Full Review of The Best Crash Gambling Sites & Crypto Crash Games in Canada [December 2021]

Crash gambling is a relatively new and developing cybersport. It is known for its simplicity, and if you want to play cryptocurrency in real-time and have an incredible gaming experience, you've come to the right place! Here we have selected for you all the most advanced Crash gambling brands. The beauty of crypto-crash games is their ease of use, something that most other gambling games lacks.

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Best Casinos with Crash Game

Here are some of the best crash gambling sites in casinos for both beginners and pros to try out:

1. ForestBet

ForestBet is an online casino where you can play crash as well. Offering the most popular payment and withdrawal options, ForestBet provides the best odds, instant payouts, and lowest margins. There is also a welcome bonus of 5 EUR available.

2. Roobet

Arguably one of the most popular free crash games out there, Roobet is a site that offers instant cashback as well as many other exciting rewards for players! They also have customer support on standby in case there are any technical difficulties you may be facing.

3. Nanogames

Nanogames make online crash gambling fun! With an option to chat live with other players, this crash betting game is both easy and fun to play. There are different cryptocurrencies you can choose to invest in, and there is also a discord for people to join so that they can come together as a community.

4. Trustdice Crash

Trustdice Crash takes pride in how it offers interested players a safe platform through which they can gamble using cryptocurrency. It also provides an appealing welcome bonus of up to 150ETH, 3BTC, or 30,000 USDT, as well as 25 free spins.

5. Bustabit

This crash casino online lets you play the game in real-time with your friends! There are private messaging, real-time chat, and friend list features that help make the experience more immersive. You can cash out at any time to have your wager multiplied by the applicable multipliers.

6. Ethercrash

For those who want to gamble using Ethereum cryptocurrency, Ethercrash is the most established online crash gambling game available. Ethercrash is provably fair, and verification for the outcome can be done using third-party scripts so that you do not have to worry about an unfair result.

7. Moon3d

Another great crash gambling site for those who use Ethereum for their cryptocurrency transactions, Moon3d is an easy-to-play game connected to many different social channels such as Telegram, Medium, Discord, and Twitter to start conversations and share achievements.

Best 3 CSGO Crash Gambling Sites

CSGO Crash sites are those where you can also deposit skins for coins. Here are three of the best CSGO Crash gambling sites:

1. Wtfskins

WTFSkins is a great option for skins gambling and instant payouts. They also hold giveaways on their Twitter so that people may win skins for their weapons. This game of fate and hope is made more enjoyable by the live chat feature to talk to friends in-game.

2. Gamdom

Gamdom has a ‘Rain’ feature which is a fun way to claim CSGO crash sites free coins. The maximum result profit is $60,000, and Gamdom also offers giveaways and daily rewards so that you have ample opportunities to get free credits.

3. CSGORoll

CSGORoll is another skins gambling site with some excellent reviews. Many players have raved about their convenient withdrawal options and great daily rewards. They also have a vigilant customer support team that helps players feel heard and solves problems as quickly as possible.

What Is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is a casino game where, traditionally, one places bets and has the chance to keep multiplying their investment till the ‘crash’ occurs. When the crash occurs, players may lose their invested amount if they have not cashed out by then. Quite simply, it is an unpredictable game of chance.

Game Odds

Much like in any other casino game, a crash betting game works according to the law of probability. Probability allows a 50% chance of the multiplier being below 2x before it crashes and 50% of it being higher than 2x, making crash bet games as fair as can be.

How Much Money Can You Win In Crash Games?

The amount of money you can win in a crash casino game depends on several factors, such as the crash gambling strategy you use, the amount you bet, etc. For example, if you place a $10 bet and cash out at 32x, you can win $320. Bear in mind that it is completely legal in some countries, whereas others are working towards it.

Crash game screenshot
Crash game mobile screenshot

Game Rules

Crash rules are quite simple; you just place your bets and wait till the multiplier reaches a point you expect it to and then cash out your profits.

The Multiplier

The multiplier is the times by which your bet will be multiplied. For example, if your bet is $0.25 and you decide to cash out while the multiplier is at 587.05x, then you will win $146.7.

The Minimum And The Maximum Crash Point

Since the game is built upon the law of probability, the crash can occur at any point, at 1x or 1000x. Different games have different minimum and maximum crash points.

The Minimum Cash Out

The minimum cash out is 1x; however, it is advised to try and cash out at the latest possible point. This game is all about risk, after all!

Crash game screenshot
crash mobile game

Type Of Crash Gambling Based On Currencies Used

One of the best things about crash gambling is that there are several crypto-currencies, online payment, and game type options that you opt to go for, such as:

CS:GO Crash Gambling

This form of crash gambling involves the use of ‘skins,’ which are camos for your digital weapons available in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as currency. Knowing which assets to leverage will depend on your pre-decided CSGO crash betting strategy. Also, keep in mind that most CSGO Crash gambling sites give credits or coins to users who deposit skins as a reward.


Skins gambling is a form of crash gaming that uses, you guessed it, skins as currency. They can be deposited to gain credit, as good and rare skins can be quite pricy and are quite in demand, making them a desirable and fun currency to use while playing crash.


In many cases, you can win cases on crash gambling sites, such as Case Clicker. You can use skins and items to turn them into credits, points, or tickets to gambling with and gain different types of cases as rewards.

Loot Boxes

In many CSGO crash sites, you get the chance to win some grand loot boxes to keep you going. They can contain many different prizes worth different amounts, such as rare skins and free credits. Some skins are worth over $10,000, so these loot boxes can be quite valuable. However, each loot box throws up random awards, so it can also be disappointing.

Crypto Crash Gambling

The second popular way to go about crash gambling is by using crypto-currency. Here are some of the most popular crypto-currencies that can be used:

Bitcoin (BTC)/litecoin (LTC)

Crash gambling sites are popular for those who use Bitcoin as their preferred type of crypto-currency. Bitcoin is one of the most popular as it was the first cryptocurrency ever created. And now it is number one when using payment methods at various Bitcoin Casinos.

Ethereum (ETH)

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is a popular choice for many crash gamers. Sites like Ethercrash are specifically designed for those who play crash gambling games using Ethereum as their cryptocurrency of choice.


EOS and USDT (Tether) are the two other common choices for crash gamblers. USDT is a highly desirable cryptocurrency for online gambling because it is quite stable, has a great daily volume, and high market cap. It can be used at some crash sites.

Coin Crash Gambling

Some people may not be into gambling using skins or crypto-currencies. Well, there are other options that those people could go for:


Crash gambling real money is completely possible if you are not well acquainted with the crypto world. You can choose whether you would like to invest in Euros or American Dollars. Some sites also provide PayPal crash gambling opportunities with currencies of other countries for you to gamble in.

Coin Crash Gambling
crash mobile game

How To Choose The Best Crash Gambling Game?

With the plethora of crash gambling games out there, along with its many different types, it gets hard to choose which game is the best one for you! Here are some ways for you to choose

House Edge
Each casino mathematically determines what their earnings will be after your house places a bet. This is known as ‘house edge.’ You should research each crash gambling game’s house edge so that you know if the crash casino online is taking a huge percentage of the earnings or not. It should ideally be 1%
Auto Cash Out & Auto Bet Options
Some of the most important features of crash gambling games are Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out options. They allow for safer and more controlled gameplay and can even help you consistently cash out and bet each round, even if you lost connection to the internet
Crash Bonus, Faucet, And Free Money
A game that does not offer great rewards is not as fun! To keep players motivated, it is important for the crash gambling game you choose to provide crash bonuses, free bitcoin faucets (through which players can claim crypto-currency), and free money. Look out for the sites that seem to offer some, if not all, of these opportunities.
Deposits & Withdrawals
An important factor to consider when choosing a crash gambling site is whether or not they have safe deposits and timely withdrawals.
Legitimacy is probably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a crash gambling game. Anyone would want to make sure their investment is protected and that the site is not scamming them. There are third-party scripts you can use to see if the algorithm is fair. Also, always look at their reviews and whether people have had a good experience using their crash gambling site. You can also check to see if they let users play as anonymous if they fear identity theft.

Getting Started With A Crash Casino

Now that you know what all you should consider before choosing an online crash gambling game, here is all that you need to do to get started on your fun online gambling journey:

Registration Options

Almost all casino crash sites need players to register before they can play. The process is usually simple, with you creating an account and choosing a username to go by. This will help you better socialize on the site and help streamline the deposit and withdrawal process.

Email Registering

Players are usually asked to register by putting in their username, email and then select a password. You can register any email account of yours, and it is usually a fast and easy way to register.

Google Account

There are some crash casino sites that allow you to register with your synced Google Account automatically. This makes writing a lot easier and quicker, and all you have to click is the continue button!

Steam Account

Most gamers use steam to play games, and many crash gambling sites have the option for players to register using their steam account. You can put your steam credentials into the registration box, and you will be able to access your game through steam as well.

Making First Deposit

After you have registered and signed in, you make your first deposit in your gaming wallet through which you can bet during games. It does not necessarily have to be a huge amount, and many crash games offer bonuses and prizes for new players.

How To Play Crash

Crash gambling is not only fun but can be very rewarding as well! If you want to learn how to play crash and earn some money, here is how to go about it:

Setting A “Base Bet”

To start, players set what is known as a ‘base bet,’ which refers to your starting wager. Once you have selected your base bet, you will be playing in the next round as soon as it is available.

Choosing A Strategy

There are several ways to go about the game, so you have to choose a crash gambling strategy that best works for you. The main known strategies in online crash gambling are:

• The Martingale Strategy
• The Fibonacci Strategy
• The Anti-Martingale Strategy
• Automatic Cashout

If you’re still curious about how to win a crash bet, follow one of these and find out!

Auto Bet Settings

One of the best features of crash online gambling is the auto bet feature. There are several ways you can go about the auto bet settings:

Crash game mobile screenshot
crash mobile game

“On Loss” Tab
Based on the strategy you decide to go with, you will determine how you want to increase or decrease your wage after each round. If you set a multiplier on the ‘On Loss’ tab, it will automatically increase the bet size after each loss depending on the number you specified.
“On Win” Tab
The ‘On Win’ tab works similarly to the ‘On Loss’ tab: all you have to do is set an automatic amount by which you will increase your wager amount every time you win around.
“Return To Base” Option
The ‘Return To Base’ option is also available in the auto bet settings section. This means that if you want to set the same amount under both the ‘On Loss’ and ‘On Win’ tabs, you select the ‘return to base’ option for them.
Limiting Your Maximum Size Bet
Of course, the con of an automatic bet is that it may set bets too large for the strategy you are going with. To counter this, you can choose the ‘Limiting Your Maximum Size Bet’ option so that the auto option does not make your bet size increase after a certain number.
Stop Betting After A Certain Number Of Bets
Another useful auto option can help limit your bet from getting too much, and those are the stop on profit/stop on loss tabs. As their name suggests, you can choose the number of earnings of losses after which you want to stop betting automatically.
Auto-cashout Feature
The Auto-Cashout feature helps players choose a multiplier at which they want to cash out. The player can then automatically leave the game with their earnings, provided the multiplier they set comes about before the ‘crash’ occurs.

Free Crash Games

Since crash is a casino game where you gamble valuables, it is hard to find completely free crash gambling games online. However, most registrations are free, and many sites offer daily cashback rewards, free spins, free credits, etc., just by a new player registering, such as TrustDice.

How To Deal With Log And Disconnections

Of course, most people would be worried if they disconnected from the game after placing their bets. No one wants to lose money, especially due to a technical glitch, but do not be alarmed, as there are a few ways to recover:

What Happens If You Get Disconnected From The Game

Most online crash gambling games help you out if you have been disconnected and cash the player out. However, the auto-cash out setting works whether or not a player is or is not connected to the internet, and so it is highly advised to use that feature in case you get disconnected.

Crash Gambling Strategies

As mentioned before, there are different strategies that you can adopt while figuring out your crash game bet. The basic strategies are:

💳Automatic Cashout

Auto-cashout is one of the simplest strategies a player could adopt. All you have to do is set an auto-cashout amount, for example, at 1.5x. Choosing a lower value can help you win more times but with lesser profit, whereas selecting a higher cashout value such as 5x will let you get more profit, but you may have fewer wins.

😊 The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is frequently used by the top player in the room; it is a bit more complex, but the idea is the same. The numbers chosen can differ according to each player. Once you have lost a round, you will increase the amount you bet at a fixed rate, and if you win, the bet will decrease to the amount it started at.

📐The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci Strategy uses the negative progression method in which the player increases their wages after losing a round per the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence works by summing up the previous two numbers from the series, representing the multiplier in this case. If you lose, you increase your bet according to the sequence, but you go backward by two in the Fibonacci sequence if you win.

🤖The Anti-Martingale Strategy

The Anti-Martingale strategy takes advantage of both winning and losing streaks as it involves players increasing their wager amount after a win and decreasing it if they lose. All the player has to do is set the amount under the ‘on win’ tab to decide how much the bet size will increase if they win, and select the ‘return to base’ option for the ‘on loss’ tab.

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Another great motivating factor in most crash online gambling games is that there is always a chance to win some awesome rewards to keep you in the game. Here are some of the common rewards:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bonuses
One of the most common rewards that most of the best crash gambling sites offer is bonuses. These bonuses can occur daily, weekly or monthly, and can be in the form of crash CSGO skins, coins, spins, or currency.
Cashback Offers
Popular crash gambling sites such as Roobet offers rewards to their players, one of those being cashbacks. What this means is that you can earn some cashback on your bets. Different sites offer players a different percentage of cash back depending on the player’s level.
Bitcoin Faucet
A Bitcoin faucet is a way to win crypto-currency while at an online crash bet casino. The idea is derived from regular faucets, as Bitcoin is being given for free. Most of the online crash gambling games make players play a mini-game of sorts to unlock the faucet’s reward.
Free TXT Coins
Many crash games give out free cryptocurrency to players upon signing up or through other avenues during their gaming sessions as a way to keep them happy and motivated.
Rewards With No-wager Requirements
Some virtual crash casino games even offer worthy rewards without requiring an initial wager. You get spins, coins of currency, whether or not you deposit any money for your bet.

Withdrawal Options

Some crash gambling sites allow for instant withdrawals after winning a bet; crash gambling sites with varying regulations, however, have certain requirements to fulfill, such as:

Time And Amount Limit

There are certain withdrawal amount limit restrictions for those who play crash online, depending on the site you are playing on and the level you are at. There are also certain limits on how many times you can withdraw and the time between each withdrawal – as is the case with roulette crash.

How To Play Roobet Crash Game

The Roobet crash site is one of the best crash gambling sites out there, but the only downside is that it does not work in every country on the map. Here are a few ways you can access Roobet:

Crash game screenshot
crash mobile game

vpn logo

Get Your Secure VPN

A VPN is a great way to access sites that may not work in your country. All you have to do is subscribe to any secure VPN software, set it to a country like Canada, and then play away.

Sign Up For Roobet

Once you can access Roobet’s site successfully, you can sign up to start playing the crash Roobet game. You can both manually sign up and choose a username and password, or you can register using your Google or Steam Account.

Use Roobet Promo Codes

There are some great Promo codes you can find online to utilize deals that can help you win instant rewards. You can usually come across these codes on Roobet’s Telegram, Instagram or Twitter.

Trustdice vs. Roobet

Known as two of the best crash gambling sites out there, Trustdice and Roobet both have their upsides and downsides:

Loyalty Program Comparison

Both Roobet’s and Trustdice’s loyalty programs are based on the length of time players have been using their sites and building their level. The higher the levels, the better the rewards. Roobet provides its players with daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses, whereas once you reach the ‘Satoshi’ level on Trustdice, you can earn 20% cashback, rewards, and other exclusive services.

Roobet Tip Other Option

Both Roobet and Trustdice have their versions of Bitcoin faucets to help players enjoy free rewards. Their ‘Rain’ feature on Roobet allows users to ‘tip’ other players in the chat in bulk, and those who collect the rewards get them.

Trustdice’s 24 Hour Wagering Contest

Trustdice has Daily and weekly wagering contests and can help players earn crypto-currency. In the 24-hour wagering content that Trustdice hosts, players need to

  • 1 place — 50.05%
  • 2 place — 25.02%
  • 3 place — 12.51%
  • 4 place — 12.51%
  • 5 place — 3.13%
  • 6 place — 3.13%
  • 7 place — 0.78%
  • 8 palce — 0.39%
  • 9 place — 0.20%
  • 10 place — 0.10%

Reaching The Top 10 User Leaderboard


For the weekly wagering content on Trust Dice, the award can be up to $3000 and is divided amongst the top ten players in the following way:

Betting With BTC

In the 24-hour wagering content, players can win a minimum of 0.002 BTC and a maximum of 0.005 BTC, depending on the total wagered amount.

What’s The Best Bitcoin Crash Game?

According to casinoblockchain.io, Stake Casino is the best bitcoin crash money game out there. It has a total 4.8 rating; the average of the collective ratings measured according to Game Selection, Safety, Bonuses, Payment Options, customer support, etc. To have the best experience, these aspects are important to keep in mind.

Is It Safe To Play Crash With Bitcoin And Other Cryptos

Most people would feel skeptical about gambling with their crypto-currencies on online sites for fear of a hacker or a bot. However, some safe-to-use trusted sites are proven reliable, according to legitimate reviews on third-party review sites.

Bitcoin Crash vs. CS GO Crash Gambling

Many people get confused when trying to understand the difference between a crypto crash game and a CSGO casino crash game. Here are the pros and cons to playing both:

Bitcoin Has Higher Potential Volume

Between the CSGO crash and Bitcoin, Bitcoin has a much higher potential volume. This means there are more ways to win in these games and win big.

Cs Go Skins Gambling Is Way More Popular

Over the past many years, people have become very interested in CSGO skins gambling because it is fun, interesting, and puts a collectibles aspect to the whole game, so it has become a lot more popular than the Bitcoin crash.

Bitcoin Crash Bonuses

Bitcoin crash bonuses can generally be worth a lot more than those in CSGO crash sites. CSGO crash games offer rewards, loots, and boxes, but they mostly only hold skins and coins. Playing crash with crypto-currency can help you make a real huge profit, especially once you receive big bonuses.

Cs Go Crash Codes

The rewards you can gain through CSGO crash codes, however, can be just as rewarding. Different CSGO sites such as CSGORoll and Gamdom offer rewards through promo codes, ranging from cases and skins to Bitcoin as well!

Crash Game Tips & Tricks

eSports like Crash can be tricky but very rewarding if you play them seriously. Here is a crash bet hack or two to help you win big:

  • If you want to minimize risk while playing crash is to bank, your bonus
  • You should always have a strategy in place to recover. For example, after losing a bet, you can recover by tripling the loss amount and cash out at about 1.33x.

Where To Watch The Famous Crash Gambling Streamers

You can learn a lot by watching crash gambling pros play as you get to observe their strategies firsthand. Some places where you can watch some of the most famous crash streamers are:

YouTube Gaming

YouTube has a whole gaming category that contains games of all kinds. Search for crash gambling streamers on YouTube, and you will a great crash stream to watch! It even offers a comments section where spectators can exchange key takeaways.


Twitch is made for gamers to stream while they play. Most of the crash gambling sites have a Twitch stream option, making it a sure shot that you will find some crash gambling pros streaming there.


It may feel overwhelming to make cryptocurrency transactions on a gambling site, as to take a gamble is to take a chance! But there are several strategies you can adopt to win, and the more you practice, the more you will understand the game and the better chance you will have at increasing your earnings.


🤑 How Do I Play The Bitcoin Crash Game?

To play a bitcoin crash game, all you have to do is deposit any random amount into your wallet on the crash gaming site, make a bet, and then cash out before the multiplier ‘crashes.’

✌️ How Do I Win In Crash Gambling Game?

You are a winner in a crash gambling game if you can achieve a high profit from a low bet and cash out before the crash occurs.

🎲 Where Should I Play Crash Gambling Games: Trustdice Vs. Roobet?

Both sites have their license and are well known for crash gambling; however, Trustdice does offer a lot of fun rewards and bonuses for its players, which may be appealing, and it is a highly rated site where your investment will stay safe. You can use many different types of cryptocurrencies on it.

♣️ What Is The Difference Between CS Go Crash And Bitcoin Crash Games?

The main difference between CSGO Crash and Bitcoin Crash is that skins are deposited as bets on CSGO sites, and the winnings are also skins. Whereas in a Bitcoin crash, you deposit cryptocurrency, and any jackpot will offer cryptocurrency in return.

🎮 How Do I Play Crash Gambling Game For Free?

It is hard to find a completely free site to play crash gambling games for free. However, you can opt for sites that do not have a deposit and give you a new player reward that you can use to play, win, and cash out.

💰 What Are The Best Casinos To Play The Bitcoin Crash Game?

Some of the best crash casinos online are Stake, BetFury, and Roobet.

💸 What Currencies Can I Use To Play Crash?

You can use EUR/USD for crash gambling real money, and cryptocurrencies that are popular such as USDT, EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum can all be used to play.

💳 What Is The Best Bitcoin Crash Strategy?

There are several different strategies to choose from. For a beginner, the automatic cashout strategy may work best as it is quite simple to adopt and can give a good chance for winnings.

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