Online Casino Providers Review

Good software from Online Casino Providers is just as important to the gaming experience as the range of games, RTP rate and payment methods. So we’ve put together all of the great software vendors on this page and reviewed them for you. Each provider has been reviewed based on strict criteria and has been rated. So read on to find out which ones are the best!

What Is Casino Software

The casino software is the term that stands for the games and slots you can find on any internet gambling platform. It includes all the options by different providers that cooperate with these platforms and develop new products. Without this software, casinos would not be able to offer the full range of gambling services.
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Best Online Casino Providers

It is fair to say that there is no ultimate company that outmatches competitors in terms of the quality of production of games for the internet casinos. However, there are the best online casino software providers with a significant share of the current market. Take a look at the most successful developers of the modern gambling industry.


As a company established back in 1994 and created the first software for an online gambling platform, Microgaming has a right to be on this list. The company’s team developed over 800 games, which you can find almost in any modern internet casino. Moreover, the list includes different types of activities that have mobile compatibility and excellent optimization.


A relatively young company that has already earned a high level of recognition from the gamblers. Its range of products includes over a hundred top-notch casino games with more than 200 operators. In addition, the developer has 11 awards and provides its software for almost 600 websites confirms the top-tier quality it offers.


A company that develops software for international casino platforms for 24 years now and has Sweden roots. The company pioneered some of the technologies for casino slots and live dealer activities. Even though it has already obtained multiple awards and love from the players, its team does not stop to raise the quality of the products and lift the overall industry standards.

Play’n Go

Speaking of online casino game providers, we could not avoid mentioning the company that was one of the first to create mobile casino software. During its long history that started in 1997, Play’n Go has brought hundreds of renowned games and slots to the industry. License from the UK Gambling Commission allows the company to provide its software for different countries’ websites.


It’s one of the biggest European casino slots developers from Tartu, Estonia, created back in 1999. Currently, it also owns some other providers like Quickspin, YoYo Games, and Eyecone. The range of the products from Playtech is diverse and includes roulettes, slots, and activities with live operators. The quality and consistency of the company’s software have helped it win one of the most significant awards for the gambling industry – “Best Digital Industry Supplier.”


The list of good online casino providers is way more extended, and we also want to include some honourable mentions that deserve your attention. You will find out that the products from these companies do not fall behind in terms of quality and design.

Software developers to check out:

  • Novomatic
  • Betsoft
  • IGT
  • Thunderkick

Types Of Software From Online Casino Providers

With the development of the technologies and capabilities of modern networks and devices, the range of offers from online casino software providers also increases. However, some main categories help to divide it.


As it comes from its name, this type of software can be downloaded to the device. The most obvious example is a separate casino client or application. You can rarely find different games or slots that can be installed without a casino app. The main benefits of the downloaded software are that it offers a more stable and smooth experience, and you do not have to open up a browser to get access to online gambling.

Instant Play

Browser-based software, on the other hand, gives you access to gambling without installing anything. In fact, this is the most common way to play at online gambling platforms right now. The main advantage you get with this type of software is that you do not have to dump the device’s storage to be able to play casino games or slots.

Live Casino

The software you can find in this section of the website focuses on providing a gambling experience closest to the one you can get in a real casino. The main feature of games with live dealers and operators is that you play not against the server or the computer but other punters or hosts. The main category of games for this type of software are card and table games.


The broader use of mobile devices for accessing online gambling is an excellent motivation for the online casino game providers to create mobile–compatible solutions. Furthermore, the fact that you can get a full-fledged gambling experience without turning on the computer, let alone leaving the house, makes internet casinos even more appealing.

Responsibility Of Online Casino Providers

The fact that software developers provide all the casino activities you can find on any website puts them in positions with some essential responsibilities. Understanding them can help to figure out your rights and the viability of any game or slot.

Key responsibilities:

  • Providing legal activities that follow the rules of the industry;
  • Keeping the odds of the slots and games on the acceptable level and do not tweak them in favour of the house;
  • Maintaining the quality and safety of the products on the proper level;
  • Providing a decent customer support service;
  • Meeting all the requirements of the licenses;
  • Giving all the players the same opportunities and experience.

Why Online Casino Software Providers Are Important

Choosing an online casino provider is as important as selecting an online gambling platform to wager on. Unfortunately, the market offers options from thousands of developers that include relatively poor products every gambler wants to avoid.


The quality of the platform mainly depends on the software developers it cooperates with. Moreover, some websites focus on providing products from a single software developer, which makes choosing the provider even more substantial.

The platform itself also has to meet some requirements to be a viable option. Features like the variety of payment options and quality of interface make a huge difference. While choosing an online casino, you should use reviews and ratings from experts and try multiple options.

Game Selection

The number of slots and casino activities you can find on any platform depends on the software providers the platform cooperates with. However, even if the casino is centred on the products from a single developer, it does not mean that the variety of choices will be poor, as we mentioned earlier. For example, some of the software providers have over 800 games in their assortment.

Crossover Games

Only a good software provider can create equally playable games on different devices with different operating systems. Therefore, crossover slots are optimized to work smoothly via desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Moreover, the interface and controls also differ for every game variation, whereas the progress you make on your account is being saved regardless of the device you use.

Game Rules

It might be surprising, but not the casino sets the rules and odds for its games and slots but online casino game providers. Thus, even if you are sure of your choice of the gambling platform, you need to carefully choose the gaming options to get the best experience and profitability.

License Availability

Licenses give software providers the right to cooperate with gambling platforms and sell their products legally. License availability signifies the fact that the particular software matches the requirements and industry standards.

Requirements for getting a license for software:

  • The software developer has to apply a set of required documents to the relevant authority;
  • The company has to pay for the licensing service to maintain the status;
  • The products from the provider have to be legal and provide a fair gambling experience to its players;
  • The software provider has to cooperate only with licensed gambling platforms;
  • The odds and RTP rates of the slots have to comply with the requirements of the licensing authority.


The quality of experience you can get from gambling in online casinos depends on your choice of games. The major online casino providers of the current market offer decent competitive options with a unique experience.

However, there are also products that it is better to avoid. Having an idea about the industry's best developers helps to narrow the selection of casino activities and discover ones that will be of the highest interest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Online Casino Providers?

Some of the industry’s leading software providers are Microgaming and NetEnt, but you should also check products from other companies mentioned in the article.

What Types Of Software From Online Casino Providers Exist?

The main types of software include instant play slots, live operator games, and downloadable software.

What Are Online Casino Providers Responsible For?

The main responsibility of software providers is to create games that offer a fair and interesting gambling experience to their users.

Are Online Casino Providers Responsible For Game Variety?

Considering that software providers are the companies responsible for creating casino games, you might say that the variety of gambling options depends on them.