How to be a Fit and Healthy Gambler

July 10, 2020 |
``You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run.``

– Kenny Rogers

Many of you will be familiar with these lyrics from Kenny Rogers song The Gambler, which tells the tale of a man who wasn’t afraid of a smoke or a drink while playing cards. However, while cigarettes and alcohol are often synonymous with old-school casino playing, many professional gamblers adopt much healthier habits, which helps them approach online gaming from afar sharper perspective.

In this article, we provide a few helpful tips for a healthy lifestyle and how that can translate into being successful when it comes to playing online slots, live dealer or any of the other table games that you might find at your favourite casino. We hope that this aids you in your quest for a long-term profit.

1. How Exercise Helps You to Gamble Better

A man wearing a grey CasinoValley t-shirt is training his shoulder muscles using dumbbells

Going to a bricks-and-mortar casino involves entering a smoky arena where waitresses would bring you something alcoholic regularly in a bid to keep you at the venue for as long as possible. On the other hand, an online casino is an entirely different experience, and that’s even the case when you are playing Live Casino games.

Online casino customers play through their desktop, tablet or mobile device, and they’re able to load up their favourite casino site and play online slots or Live Dealer without having to leave the comfort of their own house. However, we would warn against being a couch potato, considering our experience tells us that effectively playing can tie in with regular exercise.

We love kicking back on the sofa and playing some online blackjack or roulette after we’ve had a big session at the gym. It might involve running on the treadmill, lifting weights, and even spending some time on the rowing machine, which is a great workout.

Alternatively, we often lace up some trainers and head out for a morning run, something which helps to clear our heads so that when the time comes to enjoy our favourite casino games, we can sit back and relax knowing that we have that pleasant ache in our legs. At the same time, you might also feel more chilled and take a calmer approach.

2. Eat Healthy Food and Reap the Benefits at the Casino

Vegetables and fruits in the transparent zip pocket for healthy gambling

We can use “The Gambler” to teach us about life and, while ‘throwing away’ might have referred to bad cards, we can also apply this to unhealthy food, which is often best to discard to ensure that you have better living habits in the long run. Binning high-calorie snacks and drinks is something that ties in with an improved lifestyle and keeps you in better shape when it comes to a long casino or poker session.

If you’re planning on playing in a big poker tournament, then it might seem like a good idea to dial in some takeaway food along the way, especially if you’re glued to the screen, and it’s a struggle to get away from the action. However, a smart player might look to bulk up on a healthy and nutritious meal before they get involved, and that will help boost their energy levels for the next few hours.

It’s also super easy to pre-prepare something like a smoothie, which can be backed with fruits, yogurt, almond milk, honey and porridge oats. You whizz together all the ingredients and then keep it in the fridge to easily access this delicious treat which can be enjoyed while you’re playing poker or casino at your favourite operator site.

The good thing about porridge is that it contains slow-releasing carbohydrates, which mean that you continue to feel the benefits of downing a bowl of porridge or a smoothie with oats a long way into a casino session, so you don’t feel hungry as quickly.

3. If You’re Going to Snack, Do it Healthy!

Two cups with a fruit smoothie, several berries and lemon slice are on the table

We’re all guilty of a snack attack from time to time. You might be playing the latest online slot game and doing pretty well, but you hear that stomach rumbling and decide to raid the cupboard. Sure enough, there’s nothing wrong with a packet of chips to quell that rumbling. However, it’s even better if you’re able to steer yourself away from empty calorie snacks and eat something more beneficial.

Scientists reckon that eating small portions of food regularly is better than smashing home the big meals. It kinda makes sense – who wants to have a heavy stomach that is bulging and makes you really sleepy when you need to be switched on when playing live dealer blackjack?

So if you feel the need to snack, some excellent healthy choices could see you on to a winner. The fruit is always a good option, and bananas are our go-to piece of fruit from a health point-of-view. Nuts are a good one too, and we’re not even averse to having some salted peanuts in moderation.

Consider also things like soya beans, which can be bought in freezer bags, and it’s a simple case of putting them in a microwave for a few minutes and then tucking in. A squeeze of lime juice and a touch of salt makes them delicious. You can also get high-protein cereal bars that are going to help you snack should you want to remain to play online casino games at that moment in time.

4. Play Casino Little and Often to Stay Healthy

A man in CasinoValley t-shirt is gambling on the computer

When you first sign up with an online casino, there is a choice to set yourself some basic limits, and they are always putting in place. Casino play can be tremendously exciting, and you may get swept away from time to time. Putting a deposit limit and even a maximum time limit with your favourite online casino will ensure that you can maximize the fun and know “when to fold them”.

Every online casino will allow you to set a deposit limit. This can be a daily, weekly or monthly amount that can be put into your account. Once you have deposited the maximum amount, you will be restricted when it comes to putting in any further money until that particular period has elapsed.

We understand that a particular poker tournament might call for a player to be online for several hours in one session. However, there is usually a break period with this and tournaments of this nature often require a pre-determined buy-in, so it’s not always the case that you will come towards a deposit limit.

However, the online casino slot games are a different kettle of fish. That means you can be spinning the reels every few seconds, and a losing run can be especially punishing, which leads customers actually to think that they are “due a win”. While there is an RTP with every online casino, it doesn’t mean there are any guarantees.

5. Run, Walk, Cycle or Swim Your Way to Fitness

First man is cycling, second man is running, third man is swimmingAs human beings, we are all different shapes and sizes. Most of us are capable of a brisk walk if nothing else, and it’s great to get into the great outdoors and get some air daily. If you’re planning on placing some bets on a particular day, why not use a walk to clear your head and consider setting a time limit on how long you are going to play and how much you are prepared to risk.

For those who have a bike, cycling is an excellent pastime that enables you to cover the ground a lot quicker than you would if you were walking. For those who have problems with their knees or other ailments, getting on the bike can be an excellent alternative to running, while some will prefer to head to their local swimming pool and get a few lengths in as part of a weekly routine.

Our personal favourite is running or jogging. We’re not sure when jogging becomes running, and we might fall into the former category more often than not. However, whether you’re going around the block, running a 10k or going for an even longer distance, we think there’s nothing better than a tiring run, which leaves you in the mood to place a few bets.

We hope you can enjoy some of this excellent advice and move forward to become healthier. Make sure you also grab plenty of sleep to keep balance, and we would never recommend playing at the online casinos when you’re exhausted like the characters who are mentioned in the famous Kenny Rogers song.

``Every gambler knows
That the secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what to throw away
And knowin' what to keep.``

– Kenny Rogers


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