Gambling Addiction

Canadian Gambling Addiction Help Guide

When growing up in Canada, we are mostly talked to about drugs and alcohol, unprotected sex and other vices but not gambling addiction despite it being one of the most destructive when it comes to financial and mental well-being. People can become addicted to behaviours, such as gambling – known as process addictions. If you or a loved one are struggling with a gambling addiction, you can find help for the problem from a rehabilitation facility. In this article we’re going to discuss in detail the nature of this sort of addiction and provide some information about addiction and treatment. Once you’ve finished the article, you’ll be better able to know where and how you can find help.

Gambling addiction is only 3% of Canadians a problem. This percentage does not look big, but it represents around one million people who routinely overdo it with their betting. That doesn’t include the growing number of minors who also show symptoms and signs of gambling addiction. The remaining 97% of adult Canadians who engage in betting do it responsibly. To them, placing a wager is nothing more than a bit of harmless entertainment.

More and more people are showing symptoms of gambling addiction. Online casino games are available today at any time, including on mobile devices. The CasinoValley team knows the importance of responsible betting. They are well aware of the far-reaching consequences of irresponsible betting behaviour. The CasinoValley experts have collected a great deal of helpful information on the subject, and want to pass it on to you. They also offer solutions to the problem.

What Is a Gambling Addiction?

What is Gambling AddictionSomeone who struggles with an addiction to a behavior, is experiencing what is known as a process addiction. Process addictions arise when an individual is so infatuated with behaviour that they are unable to stop themselves from participating in the behaviour, despite the emergence of problems.

Addictive gambling behaviour is quite common. Gambling is legal, and there are no regulations placed upon the amount that a person can gamble. Many people begin gambling in hopes of getting lucky enough to support themselves or their family with a bit of extra cash, only to find that they become addicted to the process.

Then the addiction problem becomes a burning issue not only for the gamblers’ families and friends but also starts to attract the attention of many Canadian organizations, both governmental and private ones. Nowadays, problem gambling is handled practically by every Canadian province. It becomes the subject of various studies aiming a