. The gameplay features are similar to classic slots, but the visuals and interface are much more modern. Another difference is in the wider variety of options in terms of the number of reels and paylines.

Red tiger slots online game

How To Choose The Right Game

We recommend considering the following factors while making a choice. Of course, every gambler is looking for the best online slot games to win real money but it always takes some knowledge to be able to identify those.

Volatility And Payout Percentages

The first thing to understand is that there is always a house edge at every gambling facility. The casino has to earn money to provide its services, which is why on average players lose more than win. However, knowing how the slots or any other game works allows choosing the options that are more likely to be profitable.
The volatility factor stands for the amount of risk you take while playing the game. Online slots with low volatility usually pay out less but more often, so you can say that the risk is actually lower too. High-volatility slots offer greater winnings but the odds are less favorable. Both options are viable, but it is up to your preferences.
As for the return to player, you can usually find it as a percentage within 95% - 98%. Even though internet casino slots use RNG (random number generators) to calculate the outcomes of the plays, the average payout percentage of the particular slot is fixed. The higher the RTP, the more likely you will earn money or at least break even.
Both of these technical characteristics of slot games can be easily found on the internet.

Number Of Paylines

In simple terms, the paylines are the lines that grant the player winnings if he or she bets on them. In fact, the amount of them varies greatly from game to game. For example, you can find casino slots with 10 paylines or with 200 paylines. You have to understand that the gameplay of the fruit machine depends directly on the number of these lines. The more of them are available the more options you have to bet on.

We recommend starting with lower numbers and progress to slots with more paylines afterward. Thus, you will get a hang of the basics of wagering and be able to place bets that are more complicated easily.


We have already briefly touched on the question of bonuses at slot games. The list of promotions you can expect to claim when playing slots online does not end on global offers like a sign-up bonus or cashback. Software providers include specific bonuses in their products too. For instance, hitting a certain combination at the slot may unlock free spins or a bonus game. Special symbols like multipliers, wilds and scatters can also be considered as in-game bonuses.

In general, slot-specific bonuses not only allow increasing your profits from it but also spice up the gambling experience. Always check the offers for a particular game before starting to wager.

Special Features

Some of the branded slots usually include special features like additional bonus rounds or special symbols. Moreover, you can also find unusual configurations of paylines and reels. There are even so-called “Tetris slots”, which rethink the gameplay of conventional slot games completely.

Software Developers

The current market of casino games mostly contains the products for the leading software providers. The major share of the slots online you see at gambling platforms was developed by some of them. Trying out solutions from various developers will help to form your own tastes and preferences in terms of interface, visuals, and gameplay because providers have the same approach to making all of their games.

Stick around to find out about the leading companies in the modern internet casino industry.

Payment Method Variety

Playing slots online for real money is unavoidably connected with money transfer operations. Being able to deposit and withdraw credits flawlessly makes gambling so much easier. While looking for the games to stick with, make sure they provide a decent range of payment methods.

Gameplay Experience

Last but not least important is the specific gameplay you are looking for. Even if you do not know about your personal preferences yet, think of the most interesting parts of gambling at slots and seek them while choosing the game. Of course, basic rules and mechanics are similar in all of the games from the category, but you will be surprised by how many differences they have.

How To Play Casino Slots

We’ve summarized the main tips on how to choose and play slots online for real money and free below. Do not avoid putting some time into the process, because your future experience directly depends on your current choices.

Find A Reliable Online Casino

The good news is that all the best sites to play slots online are similar in terms of the features and quality of the services, which makes it easier to choose from the wide range of options the current market offers.

A reliable Canadian slots casino has:

  • Great selection of gambling activities apart from the fruit machines. It includes action card games with live operators and dealers;
  • Modern interface of high functionality and usability. This feature makes the navigation through pages of the website easier and smooth;
  • Licenses from official gambling commissions and respective authorities. These documents prove the trustworthiness of the platform and give it the permission to provide the services legally;
  • High level of safety of personal information of the users. The website has to have decent encryption of the data to secure it from the external threats in the face of scammers and hackers;
  • The convenient banking system with a decent selection of payment methods. The absence of additional fees for money transfers is also desirable;
  • A separate mobile application or at least good optimization of the games for the devices running Android and IOS operating systems.

Check Out The Slots Collection And Play In Demo Mode

The newcomers might be unaware of the demo mode that allows playing slots online without actually betting any real money. In fact, some software developers include the option to try out every single game from their portfolio on the official website. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity to check the most interesting slots and get a hang of their gameplay before starting a serious game.

Register At The Casino

The next essential step is creating an account at the casino of your choice. The process usually does not take too long and all the steps are intuitive and simple. All you have to do is to fill in the blank spaces with valid personal information. It is crucial to use your own name and data because you will be banned for using invalid information.

This stage also includes a verification process. Major gambling platforms require providing scans or photocopies of some documents to confirm that you are the real person and make your account using valid information. It usually takes up to 48 hours to get permission to start gambling at the casino.

Play And Win

That’s it! Now you are ready to get into the game and start winning valuable prizes. Remember that the main purpose f gambling is getting fun and entertainment, so do not be too disappointed if luck is not on your side sometimes. Always try to implement strategies and acquire knowledge to boost your chances of overcoming the house edge and increase your profits.

Slots Online Tournaments For Canadians

If you know how to win at slots consistently and feel strong about your skill level, you might also enjoy the slot tournaments. Entrance to the competition is usually free or costs close to nothing but the fun you get is priceless. You not only have the chance of outperforming other punters but also get to win an additional money award for doing so. The prizes for winning such tournaments in Canadian casinos vary from 300 CAD to 2,000 CAD on average.

Popular Software Providers

It is time to look at some of the leading slots developers of the industry. Each one of them offers unique solutions and constantly raises the standards of quality. We can easily recommend the products from all of them.
Founded back in 1996, the company has 24 years of experience in creating some of the best online casino slot machines for internet casino activities. The portfolio includes almost 300 games that have generated over 58 billion dollars internationally in 2019. The company is truly global cooperating with 200 websites on providing desktop and mobile slots.
The company was established in 1994 and literally pioneered the market of technologies for online gambling. Famous for its high-quality software and multiple branded games like Terminator 2, Game of Thrones, and Jurassic Park, the company cooperates with all the major casinos on the market. The professional team of developers is responsible for every step of creating the games, so you can be sure of the consistency of the quality throughout the portfolio.
The rich history of the company takes its beginning back in 1980 when it started to produce fruit machines for land-based casino facilities. Currently, the provider uses the experience it has accumulated over the years to improve the selection of the online slots. 21 000 employees all over the world work together to supply their solutions to 1900 facilities internationally. The products of Novomatic brought over 1.7 billion Euros in 2020.
International Game Technology focuses on providing gambling activities of the highest quality to casinos of different countries. Its headquarters are located in London, England. In fact, IGT’s products can be found in 100 countries worldwide, which definitely proves the name of the company.
Yggdrasil Gaming
A fairly young company that was created in 2013 has already managed to conquer the hearts of many gamblers. It strives to create products that exceed the expectations of the customers regularly, with the list of new 2021 games including dozens of interesting games. With modern looks and an innovative approach to designing every slot, the company has an immense potential of growing even more.

Payouts Of Different Slot Machines

“Are slots rigged?” is a question that bothers the majority of newcomers. In order to get rid of biases and false assumptions, you should know about the way the payouts of casino games work.

Return-to-player (RTP) Explained

A percentage that shows the ratio between the amount of money players spend to wager on slots and the amount of payouts is called an RTP rate (return to player). For instance, if the game has an RTP rate of 95%, it means that for every 100 USD spent on it players get back 95% on average. Therefore, the higher this number is, the better it is for the gambler.

However, you should also understand that the effect of the higher RTP rate of the slot machine is only visible on a higher scale, after a certain amount of games. In addition, it does not guarantee that you will return 95% of your money.

How To Find The Payout Percentage

Major software providers usually provide technical information about their online slot machines. You can find it either on the platform you gamble on or on the specialized websites that review different games. You should not face any difficulties while looking for the RTP rate of the slots, because this information is always in open access on the internet.

The House Edge Explained

You might have noticed that the RTPs of the slots usually do not go higher than 98%. You may be lucky to find something close to 99%, but definitely not higher. The thing is that there is always a house edge in any casino facility. Essentially, the casino has to earn money for providing its services to be able to improve and pay for maintenance of the server and software support.

Nevertheless, the availability of bonuses and promotions allows making gambling profitable for those who know how to use them properly.

10001 Nights online game

Most Popular Games In Canada

To make the experience of getting into online slot gambling, we suggest a list of some interesting game options to check out. After the table, you will find a short description of the slots with some technical information about them.

Slots online
Wheel of Fortune
Video slot
Gonzo’s Quest
Video slot
Book of Ra
Video slot
Immortal Romance
Video slot

Wheel of Fortune

A classic video slot with five reels and five paylines uses the theme of a popular TV show with the same name. The distinctive feature is an availability of a triple-action bonus symbol that triggers a special puzzle bonus round. Great RTP and convenient gameplay have made the slot very popular among all types of gamblers.

Gonzo’s Quest

The design of the slot is based on the adventures of a well-known Spanish conquistador. The visuals of the game with the short movie at the beginning create an unmatched atmosphere that complements the existing gameplay. The array of symbols includes Free Fall, Wilds, and Scatters. The slot also allows using free spins to wager.

Book of Ra

Everything from the design of symbols to the theme of the background of the slot takes inspiration from ancient Egyptian culture. The jackpot value is 25,000 credits, which combined with high volatility almost grant-winning staggering sums of money you’ll hardly see in other slot games.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is one of the top-paying online slot machines in Canada. Ability to choose from 243 paylines to bet on spices up the gameplay and increases your chances to win. The overall visuals of the game are based on fiction and books about vampires. The slot also features an autoplay function that gives an opportunity to play faster.

Introduction to Mobile Slots

Mobile slots have become more popular with the development of optimization technologies and the improvement of the hardware of mobile devices. To compete for the audience that started to use smartphones and tablets to access online gambling activities the developers had to step up their optimization game. Therefore, currently, almost every casino activity, let alone slots, can work on mobile devices.

Moreover, the option of getting access to the games does not end on using the browser version of the casino. Some platforms offer dedicated applications you can download from the official source.

Reasons to play Mobile slots:

  • Access to instant gambling from any location;
  • Availability of crossover slots and games;
  • Opportunity to claim special bonuses for the mobile application users;
  • No need to turn on a desktop to get access to gambling;
  • Most of the slots are easier to play using the touch screen of the smartphone.
Sloto’ Cash Casino
LuckLand Casino
Royal Vegas Casino
Ruby Fortune Casino
Betway Casino
IOS/Android Casino

Online Casino Slots Bonuses

Speaking of bonuses, the best way to play slots online and get a hang of their features and usability are through promotions. Claiming them significantly improves the gambling experience you get from the platform.

Welcome Bonus

This promotion is only available for new accounts, so if you are a newcomer, you should take advantage of it. The sign-up bonus acts as a multiplier of the first deposit and usually represented like this: “100% back plus 15 free spins”. This means that if you choose to accrue 100 CAD to your account, you will get 200 CAD as a bonus. The value of the offer usually differs for the platforms but its general idea stays the same.

Free Spins

To promote some new slots online, the websites usually give out free spins to their customers. You can use them to play specific slot machines without wagering real money and risking losing them. In fact, you can even withdraw the winnings you got using bonus spins after you meet wagering requirements. Simply, you have to wager bonus credits from 35 to 50 times before you can withdraw them.

No Deposit Bonus

Similar to the previous promotion, you get the chance to gamble without any risk. As silly as it sounds, this promotion actually exists on some websites. We recommend using it to improve your skill and get some knowledge of the mechanics of the online slots. However, to activate the bonus you still have to create an account, but you do not need to accrue any money to it.

VIP / Loyalty Bonus

The VIP program is created to appreciate the most loyal clients of the platform. There are usually several levels of the VIP status you can get for the account. Obtaining the better stage of it allows getting better awards and unlocks special events only for the members of the program.

Payment Methods – Deposits And Withdrawals

The reliable banking system of the platform is crucial for real money gambling. Even if the website has some of the best paying online casino slots, but you are not able to deposit or, what is even worse, to withdraw money properly, there is no value in it. Always check if the list of payment methods of the casino contains your preferred options before trying to deposit any money.

Most common payment options:

  • Credit or debit cards;
  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer;
  • ApplePay;
  • Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Real Money Vs. Free Games

Another debatable topic that is worth attention is best slots online type. Here we will take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the two main categories of the online slots to find out which one is better for you.

Real money slots
Free game slots
Required to sign up & verify ID
No sign up required, play straight away
The thrill of winning a progressive jackpot
Unlimited amount of spins to hit the jackpot
Money payouts may take a few days to process
Fun / mock money is credited to your account straight away
Higher quality slots (3D) available
Primarily 2D slots which may be outdated
Many opportunities to enter slot tournaments
Limited amount of free slot tournaments
Play to win money
Play for fun

Real money slots online


– Wider selection of options that you can find at any internet casino;

– Wagering real money allows winning staggering sums of credits and jackpots;

– All the bonuses are available only for real money gambling;

– Playing slots for money allows participating in the loyalty program and improving the VIP status;


– Real money wagering always includes the risk of losing credits;

– Not all the slots have an affordably low threshold for the minimal deposit;

Free slots


– Available at social websites or as demos at the official pages of the developers;

– Allow risk-free gambling;

– Can be used to train and gain experience that players can transfer to real-money gambling later on;

– The gameplay is similar to the ordinary casino slots


– The selection of free games is much more limited and poor;

– No bonuses.

Tips On How To Win Slots Online

Even though gambling mainly serves entertainment purposes, every player wants to know how to play slots in the most efficient way. We provide some relevant tips on stepping up your wagering game.

Practice Slots Online For Free

As we have already mentioned, you should take advantage of the availability of free games to gain skills. The thing is that the basic mechanics and even the RTP rates are similar to all types of slots to the point where you will not be able to tell the difference. Of course, there are some nuances you can experience only by playing the specific slot, but even then, you can find its demo version to practice.

Look For Slots With A High RTP%

Now that you know the importance of the return to player rate of casino games, you should always check this characteristic when playing slots online. Use the tables and online reviews to compare different solutions from software providers and go for the most favorable one.

Take Advantage Of Casino Bonuses

Never abandon available promotions to get the most out of your wagering. Only after claiming several bonuses, you will see the huge difference in payouts you get. Do not forget to check the “Promotions” tab of your platform next time you visit it.

Pros & Cons

To wrap up the article, we will go over the benefits and drawbacks of slots online as one of the casino activities with the widest audience.

  • Simple gameplay and easy to understand rules;
  • The ability to play slots online using a desktop or any mobile device;
  • High RTP rates of 95% to 98%;
  • The variety of bonuses that boost the profits from gambling;
  • The availability of demo versions if you don’t want to play online slots for real money;
  • The selection includes different variations of the game like 3D or Progressive slots.
  • Some players prefer more dynamic gameplay of live-action games;
  • It becomes quite difficult to improve at some point.


Now you know the main features of slot pokies and how to win money playing slots online. The status of the most popular casino activity of slots online is for sure deserved. The unique signature gameplay that is very simple yet has room for long-term gambling and the availability of thousands of options from the leading software providers make it impossible to overestimate the game.


Are Slots Online Legal In Canada?

Online gambling is legal for Canadians that are 19 or older.

Which Are The Best Slot Games For Canadians?

The best decision is to choose from the options from the leading software providers.

Can I Play An Online Slot Demo Game?

Of course, if it is available on the official website of the developer.

What Slots Online Can You Win Real Money On?

Every slot where you bet real money allows winning real credits.

Can I Use Bonuses To Play Slot Games In Canada?

You definitely should use bonuses to boost the experience and profits.

What Are The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Depends on your preferences and the choice of the software provider.