A young black man is feeling stressed and nervous sitting on the laptop A young black man is feeling stressed and nervous sitting on the laptop

Use These Methods to Quickly Calm Your Nerves

September 9, 2020 |

There’s nothing like the rush of playing in the online casino like slots, roulette, and all of the table games offer a big high. However, sometimes this popular pastime can lead to overheating of the mind when you get a little too involved. That’s especially the case when you lose your bets as emotions can get the better of you. It’s important to be mindful of that because the stress of the situation can sometimes lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, or even some other bad maladies.

It is important to have the tools to keep yourself in a good mental state, whether you win or lose, so we wanted to share some tips on decompressing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tried, tested, and true techniques that will help you fend off those negative thoughts and feelings if Lady Luck isn’t on your side in the online casino. Read on below for seven effective ways to calm your nerves the next time they’re getting to you.

Method 1: Restore Breathing

A man is meditating and trying to get relaxed

One of the aspects of online casino gaming that’s so exciting is that it gives you an adrenaline rush. However, when you’re trying to destress and decompress, one of the most effective ways to do that is to restore your breathing.

Find a space in your house or apartment where you’re free of distractions and spend 5-10 minutes focusing on your breath and meditate. If you haven’t tried meditating before, all you have to do is focus on inhaling and exhaling. Take a deep breath in, hold it for three-to-five seconds and then exhale. If your mind wanders to various thoughts about things you have to do, gently bring your attention back to the breath.

One recommendation is to try a guided meditation. There are lots of free apps out there that can walk you through this exercise. This will help you decompress when you feel fully charged up from the casino games. Here is a list of our five favorite free meditation apps:

  • Insight Timer
  • Calm
  • The Mindfulness App
  • UnPlug
  • Headspace

Method 2: Create a Virtual Image

A thinking girl is touching her face while holding her laptop

One of the most useful destressing techniques that some of the best motivational speakers use is a distraction.

For example: famed life coach Tony Robbins often talks about how he’ll ask a person to think about what’s weighing them down, and then he’ll throw out a completely random word to distract them. He might shout out “PICKLE” or “SURFBOARD,” and the person’s mind is just thrown off, and they’re forced to reset.

Next time you’re feeling like some online casino anxiety is getting to you, try this one on for size. Either think of something completely off the cuff or completely random, which will help distract from your current thoughts at the moment. You can even think about something that makes you feel good, like the beach you loved from a vacation or the thought of driving your dream car.

If those negative thoughts creep back up, do it again.

The more you break up the pattern with something negative, the less intense the anxiety will feel.

Method 3: Swim or Take a Shower

A young man is pouring water on himself in the shower

Many cultures believe water to be relaxing – especially the Japanese culture that loves to soak and relax in hot springs (onsen). If you’re overwhelmed with a bit of emotion after a losing a bit with casino games, then consider following their lead to be a little more zen.

Consider a hot shower, a warm bath, or just soaking in a pool – if you have access to one at home or a gym.

Water has a way of relaxing the muscles and easing tension.

If you’re feeling up to it, a little activity in the pool like swimming laps well help your frustration dissipate. You’ll be in a very different mood by the time you’re ready to dry off.

Method 4: Turn on the Music and Dance

A teenager is dancing while wearing white headphones

If you’ve been sitting in front of a desktop computer playing online casino for a while or slouched on the couch with your mobile phone, try changing to something more active. Physical activity always helps restore mental balance as you can get your endorphins going.

An enjoyable way to do that is to turn on your favorite playlist and shake it out for a bit.

Dance like no one’s watching (hopefully no one is) and really get your whole body into it.

A recent study from Sweden tracked a group of teenagers who suffered from anxiety, depression, and stress. Half were asked to participate in dance class twice a week while the other half were asked to maintain their normal daily activities. After two years, the dancers reported less symptoms of depression and were overall happier than the second group.

Consider a little dance party of one (or more) the next time you’re feeling down in the dumps.

Method 5: Make Tea with Honey

A glass teapot and a honey pot are on the table

Everyone has food that can get them out of a bad mood. For many of us, it’s chocolate, but a warm cup of tea with honey has been known to help with nervous tensions.

A recent study showed that hot water is a vasodilator, which in simple terms, means it can help expand the blood vessels.

That means you’ll have better blood flow through your body, and it will help your muscles relax.

Another study showed that our bodies find warm drinks comforting, which also helps improve our moods. If the casino games didn’t go your way, some tea with honey could brighten your day.

Method 6: Do a Light Self-Massage

A man is relaxing during the massage

When you think about an ideal day relaxation, a spa is typically the first thought that comes to mind. That’s because the whole experience of a spa is meant to soothe your body and calm your nerves.

Your anxieties will just melt away throughout the spa day from services like:

  • massages
  • facials
  • foot rubs
  • water therapies
  • pools
  • hot tubs
  • steam rooms.

If you’re not a spa person, per se, there are some at-home alternatives. Massage chairs can run you a pretty penny, but they know how to hit the right spots. Alternatively, you can ask a significant other for a little favor or even go as basic as using a foam roller or a lacrosse ball to release those tight spots. Your body will feel much better after it’s received a little bit of physical medicine.

Method 7: Keep a Personal Diary

A girl in blue pajamas is sitting in lotus position on the bed and holding a diary

The people who are happiest in life tend to focus a lot more on what they have and focus less on what’s missing. It’s easy to do the latter as we all think about having a bigger house, a fancier car, or a job that pays more. However, one way to get your mind off of that – or other negative thoughts – is to spend more time thinking about what you do have in your life:

  • If you’re stressing about losses with the casino games, consider keeping a personal diary where you write out a few things each day that you’re happy for.
  • Then, when the anxiety creeps up, you can reopen your personal journal and revisit some of your grateful for.

Whether it’s freedom, family, or just being healthy, there are lots of things that we take for granted on a day-to-day basis. Re-reading some of these positive thoughts can help you put your online casino gaming in perspective when you’ve had a bad day.

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